Season 5

Season 5 (1964)

Episodes List

Ep.1 1 Jan 1964

Air Date: 1964-01-01

Ep.2 6 Jan 1964

Air Date: 1964-01-06

Ep.3 8 Jan 1964

Air Date: 1964-01-08

Ep.4 13 Jan 1964

Air Date: 1964-01-13

Ep.5 15 Jan 1964

Air Date: 1964-01-15

Ep.6 20 Jan 1964

Air Date: 1964-01-20

Ep.7 22 Jan 1964

Air Date: 1964-01-22

Ep.8 27 Jan 1964

Air Date: 1964-01-27

Ep.9 29 Jan 1964

Air Date: 1964-01-29

Ep.10 3 Feb 1964

Air Date: 1964-02-03

Ep.11 5 Feb 1964

Air Date: 1964-02-05

Dennis is threatened with the sack if he makes another mistake. Len reveals that the PPOP members are all doing business with Laurie and that Alderman Langton has sold Laurie his share of the factory. Val doesn't know what to do to help Ken. She blames him and he hates her for not being completely interested in him. He tells her he doesn't need a wife, he needs someone who understands him. They realise they shouldn't have married. Len thinks of taking on an apprentice with all the work at the shop and the club. Dennis takes the blame for a smashed crate so that he will be sacked. After drowning his sorrows, Ken returns home to find Val has left. Val arrives at Dave's flat with her suitcase.

Ep.12 10 Feb 1964

Air Date: 1964-02-10

Ep.13 12 Feb 1964

Air Date: 1964-02-12

Ep.14 17 Feb 1964

Air Date: 1964-02-17

Ep.15 19 Feb 1964

Air Date: 1964-02-19

Ep.16 24 Feb 1964

Air Date: 1964-02-24

Ep.17 26 Feb 1964

Air Date: 1964-02-26

Ep.18 2 Mar 1964

Air Date: 1964-03-02

Ep.19 4 Mar 1964

Air Date: 1964-03-04

Ep.20 9 Mar 1964

Air Date: 1964-03-09

Ep.21 11 Mar 1964

Air Date: 1964-03-11

Ep.22 16 Mar 1964

Air Date: 1964-03-16

Ep.23 18 Mar 1964

Air Date: 1964-03-18

Ep.24 23 Mar 1964

Air Date: 1964-03-23

Ep.25 25 Mar 1964

Air Date: 1964-03-25

Ep.26 30 Mar 1964

Air Date: 1964-03-30

Ep.27 1 Apr 1964

Air Date: 1964-04-01

Ep.28 6 Apr 1964

Air Date: 1964-04-06

Ep.29 8 Apr 1964

Air Date: 1964-04-08

Ep.30 13 Apr 1964

Air Date: 1964-04-13

Ep.31 15 Apr 1964

Air Date: 1965-04-15

Ena press-gangs the residents into going to the service. Frank demands £25 for the repayment for the furniture. Stuart Hodges turns up and Emily falls for him.

Ep.32 20 Apr 1964

Air Date: 1964-04-20

Myra only pays Frank back £20. Stuart tells Emily he plans to see the Mission of Glad Tidings bursting, not close it. He wants to brighten up the Mission. Myra puts the £5 down on a deposit for a holiday. Val thinks of joining the congregation when she sees Stuart. The Representative from the hire purchase company tells Jerry that Myra hasn't paid the last two months' instalments. Martha finds it hard work coping with two jobs. Jerry discovers Myra has not paid the mortgage for three months. She tells Jerry she is pregnant.

Ep.33 22 Apr 1964

Air Date: 1964-04-22

Martha goes to Lily's to look after the children and Minnie stands in for her at the Rovers and the Viaduct Sporting Club. Stuart wins Ena over by helping her wash the Mission walls. Jerry is horrified when Myra continues to spend on hire purchase. Myra tells Jerry the £20 she paid Frank was from her dad. He tells her they owe £85. She breaks down and he tells her that he'll take over the payments to sort them out. Gus leaves Minnie on her own at the club where she has an accident whilst cleaning the stairs.

Ep.34 27 Apr 1964

Air Date: 1964-04-27

Stuart and Dennis find Minnie at the bottom of the stairs, having fallen through the bannisters. Len grows annoyed as Laurie doesn't pay him for the work at the club. Minnie is taken to hospital, Ena plans to sue Laurie. Jerry refuses to do foreigners to get more money, not knowing that the electric bill has arrived. Gus gives £10 to Dennis to bribe Minnie with but then discovers that it's Len's fault, not theirs.

Ep.35 29 Apr 1964

Air Date: 1964-04-29

Minnie convalesces with Ena with her torn ligament. Jerry asks Len for a rise but Len tells him he hasn't been paid by Laurie yet. The Booths' electricity is cut off for not paying the bill. Stuart arranges a holiday for Minnie at the seaside. Len lends Jerry £3 to pay the electricity. Stuart calls in a solicitor to sort out Minnie's claim. Wormold is annoyed that Len vouched for Jerry over the mortgage.

Ep.36 4 May 1964

Air Date: 1964-05-04

Myra is refused credit in the Corner Shop. Val insists Ken buys a car rather than them going on holiday. Harry tries to help the Booths manage their money but they still can't afford to pay the money they owe.

Ep.37 6 May 1964

Air Date: 1964-05-06

Jerry refuses charity from the neighbours. Elsie tells Irma she's welcome to use their bath. Jerry rows with Len when he tells him Myra wears the trousers. He asks Jack to lend him £80 but is turned down. Dennis walks in on Irma's bath, to Elsie's amusement. Frank gets drunk and breaks the news that he has won £5,000 on the premium bonds.

Ep.38 11 May 1964

Air Date: 1964-05-11

Frank starts throwing his weight about the Street. Martha is invited to Spain with the family for a holiday - her first trip abroad. Len is sued by Minnie's solicitor. He has no orders coming in and has to sack Eddie and Jerry. George Dickinson agrees to pay the Booths' debts if they'll live with him. Myra blames it on Jerry not earning enough. Jerry gives up and agrees to everything George and Myra says. Len settles out of court and gives Ena £50.

Ep.39 13 May 1964

Air Date: 1964-05-13

Frank sells his shop to Summitt Supermarkets for £6,000. He buys a new car, a white zodiac, and throws a party in the Rovers. Jerry finishes at the Builder's Yard and is taken on at Roscoe & Pitts. Martha gets a passport. Frank is patronising to the Booths and is cold shouldered. The residents drink Frank's champagne but grow annoyed as he lords it over them. Ena plays the piano but the party ends abruptly as Martha dies of a heart attack in the snug.

Ep.103 Wed Dec 30 1964

Air Date: 1964-12-30