Season 2

Season 2 (2005)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Vacaciones

Air Date: 2005-08-01

Mía and Miguel vacation together in Monterrey. A new student, Sol, makes her debut. Miguel wins a cruise trip; him and Mía decide whether or not to go on it. Lupita and Nico have a emotional parting as he leaves for Israel. Lupita promises to wait for Nico. Each of the kids talk about their break with the others. Mayra takes Lupita to see her father.

Ep.2 Viaje a Cancún

Air Date: 2005-08-02

Lupita's dad and his wife welcome her with open arms; however, her sister, Delores (Lola), does not. Alma starts her new rehearsals. Roberta finds spiders to put in Diego's shoes; he gets bitten. Miguel and Mía fly to Cancun without telling anyone. Lupita learns from her father that Dulce is not his. Roberta tell Tomás's cousin, Francisco (aka Leonardo), that she is the daughter of a cleaning lady with eight siblings. Mía asks Alma to tell Franco why she isn't back home. A new student, Rocco, makes his debut. Alicia cries over bad news. New student, Bianca Delight, makes her debut. José accidentally outs Roberta.

Ep.3 Indisciplina en los ensayos

Air Date: 2005-08-03

Diego finds out it was Roberta who put the spider in his shoe. Roberta and Diego agree to start the year as friends. Mía and Miguel arrive at the hotel. Giovanni finds out his parents got conned and lost everything. Diego and Roberta reconnect; she invites him for dinner. León forbids Mabel to call or talk to Diego. Miguel and Mía discuss being together for the first time. Diego catches León with another woman; he tells him Mabel left them. Gandia learns he may be dismissed.

Ep.4 Regreso a clases

Air Date: 2005-08-04

Gandía learns he has to get a Master's degree if he wants to keep his job. Franco learns that Mía is not back in Mexico. Mía calls Franco but won't tell him where they are. Leonardo gets a scholarship into Elite Way. Rocco and Sol make bad first impressions with the others. Lupita continues to sulk about Nico. José is attracted to Leonardo, who happens to be Téo's roommate. Gastón reappears in his original position, baffling everyone. Roberta is caught with protest signs against Gandia.

Ep.5 Maestría por internet

Air Date: 2005-08-05

Giovanni is caught by Vico's mother in her home. Gandia punishes Roberta and the other classmates, except Lupita. Vico's mother takes an interesting approach with Giovanni. Diego reflects on what León told him. Some of the girls believe Pilar was the snitch; however, Roberta believe she has changed. The new Literature teacher decides to ban the girls from putting on makeup or their hair down in her class. Franco sends his friend to Alma for information on Mía. Roberta plans to go to Diego's room to find out what's wrong. Mendiola tells Gandia he will be taking an American class and will be tested; he faints.

Ep.6 La tragedia de Hilda

Air Date: 2005-08-08

Miguel and Mía continue their unsupervised vacation. Pilar is embarrassed by being outed for lying about her vacation; Gandia only makes it worse, so she promises revenge on those responsible. Pilar apologizes to the girls and they forgive her. The girls in class are overjoyed at their new Math professor, Gonzalo Miranda, even to go as far as to make flirtatious comments. Giovanni's mom finds out he's not at school. Nicky, Franco's friend, visits Gandia about Miguel and Mía. Hilda reveals to the class that Hilario has died. Tomás and new student, Mauricio, vie for Sol's attentions. Vico catches Giovanni in her mother's bedroom. Miguel and Mía discuss being intimate and the fears that she has. León tells Diego he has urgent news about his mother. Lupita puts her foot down with Lola.

Ep.7 Atrapados en la Isla del Amor

Air Date: 2005-08-09

Mía and Miguel decide to visit the Island of Eternal Love. Celina gets a secret admirer, but is it truly love? Tomás offers to do Sol's homework. Vico's mother continues her sexual conquest for Giovanni until her boyfriend, Everardo, returns; he kicks Giovanni out. León manipulates the emails traffic between Diego and Mabel. Tomás uses Anita to complete his tasks for Sol. Celina struggles with secret admirer gifts. Mauricio gets a hold of the math problems thinking they are Tomás's. Lola plans to prank Lupita. The boat drifts away and Mía and Miguel get stranded on the island. Diego gets a heartbreaking email and lashes out at Roberta.

