Season 3

Season 3 (1962)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Mon Jan 01 1962

Air Date: 1962-01-01

Elsie believes Dennis is innocent. He remembers that Ena was in the pub at the same time. Ena confirms Dennis didn't go near the till, and tells Annie so. Elsie tells Annie the Tanners are withdrawing their custom from the Rovers. Albert takes to his bed with flu and is nursed by Minnie. Annie discovers both Florrie and Len were on their own in the Rovers when the money went missing. Elsie shocks the Walkers by refusing to go to the Rovers when Linda phones her there from Canada.

Ep.2 Wed Jan 03 1962

Air Date: 1963-01-03

Ena admires Elsie's stand. When Annie insinuates that Len is dishonest, he, Harry and Concepta walk out of the Rovers. Annie refuses to do business with Florrie. The regulars boycott the Rovers.

Ep.3 Mon Jan 08 1962

Air Date: 1963-01-08

Annie is frightened to tell Jack about the money. The regulars gather at The Flying Horse in protest at Annie's actions. Jack plants £20 in the till to make amends. Dennis goes against Elsie's wishes and uses the phone in the Rovers. Annie tells Jack about the money.

Ep.4 Wed Jan 10 1962

Air Date: 1963-01-10

Annie does her best to make up with the customers. Frank discovers Florrie has been over-charging him 10/- on his orders. Ken and Florrie explain that Ida ran up a debt with the shopping before she died. The extra money on their bills is to pay back the debt.

Ep.5 Mon Jan 15 1962

Air Date: 1962-01-15

Minnie's mother's banging on the ceiling begins to get to Ena and she feels that she has to move on from 15 Jubilee Terrace. Elsie and Dennis use the phone at Miami Modes to phone Linda. Dennis' cheque for £8 16/- finally arrives from Lenny Phillips and the Walkers cash it. Minnie's mother gets up when she hears Ena has gone. Martha can't take Ena in because Lily's family is staying with her. Dennis cooks Elsie a meal as a 'thank you' for defending him. Florrie takes to dressing up and going out. Ena arrives back to stay at the Mission.

Ep.6 Wed Jan 17 1962

Air Date: 1962-01-17

Albert refuses to let Ena stay at the Mission. With Phil and Norman gone from the shop flat, Ena goes after their room but Florrie is now using it as a store room. Ena dumps herself on Dennis and, to Elsie's horror, moves into No. 11.

Ep.7 Mon Jan 22 1962

Air Date: 1962-01-22

Elsie tells Dennis to get rid of Ena but she herself decides to move on. Concepta tells Harry she's tired of the whippets; he feels he's getting too old for them. Ena moves back in with Minnie. Dennis gets a tape recorder on approval.

Ep.8 Wed Jan 24 1962

Air Date: 1962-01-24

The residents suspect Florrie has a man but she is really spending her time at bingo. Frank is tired of working to rule at the GPO. Dennis takes Lucky Lolita for her exercise, on commission. Florrie wins at bingo. Dennis loses Lucky.

Ep.9 Mon Jan 29 1962

Air Date: 1962-01-29

Concepta is horrified when Harry feeds Lucky Lolita steak and port. Len organises a minibus to see Lucky race. Elsie saves up £5 towards a Spanish holiday. Harry spends the housekeeping on entering Lucky for a race. Ken asks some of the residents about their drinking habits.

Ep.10 Wed Jan 31 1962

Air Date: 1962-01-31

Ken starts writing an article. Dennis thinks he'll have time to pay Elsie back but she tells him she's booking the holiday next week. Harry, Concepta, Frank, Jack, Albert, Ena, Minnie, Martha, Len and Dennis go to the races. As the tension mounts, Harry, Dennis and Minnie can't bear to watch.At No.11, Elsie discovers her money is missing.

Ep.11 Mon Feb 05 1962

Air Date: 1962-02-05

Minnie's pipes are frozen. Elsie takes Dennis' winnings and threatens him with the police.

Ep.12 Wed Fan 07 1962

Air Date: 1962-02-07

Ken's article is published in left-wing magazine Survival. Not everyone is pleased when they read Ken's article as they feel it attacks the working class.

