Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses

Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses (2014-04-08)

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  • Status: Released
  • Runtime: 91m
  • Popularity: 8.645
  • Language: en
  • Budget: $5,500,000
  • Revenue: $0
  • Vote Average: 6.1
  • Vote Count: 158

  • Per Gunnar Jonsson

    The original Bad Ass was not really a bad movie. Not great but enjoyable. So I thought it would be worthwhile to watch the second one as well. Danny Trejo and Danny Glover certainly sounded like it could be a fun combination. Unfortunately this movie was a bit of a disappointment. The movie felt tired a lot of the time. Danny Trejo was not bad but Danny Glover never really felt like a bad ass and his fart jokes was definitely more bad taste than bad ass. The story was fairly whimsical and unintelligent. Some things were just poorly done. Like for instance Frank blowing up a chopper by throwing a hand grenade at it from a car. It was so poorly done that I just sat there thinking what the f…? And then on the end where they kill (of course) the main bad guy and Bernie claims that there he got his liver and that they should put the guy on ice. It actually looks like whoever wrote that crap actually believed in it as well since the final scenes implies that Bernie got his liver transplant. What kind of an idiot writes something like that. Heard about transplant compatibility requirements? Oh, and that nonsense with the ice-pick. If you get an icepick showed all the way into your head through your eye you most likely die. You do not walk around the next day with nothing but an eye patch. Then we have this diplomatic immunity crap. It really doesn’t work that simple. You might get away with a few speeding tickets but you cannot go on a crime spree and expect not to be expelled at least. That stuff might have been okay in Lethal Weapon but now it is really just dumb. On the whole I have to say that I was rather disappointed with this movie. The first one was better and that one was enjoyable but not great to begin with. There are some fun moments, some decent fighting and so on so it is not a total turkey but disappointing nonetheless.