Kesari (2019-03-21)

Action | Drama | History | War |

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  • Bhargavi Chandrashekar

    The souls of all those communities associated with it, always lies beneath the saffron. For the eyes, mind and heart, there is nothing more beautiful, more soothing and more soul stirring than the color Saffron. Just the glimpses of saffron color instantly pump that courage, valor, bravery and Divinity within. The saffron plays a very important part in our lives. We live for it, we defend it and we sacrifice for it. Kesari: The Saragarhi battle is one of the most remarkable and powerful chapters in the history of Bharat under British rule; which knowingly and royally ignored to communicate to the people of Bharat and for the obvious reason, yes you guessed it right. The Saragarhi battle was fought between 21 Sikhs and 10,000 Afghans at Saragarhi fort and this full blown battle lasted until the sunset and while defending their fort; the brave 21 Sikhs fought tooth and nail till their last breathe, but made sure a good number of Afghan-Jihads were buried in the debris of their own, in unrecognizable conditions. Akshay Kumar, is walking on a different planet these days, when all his contemporaries are falling one after the other by doing the routine, mundane films; he rediscovers himself for every 4th month and charts into different terrain only to scale the victorious peaks. This is his career best performance and for a change he gleefully glides into a slim Sikh role (could notice while doing a boomerang-bending kind stunts while attacking Jihadis with his visibly saffron-hot sword). All the other performances were on DOT. The story takes its time to build in the first half with necessary Sikh-comedy, typical Bollywood secularism, but it’s the second hour where the full blown action occupies all the frames. The cinematography is top notch and cynosure to the eyes, music is equally and emotionally-effective; while the BGM provokes the audience while setting up the war frames. The air within Bollywood is blowing in a different direction as these days the films are being made on the right concept and true heroes which is a welcome change. The Nationalists are lapping up such films wholeheartedly.