Season 4

Season 4 (2005)

Episodes: 44

Star Cast: Laura Foy ,

Episodes List

Ep.1 When Titans Clash

Air Date: 2005-01-21

Ep.2 Ghetto Fabulous?

Air Date: 2005-01-28

Ep.3 Tidy Super Bowl

Air Date: 2005-02-04

Ep.4 Men are from World of Warcraft, Woman are From The Sims

Air Date: 2005-02-11

Ep.5 Daytona 500

Air Date: 2005-02-18

Ep.6 Academy Awards Fever

Air Date: 2005-02-25

Ep.7 March Madness

Air Date: 2005-03-04

Ep.8 St. Patrick's Day

Air Date: 2005-03-11

Ep.9 Brothers in Arms, Devils in Tears

Air Date: 2005-03-18

Ep.10 The PSP Show

Air Date: 2005-03-25

Ep.11 Gods of War

Air Date: 2005-04-01

Ep.12 Chaos Theories of a Vulpine Quality

Air Date: 2005-04-08

Ep.13 Jaded?

Air Date: 2005-04-15

Ep.14 Lego Luke and the Freaky Kids

Air Date: 2005-04-22

Ep.15 Jade Midnight

Air Date: 2005-04-29

Ep.16 Neuroses Come In Threes. Like Celebrity Deaths.

Air Date: 2005-05-06

Ep.17 E3 '05 Preview Show

Air Date: 2005-05-13

Ep.18 E3 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-05

Ep.19 E3 '05 Highs & Lows

Air Date: 2005-05-27

Ep.20 Wild On Enemy Territory

Air Date: 2005-06-10

Ep.21 John Milius: Medal Of Honor

Air Date: 2005-06-17

Ep.22 Batman Begins Begins

Air Date: 2005-06-24

Ep.23 Battle for Independence

Air Date: 2005-07-01

Ep.24 Fantastic 3

Air Date: 2005-07-08

Ep.25 Rockstar in Hot Coffee

Air Date: 2005-07-22

Ep.26 Summer Better Than Others

Air Date: 2005-07-29

Ep.27 Your Own Awards Show

Air Date: 2005-08-05

Ep.28 Madden Mania

Air Date: 2005-08-12

Ep.29 In the Dark

Air Date: 2005-08-19

Ep.30 A Tale of Two Xbox 360s

Air Date: 2005-08-26

Ep.31 Monolith F.E.A.R.

Air Date: 2005-09-02

Ep.32 Tokyo Game Show

Air Date: 2005-09-16

Ep.33 The Man, The Myth, The Molyneux

Air Date: 2005-09-23

Ep.34 Bistro

Air Date: 2005-09-30

Ep.35 French Fried & Dipped In Amsterdamn

Air Date: 2005-10-07

Ep.36 A Sense of Doom

Air Date: 2005-10-17

No Knights at this round table (Well Geoff is..sort of), what we have is better. Today, id Software's CEO Todd Hollenshead, game programmer/co-founder John Carmack, designer/project manager Tim Willits, and game developer/co-owner Kevin Cloud all stop by and give us the past, present and future of the company - their company - that brought us the Doom francise.

Ep.37 Pirates!

Air Date: 2005-10-24

Ep.38 Halloween Show

Air Date: 2005-10-31

Ep.39 Long Live EA!

Air Date: 2005-11-07

Ep.40 Long Live EA!

Air Date: 2005-11-14

Ep.41 Xbox 360 Release Show

Air Date: 2005-11-28

Ep.42 Moore Xbox 360

Air Date: 2005-12-05

Ep.43 Philadelphia Freedom

Air Date: 2005-12-12

Ep.44 Goodbye

Air Date: 2005-12-19