Season 3

Season 3 (1984)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Wanted Man (2)

Air Date: 1984-09-21

Matt's uncle (Buddy Ebsen), an ex-spy, helps Matt prove he is a victim of mind control and establish his innocence of murder.

Ep.2 Vanished

Air Date: 1984-09-28

other characters: Judge C. Sylos, Billy, Farris (possibly Coroner's Assistant), Dr. M. Granger (murdered) When Hoyt's young daughter is kidnapped and held prisoner by a child molester (James Olson), Matt risks everything -- even his own life.

Ep.3 Eyewitness

Air Date: 1984-10-12

other characters: Guard Matt believes C.J.'s new love (Simon MacCorkindale), a rising TV newsman, is involved in a kidnapping captured on film.

Ep.4 Apostle of Death

Air Date: 1984-10-19

Matt must free a girl from a religious commune run by an evangelist who plans to take her inheritance of $3 million, and then kill her.

Ep.5 Caged

Air Date: 1984-10-26

other characters: Mike, Deputy Marsh C.J. gets amnesia after an auto accident, and finds herself in jail with inmates working for a prostitution ring.

Ep.6 Return to Nam (1)

Air Date: 1984-11-02

Matt, Roy and ""Too Mean"" team up with an arrogant mercenary (Max Baer Jr.) to find Matt's cousin, who he thought died as a POW in Cambodia.

Ep.7 Escape from Nam (2)

Air Date: 1984-11-09

Andy (Max Baer Jr.) appears to have betrayed Matt and the rest to the Cambodian warlord holding Matt's cousin captive.

Ep.8 High Fashion Murders

Air Date: 1984-11-16

other characters: Kirby Andrews (Chauffeur), Monica, Beverly Roberts Matt can't accept the perfect alibi of his chief suspect (James Read) in the deaths of two models, until he learns a family secret.

Ep.9 Death Stalk

Air Date: 1984-11-23

other characters: Mickey (the chimp) An international assassin (Judson Scott) hired to kill a Middle Eastern leader, ignores his orders and seeks revenge on Matt instead.

Ep.10 Blood Money

Air Date: 1984-11-30

Matt's old high-school classmate (Jenny Sherman) involves him in a plot concerning an ex-Army officer and smuggled Vietnamese gems.

Ep.11 Deadly Games

Air Date: 1984-12-07

Matt must convince Hoyt a sporting-goods tycoon (Stuart Whitman) hunted two athletes like game animals.

Ep.12 Stolen

Air Date: 1984-12-21

After an actress (Kay Lenz) is certain she saw her baby son, kidnapped a year earlier, with another woman in a park, she asks Matt for help.

Ep.13 The Nightmare Man

Air Date: 1985-01-04

Matt is convinced that the man who kidnapped and tormented a little boy is the same man that kidnapped and tormented him when he was a boy.

Ep.14 Breakpoint

Air Date: 1985-01-11

Matt rushes to find the girlfriend of his distraught cousin who threatens to leap from a rooftop.

Ep.15 Death Trap

Air Date: 1985-01-18

C.J., Roy and Matt investigate an embezzlement scheme in a once-bustling oil town.

Ep.16 The Honeymoon Murders

Air Date: 1985-01-25

Matt investigates the murders of his college roommate's fiancée and another imminent bride.

Ep.17 Beach Club Murders

Air Date: 1985-02-01

Matt receives unexpected help in a murder/extortion case from a fellow detective, the sister of one of the victims.

Ep.18 New Orleans Nightmare

Air Date: 1985-02-08

A frightened stewardess (Shari Belafonte-Harper) comes to Matt after her friend (Ellen Bry) photographs a secret-society execution.

Ep.19 Company Secrets

Air Date: 1985-02-15

other characters: Ed Thompson, The Chief To flush the killer after his old CIA squad that call themselves ""The Five Fingers"", Roy pretends an attempt to kill him was successful.

Ep.20 Killing Time

Air Date: 1985-02-22

Matt falls for an heiress (Kerrie Keane) whose brother intends to use the family fortune to support Irish terrorists.

Ep.21 Death Watch

Air Date: 1985-03-15

other characters: Neil's girlfriend Matt, Uncle Roy and C.J. join Hoyt's stakeout of a big drug payoff and wind up in the crossfire of a plot by the buyer to double-cross the seller.

Ep.22 Final Vows

Air Date: 1985-03-29

Matt's love, Elizabeth (Kerrie Keane), returns, while a murderer (Chuck McCann) uses Matt to publicize his deeds.