Ep.8 Miedo al abandono

Air Date: 2005-08-10

Lupita's project is sabotaged during her presentation. Mía and Miguel discuss her fear of abandonment and their future together. Gandia punishes Lupita for the botched presentation. Pilar encourages Celina to accept the advances of her secret admirer. However, Vico, Celina, and Pilar try to figure out who exactly is her secret admirer and if they even exist? Mía and Miguel discuss being intimate for the first time. Professor Miranda decides to make Lupita and Teó his assistants, it sparks José's jealousy. Miguel and Mía discover the boat is gone. Alma goes to the travel agency to find information on Miguel and Mía. Lola gets Leonardo in trouble with Gastón. Alma and Nicky find out where Miguel and Mía are. Roberta fakes a sprained ankle to go check on Diego.

Ep.9 Declaración en contra

Air Date: 2005-08-11

Miguel and Mía discover that the boat has drifted away. Pilar asks Leonardo to talk to Celina to further her vindictive plans. Diego tells Roberta he believes his mother is as evil as his father for leaving him; he tries to kiss her. José demands Lupita stay away from Téo. After their talk Celina believes that Leonardo is her secret admirer. León continues to lie to Deigo about his mother and tells him he has to testify against her. Mía wakes and panics when she doesn't see Miguel. Pilar and Vico try to convince Celina to go further with Leonardo. A new guy, Roger, is interested in Roberta.

Ep.10 Otra oportunidad

Air Date: 2005-08-12

Roger asks Roberta to put on a concert. Diego thinks Roberta still loves him; she gives him a chance to show he has matured. León continues his pursuit to get Diego to testify against his mother. Rocco and Pilar decided to work together making videos about the gossip around the school. Roger asks Robert for a date; she agrees. Mía and Miguel run out of food; Miguel catches some fish. Celina puts her letter in Leonardo locker, not knowing she's being filmed. Vico suspects Giovanni of lying. Leonardo finds Celina's letter and goes to the meeting place; she kisses him. Celina finds out Leonardo didn't send her the gifts. José tells Robert her concern about Lupita and Téo but Roberta tells her she's imagining things. Pilar switches the video discs. Mía passes out.

Ep.11 El desmayo de Mía

Air Date: 2005-08-15

Miguel finds Mía passed out off a cliff with a fever. The DVD of Celina and Leonardo is played in class. Miguel finds a surfboard and tells Mía he's going to get help but has to leave her alone. Giovanni and his parents argue about their new lifestyle.

Ep.12 Castigo injusto

Air Date: 2005-08-16

Roberta makes the brazen in front of the director but then she repents and asks for forgiveness. The director is going to give him a chance. Diego is hospitalized for the accident.

Ep.13 Busto-bomba

Air Date: 2005-08-17

Gandia sabotages the students' prank. Franco invites Alma to go with him to the airport. Leonardo roughs up Rocco in Celina's defense; Pilar intervenes.

Ep.14 Lugar de ensayos

Air Date: 2005-08-18

Mía finds Sol now taken over her bed. Pilar gives Vico a letter written from Giovanni to another girl; she pretends to be the girl when Vico calls.

Ep.15 Gandía despedido

Air Date: 2005-08-19

Mía sees Miguel and Sol and confronts them; Pilar eavesdrops. Vico's mother decides to move in with her boyfriend and tells Vico she has to live at the school.

Ep.16 Soplona

Air Date: 2005-08-22

Roberta refuses to help Pilar stay at the school, still believing she is a snitch. Roberta and Diego continue to try to make the other jealous.

