Season 29

Season 29 (2000)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Tue 4th Jan 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-04

Ep.2 Wed 5th Jan 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-05

Ep.3 Thu 6th Jan 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-06

Ep.4 Tue 11th Jan 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-11

Ep.5 Wed 12th Jan 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-12

Ep.6 Thur 13th Jan 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-13

Ep.7 Tue 18th Jan 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-18

Ep.8 Wed 19th Jan 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-19

Ep.9 Thur 20th Jan 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-20

Ep.10 Tue 25th Jan 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-25

Ep.11 Wed 26th Jan 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-26

Ep.12 Thur 27th Jan 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-27

Ep.13 Tue 1st Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-01

Ep.14 Wed 2nd Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-02

Ep.15 Thur 3rd Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-03

Ep.16 Tue 8th Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-08

Ep.17 Wed 9th Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-09

Ep.18 Thur 10th Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-10

Ep.19 Mon 14th Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-14

Ep.20 Tue 15th Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-15

Ep.21 Wed 16th Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-16

Ep.22 Thur 17th Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-17

Ep.23 Fri 18th Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-18

Ep.24 Tue 22nd Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-22

Ep.25 Wed 23rd Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-23

Ep.26 Thur 24th Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-24

Ep.27 Tue 29th Feb 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-29

Ep.28 Wed 1st Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-01

Ep.29 Thur 2nd Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-02

Ep.30 Tue 7th Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-07

Ep.31 Wed 8th Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-08

Ep.32 Thur 9th Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-09

Ep.33 Tue 14th Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-14

Ep.34 Wed 15th Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-15

Ep.35 Thur 16th Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-16

Ep.36 Mon 20th Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-20

Ep.37 Tue 21st Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-21

Ep.38 Wed 22nd Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-22

Ep.39 Thur 23rd Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-23

Ep.40 Fri 24th Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-24

Ep.41 Tue 28th Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-28

Ep.42 Wed 29th Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-29

Ep.43 Thur 30th Mar 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-30

Ep.44 Tue 4th Apr 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-04

Ep.45 Wed 5th Apr 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-05

Ep.46 Thur 6th Apr 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-06

Ep.47 Tue 11th Apr 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-11

Ep.48 Wed 12th Apr 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-12

Ep.49 Thur 13th Apr 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-13

Ep.50 Tue 18th Apr 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-18

Ep.51 Thur 20th Apr 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-20

Ep.52 Tue 25th Apr 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-25

Ep.53 Wed 26th Apr 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-26

Ep.54 Thur 27th Apr 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-27

Ep.55 Mon 1st May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-01

Ep.56 Tue 2nd May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-02

Ep.57 Wed 3rd May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-03

Ep.58 Thur 4th May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-04

Ep.59 Tue 9th May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-09

Ep.60 Thur 11th May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-11

Ep.61 Fri 12th May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-12

Ep.62 Tue 16th May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-16

Ep.63 Wed 17th May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-17

Ep.64 Wed 17th May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-17

Ep.65 Tue 23rd May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-23

Ep.66 Wed 24th May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-24

Ep.67 Thur 25th May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-25

Ep.68 Tue 30th May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-30

Ep.69 Wed 31st May 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-31

Ep.70 Thur 1st June 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-01

Ep.71 Tue 6th Jun 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-06

Ep.72 Wed 7th Jun 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-07

Ep.73 Thur 8th Jun 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-08

Ep.74 Tue 13th Jun 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-13

Ep.75 Wed 14th Jun 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-14

Ep.76 Thur 15th Jun 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-15

Ep.77 Tue 20th Jun 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-20

Ep.78 Wed 21st Jun 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-21

Ep.79 Thur 22nd Jun 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-22

Ep.80 Tue 27th Jun 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-27

Ep.81 Thur 29th Jun 2000 - Part 1

Air Date: 2000-06-29

Ep.82 Thur 29th Jun 2000 - Part 2

Air Date: 2000-06-29

Ep.83 Tue 4th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-04

Ep.84 Wed 5th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-05

Ep.85 Thur 6th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-06

Ep.86 Mon 10th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-10

Ep.87 Tue 11th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-11

Ep.88 Wed 12th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-12

Ep.89 Thur 13th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-13

Ep.90 Fri 14th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-14

Ep.91 Tue 18th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-18

Ep.92 Wed 19th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-19

Ep.93 Thur 20th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-20

The results of the investigation into the bus crash are made public. Roy refuses to go to Scott's birthday meal. Emily breaks down after reading the investigation's report.

