The Steel Lady

The Steel Lady (1953-10-09)

Action | Drama |

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  • Runtime: 84m
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    A group of Americans have to crash land their plane in the desert towards the end of WWII. After a bit of exploration, they discover an abandoned - but operational - Nazi tank. In the four of them go and they try to make for a nearby fort. Just as they are running out of water for their engine, they encounter an oasis where the local tribe seem friendly enough. Ha, but not so, for "el Melik" (John Abbott) has information that the vehicle is home to a vast fortune in jewels - and he means to have them. Rod Cameron leads our intrepid gang, with a drunk "Barlowe" (John Denher), a wounded "Larson" (Tab Hunter) and Richard Erdman ("Evans") who does most of the driving and little of the speaking. After a bit of a slow start, it develops into a quickly paced and entertaining wartime drama. Hunter is really only there for the eye candy, but Abbott is not at all bad as the manipulative Sheik and there is plenty of action as we head towards quite an ingenious ending. I recall enjoying this as a kid - though I could never have told you the name of it - and I still enjoyed it now.