It Follows

It Follows (2014-09-24)

Horror | Mystery |

  • Status: Released
  • Runtime: 101m
  • Popularity: 40.816
  • Language: en
  • Budget: $2,000,000
  • Revenue: $14,674,076
  • Vote Average: 6.561
  • Vote Count: 5873

  • Reno

    > An innovative horror-drama with a simplicity. It was not too long ago I saw the director's other film, his first one and liked it instantly. I did not expect him to go all the way from a beautiful teen drama to a creepy horror flick. But I liked this movie as well, thus that prove he's not a fluke. After seeing his both the films, I can detect the style of presentation that marks his trademark. That is very realistic, dull, but a natural societal atmosphere with a mere background score. I have said many times that these days horror flicks are heavily leaning on the scary noise/sounds. But this film brings the tone that's really happening around us. The story was like a straight flowing river, no twists or turns like the Amazon river. Even it did not try to hide the existence of the evil spirit. Not only from us, but among the characters in the story. That means it is a very simple tale with the compelling scenes. It does not look like a cheap horror, this 2 million movie can stand up to any fancy horror flicks. The writer/director's interpretation was very interesting too. Like he said IT could board a plane to follow who he's after. The theme was also very innovative. Quite similar types have made out, but this one was way better. Yep, many movie goers overwhelmed by the unexpected, even the filmmakers for the response. Now I pray for if there is going to be a sequel, it must be made by the same writer/director. My worry is the B category filmmakers going to spoil the original in the name of follow-up. I highly recommend this movie, especially for adults due to the plot that develops on the sexual intercourse. Though there's no strong nudity. I also suggest you to watch at night, if possible alone. I won't guarantee that it would scare out of you, but that's the best way to watch any horror flick. 8/10

  • r96sk

    I wanted more by the end, but that's not to say <em>'It Follows'</em> isn't a very, very good film - it is. I adore the look of the film, the cinematography is superb; the score is nice too. Maika Monroe leads a solid cast excellently. The premise is certainly interesting and it does create suitable tension, while the effects used are neat. The plot is quite sexual, potentially overly so in a couple of moments but in truth it needs to be for the most part. I would've, elsewhere, appreciated a deeper dive into the antagonists, also. I could see a sequel coming from this, it's the sorta concept that could easily produce many sequels. I'd be fine with just the one, but would watch another - it must keep the same vibe though.

  • The Movie Mob

    **It Follows shines as a unique and fresh horror film that pours on the anxiety and dread with a clever slow burn that will keep its viewers glued to the screen, desperate to see what happens next.** Ok, ok, ok. I know the synopsis of this movie sounds like a lame excuse to focus on the sexual escapades of young college students, as many horror movies do. Instead, It Follows is surprisingly creative, well-done, and fresh that doesn't linger on the sensual but instead almost warns of potential consequences. The premise of a slow but relentless entity endlessly pursuing its cursed target is eerie, tense, and filled with suspense. Typical horror films repeat the same face-paced terror and disturbing gore and images. However, It Follows sets itself apart with a slow-building tension that keeps its audience unsettled but engaged, wondering what will happen next. This movie deserves all its hype with its innovative concept, clever script, and genius directing. While it does have unnecessary random nudity near the end, It Follows is worth fast-forwarding a few seconds to enjoy a creepy masterstroke of slow-burn horror.

  • Ahmad

    The exceptional cinematography contributes to its distinctive atmosphere and is unquestionably the finest element of the “It Follows”. Exploiting the idea of impending doom to terrify the viewer rather than depending on a monster or jump scare is a refreshing change. Nevertheless, the premise was rather uninteresting, and the acting, although adequate, failed to leave an impression. Moreover, a ludicrous climax causes “It Follows” to lose focus, resulting in an underwhelming conclusion. Although enjoyable, the film falls well short of the high expectations set by its critical acclaim. ___ Rating: 6.9/10 (Good, Slightly Flawed)