Season 1

Season 1 (1989)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Major Dad

Air Date: 1989-09-17

Polly writes a distressing article on the Marines. The Major sets out to prove her wrong, and they fall in love.

Ep.2 Just Polly & Me, and the Kids Make Five

Air Date: 1989-09-18

The Major proposes, but Polly's daughters must approve.

Ep.3 Rescue Mission

Air Date: 1989-09-25

Major Smiley, an old pal, tries to dissuade the Major from marriage.

Ep.4 Wedding

Air Date: 1989-10-02

An alert on the base interrupts the Major and Polly's wedding day.

Ep.5 Wounded Flyboy and the Nurse Who Gave Him Reason to Live

Air Date: 1989-10-08

The Major and Polly have trouble finding time together because of their busy schedules.

Ep.6 Twinkle

Air Date: 1989-10-16

Polly asks the Major to straighten things out when Elizabeth falls for Lt. Holowachuk.

Ep.7 Jane Wayne Day

Air Date: 1989-10-23

Polly endures a survival-training day for Marine wives.

Ep.8 Robin's Awakening

Air Date: 1989-11-06

A long-distance chess match comes to town for the final battle and it turns out that a young teen sparks an interest in boys for Robin.

Ep.9 Major Mom

Air Date: 1989-11-13

Polly goes to jail to protect a news source.

Ep.10 Love Doctor

Air Date: 1989-11-20


Ep.11 See the Hill ... Over the Hill

Air Date: 1989-11-27

The Major worries he may be over the hill and challenges a reluctant Holowachuk to a martial arts rematch.

Ep.12 Boxer Rebellion

Air Date: 1989-12-04

The Major and Polly disagree about the dress code at Elizabeth's school. The Major says change the schoolboard, and Polly says change the rules and she helps Elizabeth protest.

Ep.13 Discipline

Air Date: 1989-12-11

The Major and Polly think of how to punish Casey for losing one of The Major's medals.

Ep.14 Lemon

Air Date: 1989-01-01

Clashing lifestyles send the family to a counselor after the Major dumps the girls' dead pet bird.

Ep.15 That Connell Woman

Air Date: 1990-01-08

An old girlfriend and Lt. Colonel has romantic designs on the Major.

Ep.16 Jr.

Air Date: 1990-01-29

Polly has morning sickness and gives the Major hopes of fatherhood.

Ep.17 Major Coach

Air Date: 1990-02-05

Hard feelings arise after Polly ask the Major to coach Robin's basketball team. Lt. Holowachuk buys an expensive camera from a beautiful woman and the Major suspects she is a con artist.

Ep.18 Camp MacGillis

Air Date: 1990-02-19

The Major takes th family on a camping trip.

Ep.19 Not with My Daughter You Don't

Air Date: 1990-02-26

The Major becomes an overprotective father when Elizabeth's new boyfriend Chip becomes more serious.

Ep.20 Officer of the Day

Air Date: 1990-03-12

Lt. Holowachuk gets in trouble when he plans a secret country hoe-down birthday party for the Major.

Ep.21 All Quiet on the Home Front, pt. 1

Air Date: 1990-04-02

The Major is put on alert for a top-secret mission

Ep.22 All Quiet on the Home Front, pt. 2

Air Date: 1990-04-09

The Major's family welcomes him back, but he thinks they resent his job.

Ep.23 See the Bridge

Air Date: 1990-04-30

After returning safely from combat, Lt. Holowachuk craves danger.

Ep.24 Standing Tall

Air Date: 1990-05-07

Casey takes the Major's advice on how to handle a bully.

Ep.25 Face the Music ... and Dance, pt. 1

Air Date: 1990-05-14

The Major takes a job offer to be transferred to Camp Hollister in Virginia.

Ep.26 Face the Music ... and Dance, pt. 2

Air Date: 1990-05-21

The Major decides to quite the Corps.