The Last Drop

The Last Drop (2006-04-13)

Action | Crime | History | War |

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  • Runtime: 103m
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  • Wuchak

    ***Wannabe “Where Eagles Dare” mixed with a little “Kelly’s Heroes”*** During Operation Market Garden in German-occupied Holland (September, 1944), one small unit consisting of several Brits & one Canadian pilot (Billy Zane) vie for a cache of priceless art stolen from Berlin, but a couple Germans have the same idea (Karel Roden and Alexander Skarsgård). Laurence Fox plays a Nazi tasked with protecting the loot by the SS while Michael Madsen has a small role as an American Colonel. A UK production, "The Last Drop" (2006) is a WW2 ‘B’ flick that borrows the basic premise of “Where Eagles Dare” (1968), albeit minus the castle, and meshes it with the heist element of “Kelly’s Heroes” (1970), as well as a bit of the humor (just a bit). Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near as compelling or entertaining, yet it’s not as bad as some reviews would suggest. Everyone whines about how “low-budget” it is but, while not of “blockbuster” caliber, it ain’t no Syfy production. And it scores pretty well on the female front. On the downside the plot is complicated with too many players, not to mention the accents make the mumbled dialogue only half intelligible to non-Brits with, regrettably, no option for English subtitles on the disc. The movie runs 1 hour, 43 minutes, and was shot in Bucharest, Romania. GRADE: C+/B-