Ep.13 Mon 12 Feb, 1962

Air Date: 1962-02-12

The "Ex-student slams neighbours" story appears in the paper: Len and Harry grow very angry over the article. Frank rows with Ken, ashamed of his disloyalty to his class. He tells Ken he can't write any more articles. Harry wants to write complaining to the papers but Len feels it would do no good. Elsie feels the article was well-written but warns Ken that Len is after him. Len insults Ken to Frank and refuses to apologise causing Frank almost to fight him in the Street. Ken realises he'll have to stand up to the residents. When he tries to put across his view point in the Rovers, Len hits him and they brawl across the pub, Ken being knocked out.

Ep.14 Wed Feb 14 1962

Air Date: 1962-02-14

Annie thinks she's found blood on the Rovers' floor as she cleans up and is annoyed that Jack isn't bothered by the fight. Ken has concussion from a cut on his head and has been told to stay in bed by Dr. Graham. Frank is upset that Ken doesn't like the area he was brought up.The Banner newspaper rings the Rovers asking for Ken and Jack goes to fetch him. Len and Harry are in the pub when he walks in, annoying them when he claims he's "fighting fit" again. Jack and Annie try to calm the two men. The paper asks Ken to write articles on "Life in a typical Northern town" and he goads Len to punch him again. Despite his previous doubts, Frank thinks Ken should write the articles when he hears about the 180 guinea fee.

Ep.15 Mon Feb 19 1962

Air Date: 1962-02-19

Elsie's Sunday morning peace is disturbed by children playing outside and Dennis's demand for his breakfast. Concepta has a headache but insists on going to mass as usual. Annie frantically packs in her usual cleaning routine prior to an overnight stay in Derby visiting Joan and Gordon. She also leaves Jack a list of jobs to do and instructions to keep an eye on Len and the Barlows.

Ep.16 Wed Feb 21 1962

Air Date: 1962-02-21

Annie makes an unexpected return and is startled to hear from neighbours that Jack has been getting up to some very peculiar antics after hours. Dennis tries to repair the damage but only succeeds in making Annie think the worst. Concepta tells Harry that they are going to be having a baby.

Ep.17 Mon Feb 26 1962

Air Date: 1962-02-26

Ena worries about her financial position. Minnie embroiders Lucky Lolita's name on a jacket for her. Dennis writes a letter for Minnie to the Mission chairman, Mr. Baxter, asking for Ena's job back. Albert writes to Baxter giving his job up and suggesting the reinstatement of Ena. Concepta enjoys seeing Harry run round her. Lucky races again. Harry puts £5 on, Len £10 and they persuade Elsie to put £10 on.

Ep.18 Wed Feb 28 1962

Air Date: 1962-02-28

The committee offer Ena her job back. Minnie is pleased when she agrees to return. Ena is shocked to hear that Dennis wrote on her behalf. Dennis discovers he didn't send the letter. The residents plan a "welcome home" party for Ena. Albert moves back to No.1. Ena enjoys the party until Mr. Baxter turns up.

Ep.19 Mon Mar 05 1962

Air Date: 1962-03-05

Mr. Baxter enjoyed himself at the party but Ena is still annoyed. Dennis organises a charity performance for the Over 60's Club‏‎. Ena refuses to have the concert in the Mission. Elsie forgets her own birthday. The committee gives their permission to the concert. Ena warns them that it will end in disaster.

Ep.20 Wed 7 Mar 1962

Air Date: 1962-03-07

Dennis sells more tickets than seats and the concert is over-booked. Ena discovers that the performers, the "Blue Streak Rockets", were banned and the police tell them they cannot perform. The Walkers go to a Brewery Dance, planning to stay the night in a plush hotel. Ena locks the piano lid but Minnie opens it with a hair pin. She entertains the audience of four hundred with constant renditions of Goodbye, Dolly Gray. Captain Johnson and his troupe break down but send the sealions, Bunny and Sherry on. Dennis has to cancel the concert, causing an uproar. Ena gets drunk with the Rockets. Dennis is stuck with the Rockets and sealions for the night. He gets the Rovers' key off Concepta and installs them in the pub. The Walkers return home to find sealions in the bath and the Rockets in their bed

Ep.21 Mon Mar 12 1962

Air Date: 1962-03-12

Annie gossips about Concepta's age in the shop. Concepta overhears and is upset. She breaks down, worried about having a baby at her age. Harry returns home early to find her missing. He tracks her down to the Red Rec and reassures her that everything will be alright. Ken does a lot of overtime but Frank discovers that the school is on a half-day.

Ep.22 Wed Mar 14 1962

Air Date: 1962-03-14

Ken reveals he is writing a novel about three boys growing up together in a back street. Jack collapses behind the bar and is taken to see Dr. Graham. Annie blames herself, fearing the worst but he is cleared; he'd only overeaten. Annie thinks he is lying to save her feelings.