Ep.94 Tue 25th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-25

Kathy encourages Emily to fight against the results of the report. Sarah and Richie arrive back in the village. Donna tells Ollie she thinks Roy hit Scott.

Ep.95 Wed 26th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-26

Emily receives the offer of an out-of-court settlement from Chris. Donna is determined to find out what happened between Roy and Scott.

Ep.96 Thur 27th Jul 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-27

Emily is shaken by her anger towards Chris. Richie gets a frosty reception when he turns up at the Woolpack. Ollie lands herself a job working for Lady Tara.

Ep.97 Tue 1st Aug 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-01

Jack tells Diane he is not ready for another relationship. Kelly accuses Roy of flirting with Tricia. Jack tells Chris he is willing to sell him his farm land.

Ep.98 Wed 2nd Aug 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-02

Ned apologises for his behavior at Kelly and Roy's wedding. Cain plots his revenge against the Reynolds for Butch's death. Frankie borrows Tara's car and it goes missing

Ep.99 Thur 3rd Aug 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-03

Cain and Sam's revenge plans are unexpectedly interrupted by Sean and Emily. They mystery of Tara's missing car is resolved. Marlon is desperate to take Tricia on holiday.

Ep.100 Tue 8th Aug 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-08

Emily and Sam panic while Sean lies unconscious. Jack angrily rejects Angie's advice on his custody case. Ashley announces his engagement to Bernice at the Parish meeting.

Ep.101 Wed 9th Aug 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-09

Sam is distraught when Emily rejects him. Angie is tshocked when she finds Cain alone with Ollie in their house. Tara is pressed for money for the stud farm.

Ep.102 Thur 10th Aug 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-10

Tara's dire financial problems cause her distress. Laura returns from Monaco with news of Tara's divorce settlement. Zak goes on the hunt for Sam.

Ep.103 Tue 15th Aug 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-15

Laura is not happy when Tara tries to backtrack on her deal with her. Zak discovers the reason why Sam ran away. Bernice and Kathy go looking for wedding dresses.

Ep.104 Wed 16th Aug 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-16

Tragedy strikes when Paddy is kicked unconscious by a horse. Roy refuses to fix Richie's car. Ashley cannot bring himself to tell Bernice about his interview in Leeds.

Ep.105 Thur 17th Aug 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-17

Paddy remains in critical condition after his accident. Kelly is thrilled when Roy tells her about Ned's offer for them to move to Ibiza. Ashley tells Bernice about the job.

Ep.106 Tue 22nd Aug 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-22

Bernice is in shock after Ashley's revelation and refuses to move to Leeds. Angie warns Cain to leave Ollie alone. Tara apologises to Sean about the incident with the horse.

Ep.107 Wed 23rd Aug 2000

Air Date: 2001-08-23

Roy and Kelly prepare for their new lives in Ibiza. Bernice and Ashley refuse to compromise with each other. Sarah attempts to talk to Jack.

Ep.108 Thur 24th Aug 2000

Air Date: 2001-08-24

Kelly arrives back at the Woolpack and is confronted by Donna, who tells the whole pub about her and Scott. Chris agrees to let Sarah and Richie rent his cottage.

Ep.109 Tues 29th Aug 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-29

Viv refuses to let Kelly in her house after Donna's revelation about Scott. Tricia persuades Ashley to sacrifice his job for Bernice. Jack and Sarah continue to feud.

Ep.110 Wed 30th Aug 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-30

Jack rejects Sarah's request for Victoria to stay over at hers. Ashley is torn between his career and his love for Bernice. Kelly breaks down and blames herself for Roy leaving.

Ep.111 Thur 31st Aug 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-31

Bernice secretly visits the place where Ashley is considering working. Kelly receives a frosty reception at the Woolpack from Mandy and Edna.

Ep.112 Tue 5th Sep 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-05

Bernice decides to follow her heart and move to Leeds with Ashley. The harsh reality of divorce hits Andy and Robert. Viv evicts Scott from her house.

Ep.113 Wed 6th Sep 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-06

Edna makes her feelings known about Bernice's relationship with Ashley. Alan and Zak are furious to discover the Tates are running the school bus service.

