Marighella (2021-01-29)

Drama | History | Thriller |

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  • Status: Released
  • Runtime: 155m
  • Popularity: 4.745
  • Language: pt
  • Budget: $1,769,789
  • Revenue: $0
  • Vote Average: 7.911
  • Vote Count: 90

  • KendraChihaya

    The film is a free adaptation to fiction of the life of one of the worst communist guerrillas that ever lived in Brazil. It can not be considered a biographical film, much less a documentary, since many situations and scenes were created by the film director, niece of the terrorist, to substantiate the character's "hero" thesis. No matter how clear the interest in humanizing Marighella, trying to turn it into myth, the insistence on trying to associate it simply as an uncle, an ordinary man, is no longer a mere initial curiosity and gradually becomes an exaggeration unnecessary of the director. This duality, between the familiar and historical aspect, punctuates the whole film, provoking a clear conflict in the "documentary", making it a work of fiction. In the real life, the main character was never black, but in the film, the discourse of humanization and equality, loses space for the victimization of this criminal, responsible for several brutal murders during the Period of Military Intervention in Brazil (1964-1981). Unfortunately, when political and ideological discourse seeks to be superior to the production of a work of art, we have only the production of a mediocre film, disguised as a documentary that seeks to present only one facet of Brazilian history in this period. Wanting to justify brutal killings for simple acts of political intolerance.