Season 3

Season 3 (2007)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Read 'em and Weep

Air Date: 2007-11-02

When Pop picks up an odd book at a discounted price to read to Cub, some strange changes unfold.

Ep.2 Can't Stop Coffin

Air Date: 2007-11-27

When Cuddles jumps a fence to go after a baseball, he finds himself in quite a spot.

Ep.3 We're Scrooged!

Air Date: 2008-02-08

In a strange turn of events, Lumpy Scrooge finds the next "big thing" in the toy business.

Ep.4 A Sucker for Love (1)

Air Date: 2008-02-08

Nutty's candy addiction drives him to the edge.

Ep.5 A Sucker for Love (2)

Air Date: 2008-02-08

The conclusion to Nutty's wild ride. Plus, we find out what happened to Cub.

Ep.6 Just Desert

Air Date: 2008-05-22

Lumpy finds himself a nice the middle of the desert?

Ep.7 Peas in a Pod

Air Date: 2008-10-18

Lumpy accidentally plants a magical seed, and grows some new friends. But, things quickly get out of hand.

Ep.8 Wrath of Con

Air Date: 2009-07-20

Nerds unite! A trek to the comic book convention to meet their hero leaves them breathless.

Ep.9 All Flocked Up

Air Date: 2009-08-18

Hilarity ensues when Lumpy’s bird-brained attempts to replace a wayward chick to its nest turn “fowl!”

Ep.10 Something Fishy

Air Date: 2009-09-14

Class is back in session! The gang has brought in their pets for show-and-tell but Russell’s scaly friend has more than a passing interest in the school body.

Ep.11 Without a Hitch

Air Date: 2009-10-13

In the dead of night, Flaky finds that unimaginable terror lurks at every turn. Fasten your seat-belts for a one way trip straight to the end of the road!

Ep.12 Swelter Skelter

Air Date: 2009-11-06

Things heat up for Lifty & Shifty when they try to chill out. Tempers flare but will cooler heads prevail?

Ep.13 I Nub You

Air Date: 2010-02-05

Ah, “nub” is in the air! Watch Petunia find out the answer to the eternal question: is it better to have “nubbed” and lost than to never have “nubbed” at all?

Ep.14 A Bit of a Pickle

Air Date: 2010-05-07

Make room at the table because the world of Happy Tree Friends gets a few new residents. Welcome Lammy and Mr. Pickels in their debut episode!

Ep.15 See You Later, Elevator

Air Date: 2010-10-01

Ep.16 Clause for Concern

Air Date: 2011-12-08

Ep.17 The Choke's on You

Air Date: 2012-03-23

Our most recent episode kicks us off when Lumpy chokes on the job and is forced to go through a bunch of mishaps!

Ep.18 Royal Flush

Air Date: 2012-05-06

Ep.19 Brake the Cycle

Air Date: 2012-06-08

Ep.20 Random Acts of Silence

Air Date: 2012-08-02

Don’t forget to be quiet in the library. When Flippy is the librarian, it might save your life.

Ep.21 Breaking Wind

Air Date: 2012-10-03

There’s a bad wind blowing into town and it’s up to Splendid to rise to the occasion!

Ep.22 All In Vein

Air Date: 2012-10-19

In the still of the night your deepest, darkest nightmares arise! A tale so chilling it will turn your blood cold! Beware the horror of Count Lumpy!

Ep.23 Bottled Up Inside

Air Date: 2012-11-21

All the fun of a “Ship in a Bottle”, only less time consuming and (arguably) messier!

Ep.24 No Time Like the Present

Air Date: 2012-12-20

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a season themed episode! Happy Holidays!

Ep.25 By The Seat of Your Pants

Air Date: 2013-03-29

Lumpy has Flippy over to watch a swimming competition on T.V. but is caught with his pants down. It’s sink or swim time as Lumpy tries to keep one step ahead of Flippy. Which one of them is going to get caught “underwear”?