Season 3

Season 3 (2013)

Alexander VI survives Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere's assassination attempt, because his daughter Lucrezia knows how to treat catarella poisoning. Alexander's war with the Sforza family continues and escalates. Alexander now plots to turn the Papacy into an explicitly hereditary office.

Episodes List

Ep.1 The Face of Death

Air Date: 2013-04-14

Pope Alexander fights for his life; the cardinals fight for control of the papacy; Cesare and Micheletto track the assassin; Della Rovere prepares to make his move.

Ep.2 The Purge

Air Date: 2013-04-21

Alexander tasks Cardinal Sforza with purging the College of Cardinals, old Roman families conspire against the Pope, and Lucrezia tries to seduce Cesare.

Ep.3 Siblings

Air Date: 2013-04-28

The King of Naples refuses to accept Lucrzia's child as part of the marriage agreement and pointedly invites Caterins Sforza and other Borgia enemies to the wedding.

Ep.4 The Banquet of Chestnuts

Air Date: 2013-05-05

Cardinal Farnese exposes the embezzlement of Cardinal Versucci while the King of Naples insists the consummation of Lucrezia's marriage to his cousin be witnessed.

Ep.5 The Wolf and the Lamb

Air Date: 2013-05-12

Lucrezia and Micheletto plot the death of King Ferdinand when he refuses her her baby as Cesare's promise of an annulment for Louis X!. gain him a wife and army.

Ep.6 Relics

Air Date: 2013-05-19

Cesare unites the sons of the five Romagna families with his own army against Forli, and the Pope negotiates for a with Constantinople Jews for a holy relic.

Ep.7 Lucrezia's Gambit

Air Date: 2013-05-26

After the French king occupies a deserted Milan, he tasks Cesare with killing Ludivico, and Lucretia becomes involved in Neapolitan palace intrigue.

Ep.8 Tears of Blood

Air Date: 2013-06-02

Micheleto learns his kept lover is a Sforza informant, Caterina Sforza mounts the Shroud of Turin as a rival holy relic, and Alfonso puts Lucrezia under house arrest.

Ep.9 The Gunpowder Plot

Air Date: 2013-06-09

Lucrezia escapes with Alfonso and her baby from Naples while the Pope corners the market in sulfur, restricting others from manufacturing gunpowder.

Ep.10 The Prince

Air Date: 2013-06-16

Micheletto returns to Cesare briefly to help him destroy the walls of Forli and capture Caterina Sforza and later recruit her assassin Rufio.