Season 2

Season 2 (1966)

Episodes List

Ep.1 The Purple Avenger

Air Date: 1966-09-17

Superhero comes to town we knew from way back when.

Ep.2 My Mother's Name Is Fred

Air Date: 1966-09-24

The male pseudonym works for writers in a bind. Avoid interviews.

Ep.3 A-hunting We Will Go

Air Date: 1966-10-01

Entertaining the wild houseguest of Broadway.

Ep.4 At Home with the Family

Air Date: 1966-10-08

College TV demands a lot of preparation.

Ep.5 The Holdouts

Air Date: 1966-10-15

Kids you write about are duty-free, aren't they?

Ep.6 Trouble Right Here in Ridgemont

Air Date: 1966-10-22

A neighborhood raffle.

Ep.7 Black Is the Color of My Love's Eye

Air Date: 1966-10-29

Girls hit hard.

Ep.8 My Son, the Genius

Air Date: 1966-11-05

Keeping the little one normal.

Ep.9 The End of the Trailer

Air Date: 1966-11-12

How not to sell a white elephant.

Ep.10 My Son, the Actor

Air Date: 1966-11-19

The call of the muse.

Ep.11 Of Haunted Houses, Little Boys, and a Ghost Named Malcolm

Air Date: 1966-11-26

The Ghost Breakers.

Ep.12 And What Does Your Husband Do?

Air Date: 1966-12-03

Joan wins an award.

Ep.13 Just For Laughs

Air Date: 1966-12-10

Household misadventures.

Ep.14 The Guardian

Air Date: 1966-12-24

The Nash 1040 goes to an art auction.

Ep.15 Peace, It's Wonderful

Air Date: 1967-01-07

The neighbors quarrel.

Ep.16 The Silent Butler Spoke

Air Date: 1967-01-14

An ex-con gets another chance.

Ep.17 The Cupid Machine

Air Date: 1967-01-21

The ideal computer mate.

Ep.18 The Thing's the Play

Air Date: 1967-01-28

Joan wins a playwriting competition judged by Jim.

Ep.19 The Officer of the Court

Air Date: 1967-02-04

Herb pro Jim; Herb v. Joan.

Ep.20 None So Righteous

Air Date: 1967-02-11

The Righteous Brothers stay the night and fill in at a PTA recital.

Ep.21 Remember Lake Serene?

Air Date: 1967-02-18

The happy bachelor.

Ep.22 Pest In the House

Air Date: 1967-02-25

Herb migrates next door while his house is fumigated.

Ep.23 Help Wanted, Desperately

Air Date: 1967-03-04

A new maid sweeps through.

Ep.24 Just While You're Resting

Air Date: 1967-03-11

The hired hindrance.

Ep.25 When I Was a Young Man

Air Date: 1967-03-25

Early days chez Nash.

Ep.26 Professor, Please!

Air Date: 1967-04-01

A student crush.

Ep.27 A Matter Of Concentration

Air Date: 1967-04-08

Hypnosis heals unhappy husband.

Ep.28 The Day the Play Got Away

Air Date: 1967-04-22

Jim writes a play.