Ep.114 Thur 7th Sep 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-07

A court hearing is set for Jack and Sarah. Andy accuses Sarah of splitting up the family. Ashley hosts his final service before moving to Leeds.

Ep.115 Tue 12th Sep 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-12

Ashley faces a dilemma when he has to tell the Bishop he has changed his mind about the job in Leeds. Seth is robbed by two teenage girls.

Ep.116 Wed 13th Sep 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-13

Betty is furious when she finds out about Seth's gambling. Jack questions Richie's commitment to Sarah. Marlon's dreams of running The Woolpack are shattered.

Ep.117 Thu 14th Sep 2020

Air Date: 2000-09-14

Charity's relationship with Chris faces complications thanks to Zak. Mandy is furious when Paddy announces that they are going to start trying for a baby.

Ep.118 Tue 19th Sep 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-19

Donna is confused by the revelations about Scott and Kelly. Everyone rallies round Seth after his mugging and urge him to go the police.

Ep.119 Wed 20th Sep 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-20

When Ollie tells her mother about Seth's mugging, she immediately suspects Ollie might know more than she's letting on. Viv is smitten with Bob, a hosiery salesman.

Ep.120 Thur 21st Sep 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-21

Richie and Sarah's relationship starts to wear thin. Moral crusader Edna is shocked to walk into the post office to find Viv and Bob kissing after their night of passion together.

Ep.121 Tue 26th Sep 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-26

Sarah is shocked to discover Richie has extended his invitation to have Scott stay longer. Kelly accepts Viv's offer to move home. Paddy decides to visit Mandy in Southampton.

Ep.122 Wed 27th Sep 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-27

Paddy is left speechless by a shocking discovery. Bernice, Tricia and Diane plans to find a man for Kathy take a hopeful turn when persuade haulage driver Mike to take her out.

Ep.123 Thur 28th Sep 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-28

Paddy returns from Southampton unsure if Mandy still loves him. The girls' plan to set up Kathy with Mike backfires. Seth has a big win on the horses and decides to treat Betty.

Ep.124 Mon 2nd Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-02

Mandy and Paddy's relationship remains on the rocks. Paddy is in turmoil and is not sure he can just forgive Mandy for her transgression.

Ep.125 Tue 3rd Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-03

Zak confronts Paddy, who later breaks down and admits to Mandy he is not sure how he will cope without her. Ollie feels she might know who mugged Seth.

Ep.126 Wed 4th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-04

Ollie tells Seth she knows who attacked him. Zak attempts to make amends with Paddy. Robert turns to Sarah for help with his GCSEs after Jack refuses to listen to his worries.

Ep.127 Thur 5th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-05

Seth confronts his attackers and Angie arrives to arrest the guilty pair. Sarah makes plans to celebrate Richie's birthday. Jack and Sarah's custody hearing grows ever closer.

Ep.128 Fri 6th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-06

The Sugdens' custody hearing begins. Jack is upset to learn that Robert visited Sarah for help. Viv is upset when Bob fails to turn up for a rendezvous they arranged.

Ep.129 Mon 9th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-09

Jack is devastated when the court makes its decision. Charity hits it off with Terry. Viv is excited about Bob spending the night. Seth returns to the Woolpack.

Ep.130 Tue 10th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-10

Terry confesses his feelings towards Charity. Turner worries that Paddy is turning into an alcoholic. Bernice and Ashley organise their wedding list.

Ep.131 Wed 11th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-11

Chris finds out about Terry's amorous behaviour towards Charity. Ollie is infatuated with Cain and is delighted when he invites her to Blackpool with him.

Ep.132 Thur 12th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-12

Angie is furious about Cain and Ollie. Charity attempts to persuade Chris to give Terry his job back. Paddy continues to drown his sorrows in drink.

Ep.133 Fri 13th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-13

Paddy had an awkward dinner with the Dingles. Chris has a secret tryst with Charity. Angie warns Cain to leave Ollie alone when she finds out about the plan to go to Blackpool.

Ep.134 Mon 16th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-16

Cain scares Angie out of her wits during a power cut. Gloria accosts Ashley. Paddy contemplates a wedding anniversary without Mandy and only a bottle of whisky for company.

Ep.135 Tue 17th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-17

Paddy is distraught over his crumbling relationship with Mandy. Joe reveals his visa has run out and will need to leave the country. Cain continues to pester Angie.