Ep.17 Nuevo director

Air Date: 2005-08-23

Miguel, Diego, and Giovanni vent and mope about their girl problems. Mía offers her house as a rehearsal space for the band. Diego and Miguel decide to play a trick on Mía and Roberta.

Ep.18 Corte de cabello

Air Date: 2005-08-24

Lupita gets Leonardo's love letter; José tries to convince her to go on the date and to forget Nico. The Headmaster Font cuts Santos' hair with a razor in front of the entire class.

Ep.19 Donativo de ropa

Air Date: 2005-08-25

Gastón lets Mía take the keys, but tells her not to get caught or say he helped her. Vico returns the gifts Giovanni got for her. Lupita and Leonardo enjoy the date with each other.

Ep.20 Fotografías comprometedoras

Air Date: 2005-08-26

Lola tries to be friendly to Lupita after her "date" with Leonardo. More people find out about the puppy, Chopi. Font learns that Sol is "more than friendly" with Professor Miranda. Alicia finds pictures of teenage girls in Font's desk.

Ep.21 El futuro de la banda

Air Date: 2005-08-29

Gastón finds Chopi, but what will he do with him? Alicia tells Hilda about the pictures; Santos overhears. Fatima tells Nicky that she always dreamed of marrying him.

Ep.22 Ataque al corazón

Air Date: 2005-08-30

Tomás finds out that José switched the tapes. Alicia's plan to expose Font backfires. José and Téo fight; they break up. José and Tomás discuss Roberta and Diego.

Ep.23 Injusticias del director

Air Date: 2005-08-31

Nicky asks Franco to let Fatima stay at the house. Santos asks Font if he can do a documentary on him and the school to put his plan into motion. Professor Miranda (Gonzalo) tells Sol to stop her flirtations.

Ep.24 Profesor despedido

Air Date: 2005-09-01

Alma is asked by a producer to take her show to Las Vegas. Roberta still refuses to break up with Roger because of his "condition". Sol snitches to Font about Professor Miranda helping the class.

Ep.25 Show de Alma con RBD

Air Date: 2005-09-02

Miguel is upset about Mía talking to Gastón. Mía doesn't like Fatima around Miguel; later she finds out she is the woman who will be staying at her house.

Ep.26 Font debe ser despedido

Air Date: 2005-09-05

León tells Diego to say he saw his mother abusing drugs; Roberta overhears and confronts Diego. José vents to Lupita about Téo to the point where she believes she's losing her sanity.

Ep.27 Pascual, nuevo director

Air Date: 2005-09-06

Lola believes Leonardo is talking about her when they discuss dating. Alma and Fati seem to compete over Nicky. Again, Lola and Lupita discuss Leonardo's love, but for which sister?

Ep.28 La falsa enfermedad

Air Date: 2005-09-07

Miguel warns Gastón to stay away from Mía. Roger wants to sleep with Roberta. León wants to buy Elite Way and decides to go by disturbing means to get it.

Ep.29 Socio del colegio

Air Date: 2005-09-08

Roberta confronts and beats up Roger for tricking her into a relationship. Gandia drinks the water in front of the health inspectors Miguel expresses his anger over Gastón giving Mía a "necklace".

Ep.30 Hombre afortunado

Air Date: 2005-09-09

Alicia is heartbroken about Gandia. Santos apologizes to Lupita; she styles his hair, they become friends.

Ep.31 Brujerías

Air Date: 2005-09-12

Mía tells Miguel she'll stay away from Gastón. Lupita asks Téo to be her pretend boyfriend. José catches them kissing.

Ep.32 Campaña presidencial

Air Date: 2005-09-13

Roberta and José tease Lupita about Leo. Alma lets Mayra be the backup dancer. Miguel realizes the kidnappers are idiots. Alicia stains Gandia's suit and has him strip.

Ep.33 Confusiones

Air Date: 2005-09-14

Mía receives Miguel's letter and is upset he didn't say goodbye. Tomás introduces the new GORILLAZ CD; inspiring Diego's idea to interview the virtual band.

