Pentathlon (1994-06-04)

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  • Runtime: 101m
  • Popularity: 4.745
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  • Vote Average: 4.5
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  • iluvdvds

    A fun and very entertaining sports / action film that's truly underrated! Dolph Lundgren - star of a whole bunch of epic actioners from THE EXPENDABLES to RED SCORPION - is on fine performance as this Pentathlon player. Is there nothing this man can't do?! What we have here is a slightly different Lundgren vehicle - it's less about shooting up baddies and more about competing...with Nazis, naturally. Instead what we get is Dolph film in which his character is not only a powerful and strong bad-ass, but sensitive and very funny at time. PENTATHLON is a mighty fine sports film which is perfect for the Olympics fever that's spreading around with the build up to the 2012 event. Acting along side Dolphy is the brilliant Mr David Soul (from SALEM'S LOT, STARSKY AND HUTCH and the hilariously offensive JERRY SPRINGER: THE OPERA). His performance is equally great, in which he plays a cold, evil Nazi hell bent on winning at any cost. And I mean ANY cost! PENTATHLON is a fantastic film for any and every action and sports fan. The perfect piece of entertainment for the Olympics build-up too. The new Anchor Bay Blu-ray is presented in glorious high-def, this release is the best you'll ever see it!