Ep.136 Wed 18th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-18

Gloria's attempts to win Paddy over end disastrously. After discovering Pollard wants to buy the diner, Marlon considers doing the same - if he can find the money.

Ep.137 Thur 19th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-19

Jason convinces Joe he should marry someone to stay in the country. Marlon asks Chris to help fund his investment in the diner.

Ep.138 Fri 20th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-20

Tricia agrees to marry Joe to help him stay in the country. Kathy is impressed by Marlon's well-presented business plan and agrees to a joint venture.

Ep.139 Mon 23rd Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-23

Richie finds life with Sarah increasingly stressful. Marlon is sceptical about Tricia's marriage of convenience to Joe.

Ep.140 Tue 24th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-24

Diane spends the evening with Jack. Marlon, Tricia, Joe and Jason discuss the wedding plans as Joe's visa expiration grows ever closer.

Ep.141 Wed 25th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-25

Diane's day turns sour when her ex-husband Rodney resurfaces. A gold trinket belonging to Lady Tara goes missing and suspicion falls on Frankie.

Ep.142 Thur 26th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-26

Tara questions Scott and Frankie over her missing gold trinket. Cain is delighted when he thinks he's secured a job lot of food tins, but he's in for a shock.

Ep.143 Fri 27th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-27

Angie finds Tara's stolen trinket in her bread bin and realises Cain has broken in. Cain manages to sell his bulk load of cat food to Seth.

Ep.144 Mon 30th Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-30

Angie gets her revenge on Cain. Sam tries to unburden himself over the stolen food tins. Jason and Joe attempt to cheer up Paddy.

Ep.145 Tue 31st Oct 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-31

Bob prepares to leave and gives Viv a saucy going-away present. Sam prepares to drop a bombshell on his family. Adam's plans to give a talk to schoolchildren goes wrong.

Ep.146 Wed 1st Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-01

Paddy slowly begins to get over his split with Mandy. Ashley has second thoughts about contacting Bernice's father. Emily assures him he has done the right thing.

Ep.147 Thu 2nd Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-02

Kelly makes a pass at Bob, much to Viv's horror. Diane is shaken by Rodney's arrival and tries to persuade Ashley to move out of the vicarage before Bernice returns.

Ep.148 Fri 3rd Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-03

Bernice gets the shock of her life when she comes home to be greeted by her father. Marc and Donna get carried away by the physical side of their relationship.

Ep.149 Mon 6th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-06

Bernice is left confused by the sudden re-emergence of her father and demands he leave. Donna is left confused after her night of passion with Marc.

Ep.150 Tue 7th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-07

Ashley is forced to accept that his idea to reunite Bernice with her father has backfired. Richie finds himself torn between his career and Sarah.

Ep.151 Wed 8th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-08

Ritchie turns down Chris's offer of further investment in Tate Technology. There are more shocks in store for Bernice.

Ep.152 Thur 9th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-09

Jack and Sarah discuss their divorce. Illicit passions rise between Sean and Tara while Angie and Cain's relationship takes an amorous twist.

Ep.153 Fri 10th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-10

Sean falls for Tara and is delighted when she takes him to a dinner party. Angie answers a police call concerning a robbery. Tricia and Joe set about creating a bogus past.

Ep.154 Mon 13th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-13

Angie suggests to Sean that they go on holiday. Sarah resolves to regain her independence, and starts job hunting.

Ep.155 Tue 14th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-14

Alan is livid when he discovers Tricia's plans to have a marriage of convenience with Joe. Sean and Angie come face-to-face with Cain and Tara.

Ep.156 Wed 16th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-15

Edna threatens to expose Tricia and Joe's sham marriage. Cain is stood up by Angie. A surprise birthday party for Seth results in an unexpected blunder. Zoe accuses Frankie of stealing after a theft occurs at the garage.

Ep.157 Thur 16th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-16

Sarah discovers Victoria wandering the streets alone.

Ep.158 Fri 17th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-17

A mysterious fire is started at Jack's barn, and Ritchie and Sarah are both caught up in it with tragic consequences.

Ep.159 Tue 21st Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-21

Accusations fly in the aftermath of the fire. Meanwhile, Viv is surprised by a blast from the past.

Ep.160 Wed 22nd Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-22

The police decide the fire was started deliberately. Robert inadvertently supplies Andy with an alibi. Ashley tries to win back Bernice.