Ep.34 Secuestran a Miguel

Air Date: 2005-09-15

Lola attacks Lupita over Leo. Santos listens to Lupita vent. Diego conspires to infiltrate Roberta's campaign. Mía gets a call from the kidnappers threatening to kill Miguel. Mía asks Gastón for help. Lupita tells Leo she only loves him as a friend. Diego and his comrades set up a Trojan Horse for Roberta.

Ep.35 Infiltrado

Air Date: 2005-09-16

Despite being furious, Mia is left stinging his words and reconciles with Celina. Diego is willing to return to take revenge.

Ep.36 Voto interesado

Air Date: 2005-09-19

León Bustamante intercepts the boys and forces Diego to go and denounce the bully. Miguel manages to get Giovanni to change rooms and pay him for the changeover.

Ep.37 Rescate de Miguel

Air Date: 2005-09-20

They are surprised by the arrival of Bustamante who passes a paper to Diegoo and faces Mauro hard. Franco Colucci arrives at the hotel, worried about the fax that Mía sent.

Ep.38 Nada en común

Air Date: 2005-09-21

José breaks up with Téo because they have nothing in common. Sol agrees to have a relationship with Diego because she is interested in his friendship with the director of a modeling agency. Mía tells Miguel that she wants to make love with him.

Ep.39 Visiones

Air Date: 2005-09-22

Mía and Miguel plan to spend the night together. Téo manages to convince José to stay together. Miguel is accused of planning her kidnapping. Iñaki begins to rumor that Roberta is crazy. Lola promises to make Lupita's life miserable.

Ep.40 Desprestigiar a Miguel

Air Date: 2005-09-23

Mía wants to talk to Vico about Diego, but she isn't willing to listen. Eventually, it's Diego who succeeds in helping her see reason.

Ep.41 Campaña electoral

Air Date: 2005-09-26

Mia rejects Gaston for trying to kiss her.

Ep.42 Miguel, acusado

Air Date: 2005-09-27

Gastón orders his men to continue blaming Miguel for the kidnapping.

Ep.43 Se rifa una moto

Air Date: 2005-09-28

Feeling betrayed, Diego makes Giovanni choose between him and Tomas.

Ep.44 Miguel se declara culpable

Air Date: 2005-09-29

Mia discovers that there is someone blaming Miguel, but he pleads guilty.

Ep.45 No me importa perder

Air Date: 2005-09-30

Roberta and Jose make a plan to sabotage Diego's campaign.

Ep.46 La copia del discurso

Air Date: 2005-10-03

Roberta tries to bribe Sol to get a copy of Diego's speech.

Ep.47 Atropellada

Air Date: 2005-10-04

Roberta is run over by a motorcycle.

Ep.48 Pagar la fianza

Air Date: 2005-10-05

Roberta asks Alma to pay the bail. Franco drop the charges and Miguel is released.

Ep.49 El fraude de la moto

Air Date: 2005-10-06

Vico discovers that the raffle of the motorcycle was a fraud and blames Roberta.

Ep.50 Desviar la correspondencia

Air Date: 2005-10-07

Pilar tells Pascual that he cheated on her classmates just like he cheated on her mother. Miguel decides to break up with Mía. Lola asks Santos to pretend they are dating. Yuli wants Alicia to intercept all correspondences that Nico sends to Lupita.

Ep.51 Juego sucio

Air Date: 2005-10-10

Teo argues with Jose about the Equestrian Club. Raquel tells Roberta that if she gets Pilar fired, she will win votes. Pilar confesses to everyone that she committed a fraud and reveals Diego's bad actions.

Ep.52 Aléjate de las alumnas

Air Date: 2005-10-11

Franco and Alma fight because he cancels her presentations. Reverte suspects that he is Roberta's dad. Diego throws a party, Roberta appears and they dance remembering everything they have experienced. Vico is sad, Rocco comforts her and they kiss.

