Brother Nature

Brother Nature (2016-09-09)

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  • Runtime: 97m
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  • Kamurai

    Decent watch, could watch again, and can recommend. Taran Killam, because of his time on SNL, tends to find his ways into roles he doesn't quite match. He's funny, he's a good actor, but he's not always quite enough of whatever he needs to be, in this case: likeable. And on the opposite end, he's not enough of a control freak, he's kind of a bland middle ground. And he's supposed to be good enough, in some way, for Gillian Jacobs. The start of this movie literally looks more like a setup for the weekend where she dumps him than when he would propose. Though I guess they're not exclusive. The Killam solution seems to be add someone who is a more infamous actor for being obnoxious, Bobby Moynihan. While Moynihan is good at what he does, I'm usually not a big fan of it: he's usually a lesser version of Chris Farley leaning on being more stupid than fat and physical. I would imagine that Bobby's character would make almost anyone insane, but this is a long string of abuse humor rivalling "Duplex", and I would argue at a lesser quality.