Ep.23 Mon Mar 19 1962

Air Date: 1962-03-19

Annie fusses over Jack. Dennis goes to London to help Lenny Phillips open a new office. Annie refuses to believe Len and Harry that Jack is fine and Concepta takes her side. Harry plans to sell Lucky Lolita but Concepta doesn't want her to go. Annie goes to see Dr. Graham to find out the truth about Jack.

Ep.24 Wed 21 Mar 1962

Air Date: 1962-03-21

Annie has found out the truth about Jack's mystery illness and when she returns from her investigations, the Rovers becomes a different place again as she loads job after job on Jack. After a good deal of thought, Harry and Len enter Lucky Lolita for the races in the last hope that she will get back to her old form. Back at the Vestry, Ena falls to the floor with a mild stroke and, as the night wears on, nobody comes to help her.

Ep.25 Mon Mar 26 1962

Air Date: 1962-03-26

Albert spies Ena through a window and Harry smashes the door down. The unconscious Ena is rushed to St Mark's Hospital but Martha gives her name instead of Ena's. When the residents try to locate Ena they cannot and fear she has died. Annie discovers Ena is on the danger list.

Ep.26 Wed Mar 28 1962

Air Date: 1962-03-28

Jack takes care of his dying eighty-seven year old mother in Barnsley.Ena is diagnosed as having had a mild stroke and of hitting her head as she fell, causing concussion.. Len puts a fireplace in for Elsie and sets the tongues wagging. Martha and Minnie go to visit Ena but she doesn't seem to recognize them.

Ep.27 Mon Apr 02 1962

Air Date: 1962-04-02

Jack returns to the Rovers. After four days Ena still can't recognise anyone. Len spends more of his time at No.11 than at work. Elsie doesn't encourage him. Dennis decides to stay in London permanently. The residents wonder when Nellie will find out about Len and Elsie.

Ep.28 Wed Apr 04 1962

Air Date: 1962-04-04

Minnie and Martha smuggle a bottle of milk stout into the hospital in a bunch of plastic tulips. Elsie shocks Ena by visiting her, worried about her condition. Minnie and Martha buy Ena a mynah bird called Archie as a welcome home present. Len reveals to Harry that Nellie and Stanley have left home.

Ep.29 Mon Apr 09 1962

Air Date: 1962-04-09

Word spreads about Nellie Fairclough leaving home. Albert, Minnie and Martha go in a taxi to bring Ena home but she returns in an ambulance. Archie keeps repeating "Minnie Caldwell" and "Ena won't like it". Len helps Elsie decorate the parlour in his firm's time. Ena refuses to give Archie houseroom. Elsie cleans up Len's house for him. Harry finds them together.

Ep.30 Wed Apr 11 1962

Air Date: 1962-04-11

Florrie asks Len to fix her up with a new fireplace before hearing that Elsie is keeping house for him. Concepta meets a distressed Nellie and tells Harry to sort Len out.Florrie snubs Len and takes her business to his boss.

Ep.31 Mon Apr 16 1962

Air Date: 1962-04-16

Len is sacked from Birtwistles when someone tells his boss he's been doing foreigners. Elsie rows with Concepta for coming between Harry and Len. Albert puts his name down at the Council for an allotment. Elsie suspects Concepta of shopping Len but Ena suspects Florrie. In fact it is Martha who confesses. Elsie announces publicly that she is not seeing Len. Len collects his darts and walks out of the Rovers.

Ep.32 Wed Apr 18 1962

Air Date: 1962-04-18

Martha takes Archie in when Ena can't put up with it saying "Ena won't like it" day and night. Len starts up business on his own in his backyard and the one next door, owned by the Bensons. Ena ventures out of her bed to visit the Rovers. Behind Concepta's back, Harry sells Lucky Lolita and buys a saloon car with £20 on Hire Purchase to pay off. Len helps Harry out when the headlamp goes and they are reconciled.

Ep.33 Mon 23 Apr 1962

Air Date: 1962-04-23

For Easter Monday the Walkers, Hewitts and Len go off for a picnic in the car. Martha and Minnie take Ena out in a bath chair to the park. At the picnic, the car rolls into a pond and has to be pushed out. Elsie joins Florrie on a date with a couple of reps. Ena gets stuck in her bath chair when a storm breaks. On their way home the car packs up in Chapel-en-le-Frith.

