Season 3

Season 3 (2004)

Episodes: 48

Star Cast: Laura Foy ,

Episodes List

Ep.1 Ringing In the New Year

Air Date: 2004-01-16

Ep.2 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Air Date: 2004-01-23

Ep.3 The death of PC games?

Air Date: 2004-01-30

Ep.4 The Glorious Ladies of Gaming

Air Date: 2004-02-06

Ep.5 Case of the X

Air Date: 2004-02-13

Ep.6 Nothin' But Lovin'

Air Date: 2004-02-20

Ep.7 Batter Up!

Air Date: 2004-02-27

Ep.8 Gettin' to the Bottom of it All

Air Date: 2004-03-05

Ep.9 Sloppy Birthday

Air Date: 2004-03-14

Ep.10 Showbots in Disguise

Air Date: 2004-03-21

Ep.11 Everfest

Air Date: 2004-03-28

Ep.12 You're Nobunny 'til Somebunny Loves You

Air Date: 2004-04-04

Ep.13 Superfans

Air Date: 2004-04-11

Ep.14 Best of the Worst

Air Date: 2004-04-18

Ep.15 Super Happy Fun Times

Air Date: 2004-04-25

Ep.16 Tanks for Dunkies

Air Date: 2004-05-02

Ep.17 E3 Galore

Air Date: 2004-05-09

Ep.18 We Give You More E3 '04

Air Date: 2004-05-16

Ep.19 E3 Seekers

Air Date: 2004-05-23

Ep.20 Party Hearty

Air Date: 2004-05-30

Ep.21 The Good, the Bad, and the Beany

Air Date: 2004-06-02

Ep.22 Fresh Madness

Air Date: 2004-06-09

Ep.23 Never Give Ties Again

Air Date: 2004-06-16

Ep.24 Ready, Set, Dial!

Air Date: 2004-06-23

Ep.25 Shocktastic

Air Date: 2004-06-30

Ep.26 The Open Mic Show

Air Date: 2004-07-21

Ep.27 Big Name Cramming

Air Date: 2004-07-28

Ep.28 Cliffy B. Loves Comics!

Air Date: 2004-08-04

Ep.29 DOOOMed?

Air Date: 2004-08-11

Ep.30 GLOG: Gorgeous Ladies of Gaming

Air Date: 2004-08-18

Ep.31 Destroy All Geoffs!

Air Date: 2004-08-25

Ep.32 Negative Zero

Air Date: 2004-09-01

Ep.33 Lights! Camera! Boobs!

Air Date: 2004-09-08

Ep.34 Playboy, Pikmin and Paranoia

Air Date: 2004-09-15

Ep.35 Tsunami Tina and Tropical Storm Laura

Air Date: 2004-09-22

Ep.36 Geoff Keighley Strikes Back

Air Date: 2004-09-29

Ep.37 Tokyo Game Show 2004 Special

Air Date: 2004-10-06

Ep.38 Unzipped with Martin Sargent (And Tina and Laura)

Air Date: 2004-10-13

Ep.39 Pulse or No Pulse

Air Date: 2004-10-20

Ep.40 Grande GTA

Air Date: 2004-10-26

Ep.41 The RPG Shows

Air Date: 2004-11-03

Ep.42 Halo 2 Has Entered The Building

Air Date: 2004-11-09

Ep.43 Metal Gear Solid Gold Hits

Air Date: 2004-11-17

Ep.44 Thanksgiving Special

Air Date: 2004-11-23

Ep.45 One Big Happy Family

Air Date: 2004-12-01

Ep.46 Gaming Gods (and that Xbox Guy)

Air Date: 2004-12-08

Ep.47 Great Sequels vs. Crappy Gifts

Air Date: 2004-12-15

Ep.48 Looking Back, Looking Forward

Air Date: 2004-12-29