Ep.53 Borracho al agua

Air Date: 2005-10-12

Colucci sends him to his lawyer. Tomas and Diego tell Giovanni about the girl who sends letters. Giovanni suspects Pilar.

Ep.54 El verdadero padre

Air Date: 2005-10-13

Tomas invites Pilar to whom, unintentionally, he escapes the party at Diego's house in front of Vico who wants to die. Mia accepts all the girls except Roberta who decides to form another dance group. Reverte arrives at school and is reunited with Alma.

Ep.55 Reverte quiere ser profesor

Air Date: 2005-10-14

Reverte meets Roberta. Mía accepts going out with Gastón to expose him. Reverte lies to Pascual, telling him he is friends with Mendiola, so he is accepted as a teacher. Vico argues with her father. Mía sees Romina kiss Miguel. Giovanni writes a letter to Diego.

Ep.56 Giovanni, carnicero

Air Date: 2005-10-17

Giovanni invents that his father is ill but starts working in his butcher shop. Roberta wants to advance the elections and argues with Diego. Reverte and Roberta have a disagreement. Franco asks Mia to convince Alma to terminate the contract.

Ep.57 La estatua de Roberta

Air Date: 2005-10-18

Marcelino does not want to deliver the envelope. Roberta asks him to wait for her but when he returns the boy is no longer there. Party at Diego's house.

Ep.58 Cacharon a Miguel

Air Date: 2005-10-19

Lujan wants to steal his documents and can not but hears the director say that Bustamante has him in his arms and that he can not do anything against Diego.

Ep.59 Sol te engaña

Air Date: 2005-10-20

Mia gets nervous thinking that Miguel will live in her house for a while. Roberta tells Diego that Sol is cheating on him and gives him an address so that he can discover that what she says is true.

Ep.60 Junto a ella

Air Date: 2005-10-21

Celina wants to unite Miguel and Mía but she does not succeed. Marcelino appears to Roberta under a table. Santos looks for any excuse to be close to Lupita and she gets nervous. Mia finds Miguel and Romina together in her room.

Ep.61 Pruebas en contra

Air Date: 2005-10-24

Roberta manages to get out and Marcelino is not discovered. He hides it in his room. Lupita discovers that the boy has lice and will carry out the corresponding treatment. Mia leaves Miguel outside her house in the rain.

Ep.62 Grupo de popularidad

Air Date: 2005-10-25

Sol ends her relationship with Diego and Agustina with Giovanni.

Ep.63 Trampa en las elecciones

Air Date: 2005-10-26

Mia is sad because Miguel kissed her calling her Romina.

Ep.64 ¿Hubo fraude?

Air Date: 2005-10-27

Mia questions Celina for not telling her that she is with Alex.

Ep.65 Roberta prefiere callar

Air Date: 2005-10-28

Miguel is sick and calls Mia to take care of him. Diego wants to clarify to Roberta that he had nothing to do with the election fraud.

Ep.66 Pluma robada

Air Date: 2005-10-31

Pascual asks Diego, Giovanni and Tomás to find the thief of his pen.

Ep.67 Desfile

Air Date: 2005-11-01

Miguel discovers his broken tools and a black hand, symbol of The Lodge. Bustamante tries to intimidate Roberta but does not succeed. Miguel talks to the director but he does not even want to hear about The Lodge. Diego admits to everyone that he cheated to win the presidency.

Ep.68 Amenaza

Air Date: 2005-11-02

Mia and Miguel reconcile and she tells him that she always dreamed of being with him again.

Ep.69 No soy una cualquiera

Air Date: 2005-11-03

Miguel returns to school and everybody finds out that he is with Mia again.

Ep.70 Que vuelva RBD

Air Date: 2005-11-04

Alma continues to distrust Reverte. Santos tells Téo that if he doesn't feel well anymore, he should break up with José. Roberta finds out that Diego is saying that they spent the night together. Alma sees Octavio hugging Roberta again and gets furious.

