Specials (2009)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Early Cuts: Alex Timmons (Chapter 1)

Air Date: 2009-10-25

Dexter hunts Alex Timmons, a corrupt Gulf War veteran who used the cover of war to kill the innocent.

Ep.2 Early Cuts: Alex Timmons (Chapter 2)

Air Date: 2009-11-01

Dexter sets his crosshairs on a marine sniper.

Ep.3 Early Cuts: Alex Timmons (Chapter 3)

Air Date: 2009-11-08

Dexter stalks his prey.

Ep.4 Early Cuts: Alex Timmons (Chapter 4)

Air Date: 2009-11-15

Dexter takes a trophy.

Ep.5 Early Cuts: Gene Marshall (Chapter 1)

Air Date: 2009-11-15

A young Dexter encounters arsonist Gene Marshall and is forced to rethink his methods.

Ep.6 Early Cuts: Gene Marshall (Chapter 2)

Air Date: 2009-11-22

Dexter learns that Marshall's crimes basically went unpunished as he was deemed unfit for trial after he used his money to exploit the system.

Ep.7 Early Cuts: Gene Marshall (Chapter 3)

Air Date: 2009-11-29

Dexter subdues and confronts Marshall about the people who were casualties of his arsonist activities.

Ep.8 Early Cuts: Gene Marshall (Chapter 4)

Air Date: 2009-12-06

Dexter is interrupted from his ritual with Gene Marshall when his sister, Deb, insists he celebrate her sweet-sixteen birthday with her.

Ep.9 Early Cuts: Cindy Landon (Chapter 1)

Air Date: 2009-12-13

Dexter stalks a new victim and finds one in Cindy Landon, a magician's assistant with a special skill that makes her husbands disappear.

Ep.10 Early Cuts: Cindy Landon (Chapter 2)

Air Date: 2009-12-20

Cindy reveals the secrets behind her trade and speculates that her role in a magic show is more important than the magician's.

Ep.11 Early Cuts: Cindy Landon (Chapter 3)

Air Date: 2009-12-27

Dexter introduces himself to Cindy at a magic show and even though she is married she agrees to meet him later in an abandoned parking lot.

Ep.12 Early Cuts: Cindy Landon (Chapter 4)

Air Date: 2010-01-04

With Cindy subdued, Dexter sets the stage for his own magic show with her as the center of attention.

Ep.13 A Sitdown with Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow

Air Date: 2009-12-13

Aired after the finale of season 4. The shocking season 4 finale of Dexter was kept as a secret until the last minute that the cast had to scramble in the dark.

Ep.14 Dark Echo (Chapter 1)

Air Date: 2010-10-25

Dark Echo tells a story in which Dexter is challenged by a copy-cat killer who does not follow any sort of code. Dark Echo opens immediately after the death of Dexter's father, Harry, with Dexter in his early twenties and his sister Debra still in high school. Dexter is enrolled in medical school where he's studying anatomy to improve his "craft." During a routine kill, Dexter realizes that another student has been spying on him and knows that he is a serial killer. He confronts the student after he begins to commit murders in Dexter's style and the two clash over the ethics of their situations.

Ep.15 Dark Echo (Chapter 2)

Air Date: 2010-10-26

Ep.16 Dark Echo (Chapter 3)

Air Date: 2010-10-27

Ep.17 Dark Echo (Chapter 4)

Air Date: 2010-10-28

Ep.18 Dark Echo (Chapter 5)

Air Date: 2010-10-29

Ep.19 Dark Echo (Chapter 6)

Air Date: 2010-10-30

Ep.20 Making Dark Echo

Air Date:

Ep.21 The Dark Defender: Little Chino

Air Date: 2007-10-30

Watch episode one of the new online series The Dark Defender. The Dark Defender rids Miami of a notorious gang lord. Stalker of the night, his blade of vengeance turns wrong into right.

Ep.22 The Dark Defender: Roger Hicks

Air Date: 2007-11-05

Watch episode two of the new online series The Dark Defender. The Dark Defender kills a murderous car dealer. Stalker of the night, his blade of vengeance turns wrong into right.

Ep.23 The Dark Defender: Ken Olson

Air Date: 2007-11-19

Watch episode three of the online series The Dark Defender. The Dark Defender goes after a copycat killer. Stalker of the night, his blade of vengeance turns wrong into right.

Ep.24 All in the Family (Chapter 1)

Air Date: 2012-09-04

Dexter hunts a new killer on New Year's Eve.

Ep.25 All in the Family (Chapter 2)

Air Date: 2012-09-04

Ep.26 All in the Family (Chapter 3)

Air Date: 2012-09-04

Dexter receives some new clues in his hunt for the prostitute killer.

Ep.27 All in the Family (Chapter 4)

Air Date: 2012-09-11

In Chapter 4 Dexter flashes back to a childhood incident where Deborah sensed his darkness.

Ep.28 All in the Family (Chapter 5)

Air Date: 2012-09-18

Dexter's digs up some family history in his hunt for the prostitute killer. Starring Michael C Hall, written by Scott Reynolds and illustrated by David Mack.

Ep.29 All in the Family (Chapter 6)

Air Date: 2012-09-25

Dexter faces off with Coleman Lindquist and his father in the final chapter of Early Cuts.

Ep.30 Season 4 Extra - Behind the Scenes

Air Date:

Ep.31 Season 4 Extra - Designing Dexter's New House

Air Date:

Ep.32 Early Cuts - Behind the Scenes

Air Date:

Ep.33 Dissecting Dexter 01 - Dexter's Origins

Air Date:

Ep.34 Dissecting Dexter 02 - Dexter's Awakening

Air Date:

Ep.35 Dissecting Dexter 03 - Dexter's Coming of Age

Air Date:

Ep.36 Julia Stiles on Dexter (Season 5)

Air Date:

Ep.37 From Cop to Killer

Air Date:

The evolution of Debrah

Ep.38 Season 8: Behind the Scenes

Air Date:

Ep.39 Season 8: Episode 1 - With the Creators

Air Date:

Ep.40 S08E02 Wrap-Up (Directed by Michael C. Hall)

Air Date:

Ep.41 S08E03 - Dissecting a Scene

Air Date: 2012-10-15

Ep.42 S08E04 - With the Creators

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