Ep.34 Wed Apr 25 1962

Air Date: 1962-04-25

The neighbours hear strange noises in No.9. Martha hears that new people have moved in. Concepta grows frightened of the noises and doesn't like staying in No.7 on her own. She and Elsie are hurt when no one believes they can hear noises. The paper carries reports of a night prowler. Minnie sees a light on in the house prompting Harry and Ken to investigate.

Ep.35 Mon Apr 30 1962

Air Date: 1962-04-30

The search party finds nothing in No.9. Martha finds a mysterious message planted in No.9's letterbox. Elsie and Concepta explore the house during a storm and find food on the table. They are joined by the residents. Len catches someone in the backing.

Ep.36 Wed May 02 1962

Air Date: 1962-05-02

Len captures Billy Makin, a little lad who tells of how the Black Hand Gang have been meeting in the house. The brewery pass the alterations on the Rovers and Len starts knocking about. Elsie refuses to go on another blind date with Florrie. On holiday, Ken helps Len out in the Rovers. They pretend to have a fight to see Annie's reaction. Elsie discovers that the blind date was a real looker.

Ep.37 Mon May 07 1962

Air Date: 1962-05-07

Florrie has another date with Rep Lawrence, at the theatre. Frank goes to the theatre with friends from work. Florrie and Frank are both stood up so they go to a cafe together and enjoy each other's company. Ken thinks about buying a scooter. The Walkers get a phone call from a reporter and receive a telegram from Billy telling them not to believe all they read

Ep.38 Wed May 09 1962

Air Date: 1962-05-09

The Sunday papers carry reports of Philippa's engagement. Annie is horrified by the reports of fun-loving Philippa. She blames Dennis for introducing them, Elsie for letting Dennis go to London and Jack for driving Billy away. Billy phones to confirm that he is engaged. The GPO decides there are too many "Coronation Street's" in the area and they should be renamed. Ken buys a scooter and shocks Martha by giving Minnie a ride. Frank reveals that there are eight "Coronation Street's" in the district and seven of them have to go.

Ep.39 Mon May 14 1962

Air Date: 1962-05-14

Annie grows hysterical over not hearing from Billy. The Council announces the Street is definitely to be renamed and called Florida Street. Billy and Philippa travel up from London. Nellie and Stanley return to Len. Albert starts a petition for the Town Hall. Annie breaks down when Jack reminds her that she isn't a lady herself. Annie feels her whole world is collapsing around her.

Ep.40 Wed May 16 1962

Air Date: 1962-05-16

Annie warms to Philippa when she has similar ideas to her about the pub. Billy borrows Harry's car to take Philippa out. Annie plans to go with them but Billy puts her off. Ena writes to Prince Philip about the street's name. Frank refuses to sign the petition because of his job. The front axle goes and Billy and Philippa are stuck in the country.

Ep.41 Mon May 21 1962

Air Date: 1962-05-21

Billy and Philippa return at 3.00am. Esther announces she's leaving the Street to live in Moor Lane. Len and Ken become preoccupied with Philippa. She sets a sunlamp up in the living room. Whilst Billy repairs the car, Ken entertains her. The lamp burns the tablecloth and in the confusion that follows, Annie discovers Philippa with her arms around Ken.

Ep.42 Wed May 23 1962

Air Date: 1962-05-23

Annie worries about Ken's intentions with Philippa. Esther packs and is happy to leave. Albert gives her an old map of the area as a present. Concepta despairs as Lucille hero worships Philippa. Behind her parents' back she experiments with make-up. Annie tells Billy about Ken - he pretends to be outraged before admitting he knows. Ena, Minnie and Martha go to the pictures to see an 'X' rated French film with subtitles and see the made-up Lucille there.

Ep.43 Mon May 28 1962

Air Date: 1962-05-28

Lucille is unusually helpful about the house. Ena receives a letter from the Palace telling her that her complaint has been noted. Annie tries to dissuade Billy from marrying Philippa. Lucille secures Ena's silence by running errands for her but Harry discovers about her antics and bans her from seeing Philippa. Philippa is upset to discover her rival has landed a part in a film. A stranger, Matilda Grimshaw, hunts Ena down.

Ep.44 Wed May 30 1962

Air Date: 1962-05-30

Billy and Philippa break off their engagement as she wants to return to beauty contests. When Mrs. Grimshaw insults Minnie, Ena challenges her in the Rovers. Mrs. Grimshaw tells her that the Council have decided that her "Coronation Street" is to remain, with its fifty-four houses. Ena refuses to drop the fight and sends Mrs. Grimshaw off with a flea in her ear to the applause of the residents.