Ep.71 Equivocación

Air Date: 2005-11-07

Alma explodes at Reverte and asks Roberta to be careful with him. Lola enters Santos's room at night and kisses him, but he mistakes her for Lupita. Gastón discovers Mía and Miguel kissing and he puts Miguel to do a job with Romina.

Ep.72 Declaración de amor

Air Date: 2005-11-08

Roberta asks Rocco to record it when she declares to Diego. Téo asks Jose to go with him to see his mother.

Ep.73 El video

Air Date: 2005-11-09

Teo visits his mother in the psychiatric hospital but he can not see her in that state and leaves. Roberta displays a video to show that she and Diego did not spend the night together.

Ep.74 Asmático

Air Date: 2005-11-10

Miguel does not accept that Franco pays the tuition for him so he can stop having the scholarship. Teo gets angry with Jose for telling Gaston that he has asthma because he will not be accepted on the football team.

Ep.75 Grandes consejos

Air Date: 2005-11-11

Roberta is tired of the school environment. Professor Reverte approaches Roberta to help and advise her.

Ep.76 Nuevas experiencias

Air Date: 2005-11-14

Professor Reverte takes Roberta to meet street children and thus learn to value what they have in life. Alma claims Reverte for having taken Roberta without permission. Iñaki becomes the RBD technician.

Ep.77 Roberta deja RBD

Air Date: 2005-11-15

Celina assures Mia that Sol is a good person. Leon carries out his plans to get Diego to leave the band. Alma discovers that Octavio has a twin brother.

Ep.78 La sustituta

Air Date: 2005-11-16

Diego decides to audition to find the new members of his band. The band "El canto del Loco" visits the school to give the students a great concert. Roberta decides to form her own band.

Ep.79 Cambio de opinión

Air Date: 2005-11-17

Vico decides to audition to be the new vocalist of the band. Lola confesses to Roberta the great love she feels for Santos. Mia manages that Sol does not stay in the band.

Ep.80 ¿Dónde está José?

Air Date: 2005-11-18

José Luján suffers upon learning that Téo decided to end their relationship. Diego becomes jealous upon seeing Roberta kissing Nikki. Alma suspects that Octavio is not the good man he claims to be. Gastón carries out his plans to get rid of José.

Ep.81 ¿Quién se llevó los demos?

Air Date: 2005-11-21

Lola suffers upon learning that Santos will never fall in love with her. Diego gets upset upon finding out that Roberta stole his songs. Gastón carries out his plans to make José's life impossible.

Ep.82 Depresión

Air Date: 2005-11-22

Giovanni has a lot of trouble writing a letter addressed to the principal. José gets angry with Roberta because she didn't tell him that Téo is cheating on her with Raquel. Mía manages to make Selina confess her plan.

Ep.83 Concierto a beneficio

Air Date: 2005-11-23

Diego and his friends make a plan for Roberta to come to his apartment. Sol pours glue into Mía's hair. Roberta rejects Iñaki because she doesn't want to have a boyfriend. Mía shows her friends that she got her bed back in the dormitory.

Ep.84 Roberta atrapada

Air Date: 2005-11-24

José wants to quit school. Alma becomes worried when she finds a letter from Roberta where she says she'll be gone for a few days, but Roberta has actually decided to leave permanently. Roberta becomes depressed when remembering her lonely childhood.

Ep.85 Fue secuestro

Air Date: 2005-11-25

Mía hires a stylist to remove the glue that Sol put in her hair. Diego confesses to Iñaki that he spent the night with Roberta. Mía seeks revenge and plays a heavy prank on Sol.

Ep.86 Las nuevas de RBD

Air Date: 2005-11-28

Pascual tries to ruin the RBD concert for the benefit of street children. Roberta manages to leave the school incommunicado and spoil Pascual's intentions. Roberta does not want to tell her mother that Diego kidnapped her.

Ep.87 Arruinar el concierto

Air Date: 2005-11-29

Roberta is discovered in the principal's room by Pascual. José discovers that Roberta wrote to her tutor. Alma is not sure who Roberta's father is. Roberta argues with José because she wants to leave school.

