Season 1

Season 1 (1965)

Episodes List

Ep.1 My Eldest Child

Air Date: 1965-09-14

Publishing a column about your husband can get you in a whole heap of trouble.

Ep.2 How About Two Gorillas?

Air Date: 1965-09-21

We can't all be troupers.

Ep.3 Who's Kicking That Gong Around?

Air Date: 1965-09-28

Retreat to the ivory tower.

Ep.4 Dinner on the Rocks

Air Date: 1965-10-05

A clambake strictly for the birds.

Ep.5 We're Bigger Than They Are, But...

Air Date: 1965-10-12

The twins have a field day.

Ep.6 Look Who's Talking

Air Date: 1965-10-19

Rumor is, Joan's expecting.

Ep.7 The Big Train

Air Date: 1965-10-26

Mr. Hewley has a tall tale in a bad storm.

Ep.8 Two Seats on the Moon-Shot

Air Date: 1965-11-02

Joan plays a trick on Jim.

Ep.9 Shape Up Or Ship Out

Air Date: 1965-11-09

A new regime puts the older boys in charge of the twins.

Ep.10 Somewhere George is Calling

Air Date: 1965-11-16

Guided tours of the Nash manse.

Ep.11 Don't Fool Around with the Man Upstairs

Air Date: 1965-11-23

Hooky on Sunday.

Ep.12 Of Hitches and Stitches and Big Round Dogs

Air Date: 1965-11-30

A big wedding for a sister-in-law.

Ep.13 Very, Very Huckleberry

Air Date: 1965-12-07

Building a raft.

Ep.14 It's Lad by a Nose

Air Date: 1965-12-14

Allergic to Lad.

Ep.15 The Big Brass Blonde

Air Date: 1965-12-21

A star shines on Jean's play.

Ep.16 Swing That Indian Club

Air Date: 1965-12-28

Heroism round the campfire.

Ep.17 The Pied Piper of Ridgemont

Air Date: 1966-01-04

Joan's father returns from Africa.

Ep.18 Say Uncle

Air Date: 1966-01-11

Dad and Mom must be spies.

Ep.19 Nobody's Perfect

Air Date: 1966-01-18

An overlooked parking ticket leads to jail.

Ep.20 My Good Friend, Whatsisname

Air Date: 1966-01-25

Jim can't place the face.

Ep.21 The Monster in the Basement

Air Date: 1966-02-01

The furnace down below.

Ep.22 Wring Out the Welcome Mat

Air Date: 1966-02-15

Time to sell the old place.

Ep.23 Move Over, Mozart

Air Date: 1966-02-22

A genius in the family.

Ep.24 Who's Walking Under the Bed?

Air Date: 1966-03-08

Fatherhood from Jim's and Lads's perspectives.

Ep.25 How Now, Hausfrau?

Air Date: 1966-03-15

A crusading columnist.

Ep.26 Big Man On Campus

Air Date: 1966-03-22

Jim the literary critic.

Ep.27 The Magnificent Muldoon

Air Date: 1966-03-29

The boys bail out a hobo.

Ep.28 The Leaning Tower of Ridgemont

Air Date: 1966-04-05

This property is condemned.

Ep.29 Mine Is the Luck of the Irish

Air Date: 1966-04-12

Joan's father, the uranium prospector.

Ep.30 Night of Knights

Air Date: 1966-04-19

Strange doings in the old haunts.