L.A. Story

L.A. Story (1991-02-08)

Comedy | Fantasy | Romance |

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  • Status: Released
  • Runtime: 95m
  • Popularity: 9.138
  • Language: en
  • Budget: $0
  • Revenue: $0
  • Vote Average: 6.5
  • Vote Count: 264

  • Peter McGinn

    Okay, this is a bit of fluff, really, cinematically speaking. Comparable to a madcap comedy in the old days of cinema, it is witty and funny. I wouldn’t call it great, just good enough so that when I saw a DVD copy at a thrift store, I picked it up. I wouldn’t have thought to buy it new. Steve Martin wrote it, so you have weird little jokes like his character telling a blonde Bimbo girlfriend Sandy that her name is normal and not like a hippy name, and then she spells it S a n capital D, small e, capital E - well, you get the idea. Not Mensa level depth in humor, but harmless fun. The ensemble cast work well together to provide laughs and an interest in what happens to everyone. I could have done without the bed hopping at the hotel somewhere near the middle of the film, but it is what it is. The movie makes for a pleasant watch. After the pandemic, when you feel safe to have friends over, this would be a good one, because you won’t need to sweat not talking over it. People won’t lose the plot. The small element of fantasy with the freeway traffic signs is cute, too. Enjoy.

  • JPV852

    Quirky and off-kilter romantic-comedy that shines thanks to Steve Martin's unique delivery and some weird humor that involves an omnipresent freeway billboard. Seen this one a few times over the years and still holds up; just an easy-going movie. **3.75/5**