Ep.88 Los discos de Roberta

Air Date: 2005-11-30

Mía doesn't want to go to Paris with her dad, because she doesn't want to leave Miguel and the band. Miguel tries to convince Mía to travel with her father. Mía's father talks to Pascual so that Alma stops teaching his daughter.

Ep.89 Ayuda a los afectados

Air Date: 2005-12-01

Alma makes Pascual believe that he could be Roberta's father. Pascual finds the cell phone that was missing. Mía decides to help Roberta and all the original band members get together for the concert.

Ep.90 Llamada al procurador

Air Date: 2005-12-02

RBD has a concert where they must demonstrate their talent. All the students of the Elite Way participate in the concert which makes them nervous, happy and enthusiastic. Alma still thinks Pascual may be Roberta's father.

Ep.91 Elogios oportunos

Air Date: 2005-12-05

León takes the police to the RBD concert to stop his son from singing and Roberta introduces León as a sponsor.

Ep.92 Me fui a París

Air Date: 2005-12-06

Mía says goodbye to her friends because she must travel with her father, she asks them to deliver a letter to Miguel. Giovanni looks for Victoria to ask her if she is dating Rocco. Roberta begins to get along with her mom's new boyfriend.

Ep.93 La culpa de todo

Air Date: 2005-12-07

Sabrina reproaches Miguel for not agreeing to sing for a sick girl. Diego blames Roberta for everything that happens to him. Diego and Tomás ask Giovanni's father for a job in his butcher shop. Vico discovers that her dad spends his money on gambling.

Ep.94 Diego, carnicero

Air Date: 2005-12-08

Iñaki is excited by the letter Roberta gave him. Vico is very sad and Rocco comes to comfort her. Téo talks to José to tell her that his mom wants to see her, but she doesn't want to. Celina is very nervous.

Ep.95 Desnudos

Air Date: 2005-12-09

Pascual goes to look for his daughter and chases her around the house. Miguel goes to the hospital to look for Sabrina, where she is doing very well and doing social work. Giovanni asks his mother for help but, when she arrives, he is ashamed of her while Diego defends her.

Ep.96 Bailarín y corista

Air Date: 2005-12-12

Alma proposes to Martín to work as her dancer and backing vocalist. Mía and Miguel miss each other. Paschal talks to Alma about the meeting of the students in which they were naked, but he has problems with Galia because she becomes jealous of Alma.

Ep.97 Un contrato para RBD

Air Date: 2005-12-13

Vico asks Celina for more time so she can repay her the money she owes her. Rocco asks Diego and Giovanni if they know anything about Vico's dad. A woman abruptly arrives to see León to demand for her son.

Ep.98 Madre desesperada

Air Date: 2005-12-14

Diego's mother returns to see him but León won't let her. Vico pawns the friendship bracelet that Mia gave him to get money and give it to his dad.

Ep.99 Enojos, mentiras y acusaciones

Air Date: 2005-12-15

Vico lies to Rocco that she's got a sugar daddy who gives her money; Sol is angry at not being chosen as a model for a campaign; Alma accuses Reverte of being homosexual for harassing Iñaki; Diego threatens to kill Professor Julia.

Ep.100 Confesiones

Air Date: 2005-12-16

Pascual clarifies to Alma that Reverte is not homosexual. Alma confirms to Pascual that Roberta is not her daughter. León threatens Mabel with hurting Diego if she dares to look for him. Diego demands that Roberta tell him how she found out about the enema they gave him.

Ep.101 Entrevista

Air Date: 2005-12-19

Sabrina's father wants to do an interview with the RBD group, which makes the guys very happy, but what she wants is to get closer to Miguel.

Ep.102 El secreto revelado

Air Date: 2005-12-20

Diego becomes angry with Tomás when he discovers that he was the one who talked about his enema. Celina reproaches Sol for taking Alan away from her. Diego confesses that he misses his mother. Téo beats Gastón for mistreating José. Rocco believes Vico uses drugs.

