Season 2

Season 2 (1983)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Passports to Pleasure

Air Date: 1983-10-15

Derek and Ricky pick up cheerleaders while in Chicago for a Badger Patrol convention.

Ep.2 Attack of the Giant Frog People

Air Date: 1983-10-22

Derek and JT put frogs in Freddy's sleeping bag during a slumber party. Ricky hurts Freddy by saying that he isn't his friend.

Ep.3 A Fair to Remember

Air Date: 1983-10-29

Ricky impresses his science teacher by doing a project with laser beams. Kate is promoted to Vice President of Eddie Toys.

Ep.4 Hospital

Air Date: 1983-11-12

Edward is hospitalized when he has a gallstone attack.

Ep.5 Mr. President

Air Date: 1983-11-19

Ricky daydreams that he is the President of the United States.

Ep.6 Driver Ed

Air Date: 1983-11-26

While Edward and Kate are away Grandfather tries to teach Ricky to drive.

Ep.7 Menudo Madness

Air Date: 1983-12-03

To impress a girl, Ricky promises to have the pop group Menudo play at his private party.

Ep.8 Happy Birthday

Air Date: 1983-12-10

The family celebrates Ricky's 13th birthday with an evening of arguments.

Ep.9 Sounds of Silence

Air Date: 1983-12-17

Ricky pretends to play in the school orchestra's production of Peter and the Wolf so Edward won't be disappointed that he isn't musical.

Ep.10 Rick the Greek

Air Date: 1984-01-07

Ricky gets in over his head when he, Derek and Freddy bet on football games.

Ep.11 Uneasy Rider

Air Date: 1984-01-14

Ricky manipulates Evelyn into buying him a motor bike after Edward said he couldn't have one.

Ep.12 The World's Greatest Father

Air Date: 1984-01-21

JT's father is offended by how much time Edward is spending with his son.

Ep.13 I Want to Be Alone

Air Date: 1984-01-28

Dexter gets dragged to the country for a camping trip by the family.

Ep.14 Mr. Cool

Air Date: 1984-02-04

Ricky turns punk rocker to try to impress a girl.

Ep.15 St. Louis Blues

Air Date: 1984-02-11

After his parents have an argument, Derek hides out at Ricky's. His mother arrives to take him to St. Louis. ** This is Jason Bateman's final appearance.

Ep.16 A Hunting We Will Go

Air Date: 1984-02-18

Against his better judgment Edward agrees to let Ricky go hunting with Grandfather.

Ep.17 Changes

Air Date: 1984-03-03

Ricky thinks that a fellow baseball player likes him when in all actuality it's Edward that she wants.

Ep.18 A Summer's Romance (1)

Air Date: 1984-03-10

Edward's former girlfriend decides she wants him back.

Ep.19 A Summer's Romance (2)

Air Date: 1984-03-17

Edward is forced to choose between Kate and Veronica.

Ep.20 Spare the Rod

Air Date: 1984-03-24

Ricky discovers that a friend is being beaten by his father.

Ep.21 Blazing Hotel Rooms

Air Date: 1984-03-31

Edward, Ricky and Dexter are trapped as their hotel catches on fire during a toy convention.

Ep.22 Hi, Mom

Air Date: 1984-04-07

Kate's mom arrives for a surprise visit and discovers that Kate and Edward are involved.