Ep.45 Mon Jun 04 1962

Air Date: 1962-06-04

Doreen packs in her job at a grocers on Rosamund Street and looks for more work. She refuses to return to the Rovers or Elliston's. Christine feels bored and longs for something fresh. Frank and Florrie keep their liaisons secret. Doreen and Sheila are puzzled by Christine. A boy chats her up but she acts mysteriously. Ena goes to a convalescent home in Southport. Christine tells Elsie she can't cope with any more "tomorrows".

Ep.46 Wed Jun 06 1962

Air Date: 1962-06-06

The publishers reject Ken's novel. Frank tells Ken about Florrie and receives his blessing. Doreen reveals that Swindley has been taken over and she agrees to go back to work for him. Christine can't understand why the workers remain in the factory. She refuses to sink, she wants to swim, not be a machine.

Ep.47 Mon Jun 11 1962

Air Date: 1962-06-11

Swindley, Emily and Doreen prepare for the coming of their new Greek owner.Frank buys a new blouse for Florrie, having spilt soup on her old one.Sheila finds a morose Christine on the roof, looking down on the people below and bemoaning that no one cares about her. Soon afterwards, Annie spots a police car outside the factory. Christine is on the edge of the roof and threatening to jump.

Ep.48 Wed Jun 13 1962

Air Date: 1962-06-13

Christine can't believe she climbed onto the roof. Lucille hopes that Ken will marry Christine. Swindley is ordered to display his V-neck sweaters in the window but only has one. Sheila and Doreen think Christine is heading for trouble.

Ep.49 Mon Jun 18 1962

Air Date: 1962-06-18

Jack is summoned to sort out his mother's will. The residents hope Colin will be good for Christine. Swindley gets Emily and Doreen to become models in the shop, wearing the new stock.

Ep.50 Wed Jun 20 1962

Air Date: 1962-06-20

Christine buys a new outfit and tells Elsie she's playing with fire. Gamma Garments advertise their new blouses on TV. Emily and Doreen model the new range. Concepta has a fainting-fit whilst shopping.

Ep.51 Mon Jun 25 1962

Air Date: 1962-06-25

Swindley turns the loft of the shop into a store room and Len does the alterations. Len tells Elsie he has a message for her from Bill Gregory. After hours, Len works at Gamma. He falls and gets his foot stuck in the floorboards and is left on his own in the shop.

Ep.52 Wed Jun 27 1962

Air Date: 1962-06-27

Nellie Fairclough worries when Len doesn't return all night. Sheila reveals that her father is retiring and that the family is moving to the country. She doesn't want to go and is delighted when Doreen suggests they get a flat. Swindley is troubled by his female tenant who entertains male friends a lot. Len tells Elsie that Bill Gregory is returning.

Ep.53 Mon Jul 02 1962

Air Date: 1962-07-02

Bill Gregory returns. Lucille tells him how much time Len has been spending with Elsie. Minnie worries about her mother's health. Business is good for Len and he considers taking someone else on. Bill threatens Len over Elsie. Len tells him they're just friends. Bill and Elsie meet.

Ep.54 Wed Jul 04 1962

Air Date: 1962-07-04

Ep.55 Mon Jul 09 1962

Air Date: 1962-07-09

Ep.56 Wed Jul 11 1962

Air Date: 1962-07-11

Ep.57 Mon Jul 16 1962

Air Date: 1962-07-16

Ep.58 Wed Jul 18 1962

Air Date: 1962-07-18

Ep.59 Mon Jul 23 1962

Air Date: 1962-07-23

Ep.60 Wed Jul 25 1962

Air Date: 1962-07-25

Ep.61 Mon Jul 30 1962

Air Date: 1962-07-30

Ep.62 Wed Aug 01 1962

Air Date: 1962-08-01

All the wedding plans are in place. Val doesn't like her bouquet and makes up her own arrangement. Ken suffers from a hangover and nerves. Annie, Esther, Florrie, Nancy, Beattie, Len, Minnie, Martha, Ena, Sheila and Doreen watch as Ken and Val marry at St. Mary's. Lucille is bridesmaid. Ena tries to help Elsie overcome her depression - she tells her to keep an air of mystery about her when dealing with men. Annie gets drunk at the reception. Concepta goes into labour in the Rovers and is taken to hospital by Jack.

