Season 5

Season 5 (1986)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Who's the Boss

Air Date: 1986-09-15

Ep.2 Lost and Found

Air Date: 1986-09-22

Kate's grandmother gets lost in New York City.

Ep.3 The Live-In

Air Date: 1986-09-29

A new housekeeper from Sweden steals Rickys heart.

Ep.4 Rick Sells His Sole

Air Date: 1986-10-06

Rick takes a job at shoe store, only to become a victim of nepotism when he loses a promotion to his employer's nephew.

Ep.5 The Beach House

Air Date: 1986-10-13

While Ricky is on vacation, he meets a beautiful girl.

Ep.6 Rick Moves Out

Air Date: 1986-10-20

When Rick thinks that he has no privacy,he moves into the guest house. But Ricks friends think they could use it for parties.

Ep.7 Man to Man

Air Date: 1986-10-27

Ep.8 Hey, Mrs. Robinson

Air Date: 1986-11-03

Ep.9 Rick's Learning Problem

Air Date: 1986-11-10

Rick tutors a star football player, who must pass a history test in order to play for the championship. Edward gets the flu, and is getting on Rick and Kate's nerves.

Ep.10 The Triangle

Air Date: 1986-11-17

Ep.11 Kate Lassos a Longhorn

Air Date: 1986-11-24

Rick agrees to care for a boa constrictor, which soon becomes an uninvited guest at Kate's business dinner.

Ep.12 Get the Hook

Air Date: 1987-01-26

Ep.13 Rumors are Flying

Air Date: 1987-02-02

Ep.14 The House Guest

Air Date: 1987-02-09

Ep.15 Band on the Run

Air Date: 1987-02-16

Rick, Brad, Alfonzo & two others form a band getting ready for the Battle of the Bands. However, Brad & Alfonzo fight over issues & that Alfonzo invites his new girlfriend (Kiki) to rehearsal. Rick tries to convince Alfonzo to rejoin the band.

Ep.16 Author, Author

Air Date: 1987-02-23

Ep.17 Mother's Day

Air Date: 1987-02-25

Ep.18 Fallen Idol

Air Date: 1987-02-16

Rick's basketball idol is arrested for possession of narcotics.

Ep.19 Baby Blues

Air Date: 1987-02-17

Ep.20 Thoroughly Modern Mildred

Air Date: 1987-02-26

Ep.21 Mon Amour

Air Date: 1987-02-27

Grandfather Stratton returns home from a trip to Paris--with a young fiancee.

Ep.22 Educating Rick

Air Date: 1987-03-02

Ep.23 Edward's Big Adventure

Air Date: 1987-03-03

Edward loses his wallet while playing pool. But when he calls Rick for help, Rick believes it to be an April Fool's joke.

Ep.24 Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Air Date: 1987-03-04