Season 3

Season 3 (1984)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Best Friends

Air Date: 1984-09-16

Ricky meets Alfonso, Dexters nephew.

Ep.2 Survival of the Fittest

Air Date: 1984-09-23

Ricky starts his first day in high school.

Ep.3 Growing Pains (1)

Air Date: 1984-09-30

Rick is outraged by being treated like a ""child"" when Edward becomes furious with him for breaking his curfew, in part one of a special two-part story.

Ep.4 Growing Pains (2)

Air Date: 1984-10-07

Rick exhibits his independence by running away, but he soon begins to appreciate what he's left, in the conclusion of a special two-part story.

Ep.5 A Dark and Stormy Night

Air Date: 1984-10-28

When the television goes out on a stormy Halloween night, Rick, Alfonso and Freddy use their imaginations to create their own late-night horror story.

Ep.6 I Won't Dance

Air Date: 1984-11-04

Rick plays Cupid by introducing Grandfather Stratton to his history teacher, played by Barbara Billingsley of ""Leave It To Beaver.""

Ep.7 Voyage of the Darned (1)

Air Date: 1984-11-11

Edward, Rick, Dexter, Alfonso and Kate are faced with one small detour on their way to the Caribbean when Kate pilots the plane through the Bermuda Triangle, in part one of a two-part story.

Ep.8 Voyage of the Darned (2)

Air Date: 1984-11-18

After their plane crashes on a deserted island, Rick Alfonso, Dexter, Edward and Kate must battle Mother Nature to survive, in the conclusion of a two-part story.

Ep.9 The Call of the Wild

Air Date: 1984-11-25

Rick's mom shows up with an ex-pro football player as a boyfriend and a ""new"" outlook on life.

Ep.10 Beauties and the Beasts

Air Date: 1984-12-09

In an effort to save the freshman newspaper, Rick, Alfonso and Freddy create a freshman beauty pageant, hoping everyone will ""read all about it.""

Ep.11 Twas the Night Before Christmas

Air Date: 1984-12-16

Edward's true Christmas spirit is tested when the Strattons welcome Freddy and his family after a tragedy leaves them homeless.

Ep.12 Lulu's Back in Town

Air Date: 1984-12-30

Pearl Bailey as Lula Baker, Edward's former governess returns to the Stratton household and becomes the foil in Rick and Alfonso's secret scheme.

Ep.13 The Trouble with Grandfather

Air Date: 1985-01-06

Edward, Kate and Rick have their hands full when Grandfather Stratton trades his empire for a beautiful blonde and a powerful Porsche.

Ep.14 Special Friend

Air Date: 1985-01-13

Rick finds out that he can't ""save the world"" when he gets involved with a peer-counseling program.

Ep.15 What's Cookin'?

Air Date: 1985-01-27

Lulu holds the key to solving a rift between Rick and his grandfather.

Ep.16 Marry Me, Marry Me (1)

Air Date: 1985-02-03

Edward pops the question to Kate when she receives a job offer, in the first of a special two-part story.

Ep.17 Marry Me, Marry Me (2)

Air Date: 1985-02-10

Edward and Rick successfully persuade Kate to change her mind, bringing long-awaited wedding bells to the Stratton household, in the conclusion of a special two-part story.

Ep.18 Rick and the Legend

Air Date: 1985-02-03

Rick is estatic when a hip 16-year-old wants to hang around him, but Edward is suspect of his motives - especially when his gold pen suddenly disappears.

Ep.19 Trouble with Words

Air Date: 1985-02-24

Bruce Jenner helps solve the puzzle of Alfonso's poor school performance - the missing piece is the learning disorder dyslexia.

Ep.20 Hot Shot

Air Date: 1985-03-03

Consumer advocate, David Horowitz helps Rick ""fight back"" against a crooked mail order camera company.

Ep.21 Return of the Paisley Conspiracy

Air Date: 1985-02-10

Rick surprises his dad for his 40th birthday with a reunion of his college singer partner, which prompts Edward to take the old act on the road again.

Ep.22 All the Principal's Men

Air Date: 1985-03-10

Rick must choose between getting suspended or revealing his source when he exposes a cafeteria scandal on his school's cable news show.

Ep.23 The Secret Life of Ricky Stratton

Air Date: 1985-03-24

A blind date with a computer pen pal panics Rick after they exchange photos.

Ep.24 The Babysitters

Air Date: 1985-04-07

While babysitting, Rick suspects that 6-year-old Beth is a victim of parental kidnapping.