The Man Who Feels No Pain

The Man Who Feels No Pain (2019-03-21)

Action | Comedy |

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    If Gulshan Devaiah came to me and told me that he wants my house I would willingly give it to him. Such is his magical charisma in the film (and in almost all) that I can't resist but start this review of Vasan Bala's second feature, Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota (The Man Who Feels No Pain) by singing his praises despite it being a masterful work of superb cast performances (including the lead Abhimannyu Dassani and Radhika Madan). He comes second in the silly yet full-of-life plot that narrates the story of Surya (Dassani), a young man born with a life-threatning rare disease which prevents him from feeling any pain, who yearns to push evil off the face of at least his small world. Helping him in his venture are the characters that I am in love with. In addition to Devaiah, Mahesh Manjrekar is the man who helps in making the film more memorable as you end the film humming that one number from the indie, upbeat soundtrack that has stayed with you and reminded you of a time when fun was simply watching a video of your favourite kung-fu hero in a VHS tape at your wealthy friend's house. Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota is brilliantly crafted by Bala with some of the best action choreography and music mixing I have seen all year this year. The humour is local, original, and bang-on ROFL material. If you are okay with shedding all threads of realism and watching a film for what it is (ultimate silliness) you will love this action comedy film more than I did. It is made for the generation of cinema consumers who would get it more if I use a certain term, so I will: it's on fleek. TN. (Watched and reviewed at the 20th MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.)