Atomic Twister

Atomic Twister (2002-06-09)

Action | Drama | Thriller |

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  • Status: Released
  • Runtime: 86m
  • Popularity: 5.631
  • Language: en
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  • Vote Average: 6.5
  • Vote Count: 31

  • jackg2004

    Atomic Twister. A fun, cheesy and semi-serious disaster film from the early 2000's. In the beginning of the film, a young boy (Jake) and his mother try to find safety from a strong Tornado. His mother is sucked up and the boy is left hiding under a combine harvester. Many years later, Tornadoes ravage Jake's local town and threaten the safety of the state as 2 tornadoes strike the Helman Klien Nuclear Facility damaging diesel pumps leading to near meltdown. The film is great to watch with friends and it may not be Oscar Winning but it certainly has it's place. Airing on TBS, BBC and releasing on DVD across the world, Atomic Twister gets a 7/10 from me.