Ep.103 ¿En qué gasta su dinero?

Air Date: 2005-12-21

The girls are in a meeting with the teacher Fátima, who says she is there to lead them on their cheerleading team, replacing Alma.

Ep.104 ¿RBD, un quinteto?

Air Date: 2005-12-22

Roberta arranges for José to have a meeting at Diego's apartment and show Téo that she got over him. Mía argues with her father.

Ep.105 RBD no puede ser cuarteto

Air Date: 2005-12-23

Sol asks Anita if she hasn't seen Celina, she also takes the opportunity to tell her that she is there to serve at the school, so she asks for a large food order.

Ep.106 Lucharé por mi hija

Air Date: 2005-12-26

Rocco's dad finally meets his girlfriend, Victoria.

Ep.107 Importante apuntes

Air Date: 2005-12-27

Celina wins a contest in which she participates on the radio and Pascual tells her that there is a guy who asks about her and it turns out that it is the singer Ricardo Montaner.

Ep.108 Reverte se molesta

Air Date: 2005-12-28

Mía notices Vico crying in the school hallway and asks her what's wrong.

Ep.109 Revelaciones de Reverte

Air Date: 2005-12-29

Roberta enters Diego's exam to distract the Literature teacher.

Ep.110 Malos entendidos

Air Date: 2005-12-30

Mia gets upset with Miguel because he doesn't wear the suit she gave him and prefers jacket and jeans, not caring that they are going to the opera.

Ep.111 Mi abuelo el juez

Air Date: 2006-01-02

Gastón confronts Roberta because he, under the pretext of looking for José, breaks into her bedroom at inappropriate hours with violence.

Ep.112 Con tal de que no huyan

Air Date: 2006-01-03

Everyone donates clothes to Sabrina for the children at the hospital, Jack excitedly tells Miguel that he wants to see Sabrina again, the money they raise is for medicines for the children at the hospital.

Ep.113 Lucha para no perderla

Air Date: 2006-01-04

Mía tells Celina and Vico that she was about to surrender to Miguel but Gastón almost discovered them. León surprises Diego and his friends trying to get out of school. Vico has difficulties with her father. José suffers at the sight of Raquel and Téo.

Ep.114 Engaños y amenazas

Air Date: 2006-01-05

Diego and Giovanni tell Tomás that Sol is cheating on him, but Sol tells him that his friends want to separate them because they are interested in her and Tomás forgives her.

Ep.115 Exceso de actividades

Air Date: 2006-01-06

The students make a protest, because with the soccer training they don't have time to study. Roberta proposes to train on weekends and everyone turns against her.

Ep.116 Discusiones y peleas

Air Date: 2006-01-09

Sol hits Anita because she believes Tomás left her because of her. Miguel tells Mía that he feels their relationship is stalling.

Ep.117 Violencia intrafamiliar

Air Date: 2006-01-10

Rocco and Mía talk about Vico's problems. Tomás gets drunk and forcibly kisses the teacher Fátima, Gastón discovers it and reports it. Vico tries to denounce her father without any success. Franco invites Alma and her family to spend Christmas.

Ep.118 Olvídate de Diego

Air Date: 2006-01-11

Franco is injured and asks Alma to take him to the doctor. Alma is furious with Pascual upon learning that she was removed from her cheerleading corps. Martín announces himself as the tutor of the fifth grade.

Ep.119 Posada

Air Date: 2006-01-12

Roberta's inn is ready. Pascual gives Alicia a gift. Tomás invites Anita to the inn. Lola discovers that Santos is not her secret friend. Santos proposes to Lupita, she accepts, but Nico unexpectedly arrives at the inn.

Ep.120 Cartas robadas

Air Date: 2006-01-13

It's Christmas dinner and Marina, Mía's mother, shows up at Franco's house to tell him the whole truth. Rocco tells Mía that he thinks Vico's dad hits her. Alma and Franco talk about the similar problems they have.