Miniseries (1996)

Episodes List

Ep.1 One

Air Date: 1996-05-26

The year is 2368 and a group of scientists are on the brink of a major breakthrough as they begin to tap into the memory of a man - Daniel Feeld - who died in the 1990s

Ep.2 Two

Air Date: 1996-06-02

Emma and her team are disturbed by unnerving happenings in the Lazams project. Daniel Feeld's head is 'remembering' some disturbing events from his distant past.

Ep.3 Three

Air Date: 1996-06-09

Emma accepts the offer of David Siltz to provide unlimited funding for a laboratory in return for the right to broadcast the memories of Daniel Feeld on his global entertainment network.

Ep.4 Four

Air Date: 1996-06-16

Daniel Feeld's frozen head has been stolen from the cryogenics laboratory at the Masdon Science Centre by media mogul Dasid Siltz and scientist Emma Porlock.