Season 44

Season 44 (2003)

Episodes List

Ep.1 12 January 2003

Air Date: 2003-01-12

Richard bludgeons Maxine to death with the crowbar, taking steps to ensure the crime scene looks like that of a failed burglary. Ashley, having discovered Maxine's body, is arrested and taken in for questioning, while Richard learns that Emily is still alive.

Ep.2 Mon 17 Feb, 2003 (Part 1)

Air Date: 2003-02-17

Special double episode. Peter hears that Lucy is pregnant. Steve is jealous of Joe and his wife Karen spending so much time together. Richard wants to move away from Weatherfield with Gail and the kids.

Ep.3 Mon 17 Feb, 2003 (Part 2)

Air Date: 2003-02-17

Ep.4 Wed 19 Feb, 2003

Air Date: 2003-02-19

Peter proposes to Lucy. David and Sarah are asked by Gail and Richard if they want to move away. Ashley is in denial over the paternity test.

Ep.5 Fri 21 Feb, 2003

Air Date: 2003-02-21

Ep.248 Wed Dec 31 2003

Air Date: 2003-12-31