Specials (2010)

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Ep.3 The Dingles - For Richer for Poorer

Air Date: 2010-11-15

Exclusively for DVD and never to be broadcast on TV, Dingles For Richer For Poorer is the must see film Emmerdale fans have been waiting for--your favourite Emmerdale regulars in a feature length story as you’ve never seen them before. The Dingle family are feeling the pinch, resorting to eating scraps and selling old bric-a-brac to make ends meet. Clutching at straws, Zak sets off with Belle to buy a Eurobillions rollover week ticket. As Zak and Belle make their way to purchase the ticket, we enter two parallel universes and the fun enfolds as fate serves up very different futures with their lucky numbers and potential winning ticket…. We then seamlessly experience the two ever shifting worlds as the most turn of events leads the extended Dingle family into two parallel but polar opposite futures. Will it be the reality of winning the lottery that brings delight, or will the harsher reality of lies and bogus tickets leave the clan counting the cost of nearly winning a fortune? The havoc unfolds with hilarious results as the film asks the question ‘How much would winning the lottery change you?’

Ep.4 DVD Extras - Interviews & Deleted Scenes

Air Date:

Ep.5 Emmerdale Rewinds

Air Date: 2015-10-23

A special flashback episode to celebrate the soap's 43rd birthday, showing the events of the night that Robert was shot for the first time, and revealing three shocking secrets

Ep.6 Emmerdale Family Tree: The Dingles, Older & Wiser

Air Date: 2020-08-20

In this episode, we'll weave our way through the life and loves of Zak Dingle, his three wives and his seven children

Ep.7 Emmerdale Family Tree: Young Guns

Air Date: 2020-08-27

The Dingles hit our screens in the mid 90’s and fast became one of the country's most loved families. The older generation made their mark with Zak leading the pack. In this episode we’ll weave our way through the life, loves, scams and antics of him, his three wives and his seven children.

Ep.8 Emmerdale Family Tree: The Sugdens

Air Date: 2020-09-03

Through this episode we meet the farming family who’ve been right at the heart of the soap since it launched in 1972. With Annie Sugden at the helm this family have endured heartbreak and in-fighting like no other. From feuding brothers Joe and Jack to fierce sibling rivalry between Robert and Andy, we discover why it’s never been easy to be a Sugden.

Ep.9 Emmerdale Family Tree: The Tates

Air Date: 2020-09-10

The Tates burst onto the scene in the 80s and injected some glamour into the sleepy farming village. Viewers will get a chance to look back at Frank, his wife Kim and his children Chris and Zoe and their major storylines. Alexander Lincoln and Claire King will open up about their characters Jamie and Kim Tate and time on the soap.