Ep.63 Mon Aug 06 1962

Air Date: 1962-08-06

Ep.64 Wed Aug 08 1962

Air Date: 1962-08-08

Ep.65 Mon Aug 13 1962

Air Date: 1962-08-13

Ep.66 Wed Aug 15 1962

Air Date: 1962-08-15

Ep.67 Mon Aug 20 1962

Air Date: 1962-08-20

Ep.68 Wed Aug 22 1962

Air Date: 1962-08-22

Ep.69 Mon Aug 27 1962

Air Date: 1962-08-27

Ep.70 Wed Aug 29 1962

Air Date: 1962-08-29

Ep.71 Mon Sep 03 1962

Air Date: 1962-09-03

Ep.72 Wed Sep 05 1962

Air Date: 1962-09-05

Ep.73 Mon Sep 10 1962

Air Date: 1962-09-10

Ep.74 Wed Sep 12 1962

Air Date: 1962-09-12

Ep.75 Mon Sep 17 1962

Air Date: 1962-09-17

Ep.76 Wed Sep 19 1962

Air Date: 1962-09-12

Ep.77 Mon Sep 24 1962

Air Date: 1962-09-24

Ep.78 Wed Sep 26 1962

Air Date: 1962-09-26

Ep.79 Mon Oct 01 1962

Air Date: 1962-10-01

Ep.80 Wed Oct 03 1962

Air Date: 1962-10-03

The Hewitts' party is shattered by the news about Christopher. Ena and Martha take charge of a distraught Annie and Concepta is sedated. The police take over. Concepta disappears and is found searching the streets by Florrie. The police find the pram on wasteland. Det Sergeant Sowman discovers Lucille was jealous of Christopher. The residents enquire around the neighbourhood. Lucille reveals she left Christopher with a girl from school, Brenda Cowan.

Ep.81 Mon Oct 08 1962

Air Date: 1962-10-08

Ep.82 Wed Oct 10 1962

Air Date: 1962-10-10

Ep.83 Mon Oct 15 1962

Air Date: 1962-10-15

Ep.84 Wed Oct 17 1962

Air Date: 1962-10-17

Ep.85 Mon Oct 22 1962

Air Date: 1962-10-22

Annie spends the day preparing the spread for the party. Elsie borrows a dress from the shop to wear at the party. Albert starts work. Len doesn't tell Nellie about the party and is criticised by the residents. The regulars gather at the Rovers for the party. Florrie feels hurt by the way Frank is not interested in her anymore. Swindley spills a trifle over Elsie's dress. The Walkers retire to bed with the party still on, worn out by the preparations.

Ep.86 Wed Oct 24 1962

Air Date: 1962-10-24

Ep.87 Mon Oct 29 1962

Air Date: 1962-10-29

Ep.88 Wed Oct 31 1962

Air Date: 1962-10-31

Ep.89 Mon Nov 05 1962

Air Date: 1962-11-05

Ep.90 Wed Nov 07 1962

Air Date: 1962-11-07

Ep.91 Mon Nov 12 1962

Air Date: 1962-11-12

Ep.92 Wed Nov 14 1962

Air Date: 1962-11-14

Ep.93 Mon Nov 19 1962

Air Date: 1962-11-19

Ep.94 Wed Nov 21 1962

Air Date: 1962-11-21

Ep.95 Mon Nov 26 1962

Air Date: 1962-11-26

Ep.96 Wed Nov 28 1962

Air Date: 1962-11-28

Ep.97 Mon Dec 03 1962

Air Date: 1962-12-03

Ep.98 Wed Dec 05 1962

Air Date: 1962-12-05

Ep.99 Mon Dec 10 1962

Air Date: 1962-12-10

Ep.100 Wed Dec 12 1962

Air Date: 1962-12-12

Ep.101 Mon Dec 17 1962

Air Date: 1962-12-17

Ep.102 Wed Dec 19 1962

Air Date: 1962-12-19

Ep.103 Mon Dec 24 1962

Air Date: 1962-12-24

Christmas Eve: Ena agrees to play the piano for the play. The residents try to make mend with the costumes, although Minnie doesn't go down too well as a gaiety girl. Ena opens with Land of Hope and Glory and Emily gets stage fright

Ep.104 Wed Dec 26 1962

Air Date: 1962-12-26

Ep.105 Mon Dec 31 1962

Air Date: 1962-12-31