Season 4

Season 4 (1991)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Uh-Oh (2)

Air Date: 1991-09-16

Murphy begins to ponder her fate, tells Frank her suspicions and tries more tests (all positive). Murphy tells Jake the news.

Ep.2 Uh-Oh (3)

Air Date: 1991-09-16

Jake tells Murphy he has decided he isn't ready to settle down, and they both agree they can't do it together. Murphy decides to exercise her right to choose and her choice is motherhood. Even though it's Jake's baby, Jerry knows fatherhood isn't for him. While everyone else freaks out at the news, only Eldin is truly happy for Murphy. Murphy ""Do you think I'll make a good mother."" Eldin ""No, but I will.""

Ep.3 I'm As Much of a Man as I Ever Was

Air Date: 1991-09-23

Gene Kinsella finds out about Murphy's pregnancy and considers the idea of taking her off the air. But Miles convinces him not to. Once that is solved, Murphy must get a quote from the president for her latest story. Frank says the only way to get this quote is jogging with him. Murphy thinks she's up for the job but Frank and Jim don't think so because of her pregnancy. So, Murphy accepts Frank's offer of getting the quote for her. When that doesn't work, Murphy tries to get it herself and ends up running over the president with her bike. Even though Murphy didn't get her quote she's happy, and concludes that her pregnancy will not make her life any more difficult, all she has to do is be a little more creative.

Ep.4 Male Call

Air Date: 1991-09-30

Out to prove the new men's movement is a fraud, Murphy attends a men's-only workshop to get the real story on the new men's movement and Frank, Miles and Jim are participants.

Ep.5 The Square Triangle

Air Date: 1991-10-07

Murphy gets a competent secretary in Miles' girlfriend, Audrey. The pressure of working together causes their break up and Frank becomes the tool Audrey uses to get back at Miles.

Ep.6 Full Circle

Air Date: 1991-10-14

After learning about her mother's death, Murphy doesn't seem to be that upset, which makes the FYI gang think that she's hiding her true feelings. She claims it's because of a letter her mother left to her saying that she must not cry, and if it's allowed she'll make one last visit to Murphy at the end of the night. So, Murphy and the Phil crowd decide to celebrate Avery's spirit. Murphy's father, Bill Brown shows up and suggests that they go home so they can talk about the good times the three of them had together. At Murphy's townhouse, Eldin is grieving Avery's passing and refuses to actually believe it. After he's gone, Murphy and her father decide to open the big trunk Avery left to Murphy containing a photo album, Murphy's indian blanket among other things. After arguing with her father over things from the past, Murphy finds a little box inside of the trunk, with one of Avery's hats, which Murphy tries on, also in that box there's a smaller one wrapped up as a present with a

Ep.7 The Smiths Go to Washington

Air Date: 1991-10-28

It's Nightline vs. FYI when both shows court a small town family that inadvertently taped a senator's romantic rendezvous.

Ep.8 It Came From College

Air Date: 1991-11-04

When Murphy looks after a friend's 18-year-old daughter she begins to learn about what being a mother is all about.

Ep.9 The Queen of Soul

Air Date: 1991-11-11

Murphy's chance to interview the ""Queen of Soul"" is in jeopardy when her train arrives late and the limo gets detoured and the staff struggles to fill the air time.

Ep.10 Inside Murphy Brown

Air Date: 1991-11-18

Murphy has an appointment with a gynecologist for a test she can't drive to, when no one else is available, Jim must take her. The results of the test are normal with one exception, it's a boy.

Ep.11 Mission Control

Air Date: 1991-11-25

Murphy volunteers the FYI staff to serve Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter.

Ep.12 Be it Ever So Humboldt

Air Date: 1991-12-09

After being nominated every year, for ten years straight, Frank wins the Humboldt Award and it brings out the worst in him.

Ep.13 Love is Blonde

Air Date: 1991-12-16

Feeling neglected by her husband, Corky considers ""moving down the food chain,"" when she becomes involved with Miller Redfield.

Ep.14 Anchor Rancor

Air Date: 1992-01-06

When the existing Sunday news anchor dies, the competition heats up between Jim and Murphy, when the network test both of them for the job.

Ep.15 Guess Who's Coming to Luncheon

Air Date: 1992-01-13

When Corky gets an invitation to a Barbara Bush luncheon, Murphy tries to scam her so she can get back into the White House, a placed she has been banned from.

