The Captive

The Captive (2014-09-05)

Drama | Thriller | Crime |

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  • Status: Released
  • Runtime: 112m
  • Popularity: 21.79
  • Language: en
  • Budget: $0
  • Revenue: $1,075,178
  • Vote Average: 5.832
  • Vote Count: 1032

  • Reno

    **The message is to we be alert all time, no matter how friendly the society is.** This is like an extended version of 'Prisoners'. Sets in a small snowy Canadian town where a ten year old girl was mysteriously disappeared and so the film focused on the life of her parents who are eager to see her even after 8 years past. The cops and parents, hopelessly look for any clue of her being alive. Happy or sad ending, that's what the film's conclusion decides. Maybe the director was inspired to make this by his previous film, which was similar and based on the real, but that ends differently. Films like this scares if you are a family man. But I think if we keep watching them at the time of it comes out, it is to alert us about our family security lapse. No matter whatever the country is, how safety it is, as they say, still thing like this happens in an eye blink time. The film is really something big, I wanted to like it, but they did not make the film right. Not a bad film, only badly made, that's all. The characters, the concept had potential and the development ruined it everything. Nearly 75 per cent of the film was a drag. Everything we wanted to know is in first 15 and the last 30 minutes. In between, they have wasted in the name of development, hence the film failed to impress as what it promised, not from the message perspective and that's the point. Not all the actors were good, particularly Ryan Reynolds was the best. The remaining ones were okay, though Rosario Dawson was the next best thing in the film. I did not like the presentation, it was so random to move from and forth between in the 8 years time span, it totally messed the film. Not only confuses the viewers, it gained nothing from it. Because usually this kind of narration method used to bring twist and turns and audience to keep guessing till the final, but in this case, it did not work at all. Other than that the film was better than it was criticised, I still suggest it for the adults because of the film theme. _6/10_