Ep.161 Thur 23rd Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-23

The police continue to quiz Jack about his involvement with the fire. Carol flirts with Scott and then decides to make a move on Terry.

Ep.162 Fri 24th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-24

Bernice makes a move on Carlos. Carol spends the night with Terry, causing an uneasy atmosphere in the Windsor household.

Ep.163 Mon 27th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-27

Richie continues to imply Jack was responsible for the fire. Carlos hatches a plan to bring Bernice and Ashley back together.

Ep.164 Tue 28th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-28

Jack is angered to find out that his affair with Diane has been ousted. Andy has a confession to make.

Ep.165 Wed 29th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-29

Jack's birthday celebrations are cut short when the police arrest him on suspicion of murder. Lisa breaks the news to Zak that she is pregnant.

Ep.166 Thur 30th Nov 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-30

A violent outburst ensues between Zak and Cain. Marlon makes an excuse not to attend Tricia's wedding.

Ep.167 Fri 1st Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-01

Cain's birthday celebration does not go to plan. Jack appears before the magistrate.

Ep.168 Mon 4th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-04

Mayhem runs rife as Tricia prepares for her wedding. Chris and Charity enjoy an intimate moment.

Ep.169 Tue 5th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-05

Zoe is outraged when she discovers Chris has been having a relationship with a Dingle.

Ep.170 Wed 6th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-06

It is the day of the wedding and Marlon's preparations for his new restaurant are marred by the fact that Tricia is marrying another man.

Ep.171 Thur 7th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-07

Tricia's wedding day continues and Marlon's attempts to make his restaurant a success experience difficulties.

Ep.172 Fri 8th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-08

An uncomfortable dinner ensues after Angie arrives home early.

Ep.173 Mon 11th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-11

Friction erupts between Zoe and Charity, and a meeting turns into a shouting match. Zak is still trying to deal with the news that Cain is his son.

Ep.174 Wed 13th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-13

Emily sees Chris and Charity canoodling down a country lane. Sean arrives at the stud farm to see Tara.

Ep.175 Thur 14th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-14

Charity is forced to seek asylum at Home Farm when Cain overhears Emily questioning her about what she saw. Meanwhile, Chris and Terry ready themselves for Cain's wrath.

Ep.176 Fri 15th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-15

Jack gets permission to attend Sarah's funeral but is concerned about how his children and the other mourners will react to him when he arrives under guard.

Ep.177 Mon 18th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-18

Tensions run high as everyone gathers for Sarah's funeral and when Jack arrives handcuffed to a prison officer. Andy suffers a moral dilemma.

Ep.178 Tue 19th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-19

Charity collects her things from the Dingles. Jack warns Andy that he never must admit to what he did.

Ep.179 Wed 20th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-20

Sean summons up the courage to confess that he has not been faithful to Angie. A tense stand-off develops between Chris and Cain at the Woolpack.

Ep.180 Thur 21st Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-21

Sean and Angie decide to work to save their marriage and go trucking for the day. Tensions run rife between Jack and Diane when he discovers she has been looking after Victoria.

Ep.181 Fri 22nd Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-22

A dinner party reaches a shocking crescendo while Marc and Ollie try to cover up a party of their own.

Ep.182 Mon 25th Dec 2000 - Part 1

Air Date: 2000-12-25

Sean is alarmed to find a pile of Christmas presents on his doorstep. Angie is concerned to see Sean and Cain talking together.

Ep.183 Mon 25th Dec 2000 - Part 2

Air Date: 2000-12-25

Kathy tries her best to cheer Andy up. Rodney makes Bernice doubt whether Ashley is the right man for her.

Ep.184 Tue 26th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-26

The village enjoy a magical Christmas as Bernice and Ashley marry. Andy is plagued by guilt as the Sugdens face the festive season without Jack.

Ep.185 Wed 27th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-27

Bernice and Ashley reflect on the success of their wedding. A romantic day between Bev and Adam is interrupted.

Ep.186 Thur 28th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-28

Controversy arises over Joe and Tricia's marriage of convenience. Adam's relationship with Bev suffers unforeseen turmoil.

Ep.187 Fri 29th Dec 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-29

Tricia, Joe and Marlon panic when a mysterious inspector arrives, assuming it's to check up on Tricia and Joe's marriage.