Ep.16 Lovesick

Air Date: 1992-01-20

Murphy returns from a trip feeling a little ill, turns out she is having pre-term labor pains, common for pregnant women over forty. Jerry Gold offers to move in with Murphy to help her out and they both learn about having a live-in relationship.

Ep.17 Heartfelt

Air Date: 1992-02-03

Miles succumbs to stress when he has heart attack symptoms at his 30th birthday party.

Ep.18 Send in the Clowns

Air Date: 1992-02-24

Following her story on the personal spending habits of government officials, a Senate committee must decide whether to find her in contempt of Congress.

Ep.19 Murphy Buys the Farm

Air Date: 1992-03-02

Murphy gets everyone to reluctantly join her, for an old fashioned weekend at the farm she is considering buying. The neighbors in the area aren't as old fashioned as Murphy would like.

Ep.20 Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

Air Date: 1992-03-04

After Miles describes a, according to Frank's opinion, homoerotic dream of him and the new publicity guy, Rick 'frolicking', Miles panics. Frank says that's no big deal, and that he probably picked up from the fact that Rick was gay, Murphy does not think Rick is gay so they make a bet. When Rick shows up at the bullpen the gang start to question him about many things about his life, to see if he says anything more revealing about his sexuality. Rick notices that and confirms he is gay, emberassing the whole gang. Miles is totally freaked out, so he goes to one shrink after another, they all agree that there's a possibility that he is really gay. Without knowing what to do, Miles asks for advice Frank, but it doesn't really help, then he goes to Murphy, which doesn't help very much either. Moments later Rick asks Miles to go to Phil's with him to show the new promos for the show, Miles reluctantly goes. At Phil's, Rick notices Miles is giving excuses to get away from their meeting.

Ep.21 Rage Before Beauty

Air Date: 1992-03-16

Murphy changes her hairstyle to rebel against an appearance clause in her contract; the network's and the audience reaction is less than favorable.

Ep.22 Phil's Not So Silent Partner

Air Date: 1992-03-23

Murphy loans Phil some money to keep his place from going under; however, Phil gets more than money and more than he can take with the deal.

Ep.23 He-Ho, He-Ho, It's Off to Lamaze We Go

Air Date: 1992-04-27

Murphy's doctor advises her to take Lamaze classes, and even though Murphy thinks it's not really necessary, she agrees. The problem is that Murphy has to find a partner for that. Frank is her first choice, but he won't be able to make it, because he has to go on location for a story. Murphy then goes after Jim, but only the thought makes him very embarassed and uncomfortable. Miles can't do it either for the same reason. Corky offers to, but Murphy doesn't think it's a good idea. The only one left is Eldin, who reluctantly agrees saying that ha can't make any promises, because he's a free spirit and he doesnt like to stick around at the same place for too long (yeah, right). And that's a big commitment for him. They go to the first class and aparently Murphy and Eldin is not the only couple who doesn't know what they're doing. At the second class, one of the couples is absent, because they had thir baby. The other two seem to be getting better, but Murphy is still clueless. Th

Ep.24 On the Rocks

Air Date: 1992-05-04

The network tries a temporary replacement for Murphy; however, Murphy recognizes the same signs in her that show she is on the same path Murphy once traveled, alcoholism.

Ep.25 A Chance of Showers

Air Date: 1992-05-11

Murphy relents when Corky wants to throw her a baby shower and the guests that arrive give her the low down on child birth and children.

Ep.26 Birth 101

Air Date: 1992-05-18

While doing the last show of the season, Murphy starts going into labor. The FYI gang and crew panics, and don't know what to do since they're in the middle of a live show, Miles asks Jim to take Murphy to the hospital, Corky to close the show, and Frank to get Eldin and anything else Murphy needs at her house. At the hospital, Murphy is still relaxed, she's starting to feel the first contractions and they're not as painful as she thought. She even asks Jim to play cards with her. Everything is under control, but not for long, the contractions are starting to get very painful. Murphy is screaming and Jim doesn't know what to do. A nurse shows up and after examining Murphy says that it's still too early and suggests that Murphy walks a little to relieve some of the pain. And that's what Murphy does, Miles is with her trying to calm her down, because Murphy is a 'little' cranky. Later on, Murphy is screaming even more, she's holding Frank and Miles through their neck cursing and bl