Season 2

Season 2 (2002)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Happy Trails: Jumping the Shark (2)

Air Date: 2002-09-01

Castaway on a deserted island, the gang must figure out how to get home. They battle sharks, sinking life boats and out-of-control rockets just to make it back to their favorite forest. Do they succeed? Tune in to Part Two to find out!

Ep.2 Eye Candy

Air Date: 2002-09-08

One of our most requested episodes, Eye Candy has a high degree of cringe factor! What is it about the eyes that make people squirm so much? It's hard to watch Eye Candy without a real physical reaction, but that's the beauty of this episode. Eye Candy won a prize at the Annecy Film Festival in France and continues to be a real fan favorite.

Ep.3 Rink Hijinks

Air Date: 2002-09-15

Remember how fun it was to go to roller skating? Flaky tries her luck on the rink and Disco Bear shows off his fancy twirls. Meanwhile, Lumpy ends up in a jam and Cub wins a one-of-a-kind prize at an arcade game.

Ep.4 Flippin' Burgers

Air Date: 2002-09-22

Fast food is an integral part of our culture, and it's no different in the world of Happy Tree Friends. Yes, they might use different condiments than we do, but even fluffy cute creatures have to eat. Did you want extra sauce with that? Good eatin'!

Ep.5 Get Whale Soon

Air Date: 2002-09-29

Funny how these two characters end up in another wet, dark, disastrous situation! Stranded in the belly of a whale, Lumpy and Russell pool their resources to find a way out. Will they get eaten alive or do they find their way to freedom? It's an adventure you don't want to miss!

Ep.6 Snip, Snip Hooray!

Air Date: 2002-10-06

It's son's first haircut and oh how excited he is! Playing with all those sharp, shiny objects like scissors and razors are just the thing to make a kid squeal with delight. It is delight, right? Not sharp, shooting pain?

Ep.7 Eyes Cold Lemonade

Air Date: 2002-10-13

The simple pleasures of a summertime lemonade stand take a turn for the worst in Eyes Cold Lemonade. Not enough sugar to sweeten that drink? We've got just the thing for you. Hand over your cup for another round and drink up!

Ep.8 Milkin' It

Air Date: 2002-10-20

Things are not as simple as they seem down on the farm. Lifty and Shifty make off with Lumpy's cow, only to get tangled up in some electrifying events. This episode is sure to set off some sparks!

Ep.9 Out of Sight, Out of Mime

Air Date: 2002-10-27

Welcome to our second Halloween special! How do a blind mole and a silent mime communicate? It's typical haunted mayhem in this scary episode.

Ep.10 Class Act

Air Date: 2002-11-03

This is the first Holiday episode we made and it features the entire cast. You have to admire Lumpy's attitude that the show must go on, but sometimes there is even too much disaster for even the Happy Tree Friends gang to handle. In true holiday spirit, they pull together for a tear-jerk ending. Peace to everyone.

Ep.11 The Way You Make Me Wheel

Air Date: 2002-12-08

Lumpy's late for work and tries to save time by shaving while driving. Big mistake? Nah. Handy's got it all under control... or does he???

Ep.12 Better Off Bread

Air Date: 2003-04-20

Splendid the Superhero is making bread when he suddenly senses trouble in the neighborhood! Can he save his furry friends in time?

Ep.13 I Get a Trick Out of You

Air Date: 2003-04-27

Lumpy entertains the group at a party, only to wind up in the emergency room. Funny how that seems to happen a lot on Happy Tree Friends! Will he stop his trickery? Only when he's gone too far.

Ep.14 Shard at Work

Air Date: 2003-05-04

Handy tries to screw in a light bulb but screws up in the end.

Ep.15 Water Way to Go

Air Date: 2003-05-11

Pop and Cub go to the beach for some sun, sand, and a sea of blood.

Ep.16 Out on a Limb

Air Date: 2003-05-18

Lumberjack Lumpy yells "Timber!" then help!

Ep.17 Keeping It Reel

Air Date: 2003-06-08

When the Happy Tree Friends go to the movies, they're expecting their money's worth.. but what happens when Flippy accompanies them?

Ep.18 A Hard Act to Swallow

Air Date: 2003-09-21

Sniffles the Anteater can't help but eat the ants, and the ants set out to make him regret it.

Ep.19 Let it Slide

Air Date: 2003-09-27

The gang goes swimming at the local water park for some slips, slides and severs.

Ep.20 Icy You

Air Date: 2003-11-09

Nutty, with his usual large sugar tooth, takes it upon himself to test out the new slushie machine. However, a series of events makes him regret this as the coldness really puts him into his place.

Ep.21 Hello Dolly

Air Date: 2004-01-04

Petunia finds a statue in the park and picks it up to take with her. This statue starts to wreak some unexpected havoc.

Ep.22 Remains to be Seen

Air Date: 2004-02-22

Trick-or-treating takes a beating when Flippy flips and runs over all the Happy Tree Friends while transporting some nuclear waste. Lumpy gives everyone a proper burial, but it seems no one is ready yet as they've all been turned into zombies!!

Ep.23 Stealing the Spotlight

Air Date: 2003-11-09

Lumpy tries to outbest Pop in a battle of the brightest, in Christmas lights decorations! Who will hold the candle?

Ep.24 Ski Ya, Wouldn't Want to be Ya!

Air Date: 2004-09-28

Get ready for thrills, chills, and spills when the show goes downhill, when Flaky skis down a hill, that is.

Ep.25 Blind Date

Air Date: 2004-10-03

Mole, who is blind, is set up on a blind date. However, disaster and awkwardness occur on this particular one. How does this turn out for Mole and his date?

Ep.26 Suck it Up

Air Date: 2004-12-22

Poor Sniffles has the sniffles. Now the ants can have their fun and take his cookies, too. But Sniffles still has a few tricks up his sleeve, or rather, his nose when he brings out a new contraption to rid those pesky little ants.

Ep.27 From A to Zoo (1)

Air Date: 2005-12-15

The Happy Tree Friends are on a field trip to the zoo! And the fun starts when Lumpy loses track of the kids!

Ep.28 From A to Zoo (2)

Air Date: 2005-12-15

Lumpy attempts to gather the kids back onto the bus to conclude their field trip.