Season 3

Season 3 (1991)

Episodes List

Ep.1 The Shut Down

Air Date: 1991-09-16

Defense cutbacks threaten Camp Hollister.

Ep.2 Major Moonlighting

Air Date: 1991-09-23

The Major moonlights as an attendant at the service station Holowachuk manages.

Ep.3 Polly's Pen Pal

Air Date: 1991-09-30

Robin's smitten penpal, Lt. Vickers, arrives and learns she sent him a picture of Polly.

Ep.4 A Few Good Men

Air Date: 1991-10-07

The Major is chosen to represent Camp Hollister on a calendar depicting ideal servicemen.

Ep.5 Poker Night

Air Date: 1991-10-14

General Craig orders his staff to have a night of fun to boost sagging morale.

Ep.6 Anything You Can Do I Can Do Perky

Air Date: 1991-10-21

Gunny suspects the motives of the perky sergeant the General assigns to assist her.

Ep.7 Educating Casey

Air Date: 1991-10-28

The Major and Polly succumb to the pressure when Casey is chosen to apply for an accelerated school, which means interviews and tests.

Ep.8 Lady in Waiting

Air Date: 1991-11-04

When Elizabeth is hired as a waitress, Polly and the Major object to her provocative uniform (short, fluffy black dress, white apron and pig ears) which leads Elizabeth to organize a revolt at work.

Ep.9 General Unrest

Air Date: 1991-11-11

The General moves in with the MacGillises when his wife throws him out.

Ep.10 Steel Magnolia

Air Date: 1991-11-18

A lobbyist stages a protest over cutbacks in civilian personnel at the base.

Ep.11 On the Line

Air Date: 1991-11-25

The Marines take over for civilian employees who strike to protest cutbacks at the base.

Ep.12 The Shell Game

Air Date: 1991-12-09

A land developer's plan to build a mall on the site of Camp Hollister is thwarted by a nesting turtle.

Ep.13 Who's That Blonde ?

Air Date: 1991-12-16

Gunny dyes her hair blond after the bill allowing women to be in combat fails; Lt. Holowachuk spruces up his ""space.""

Ep.14 We've Got Trouble

Air Date: 1992-01-06

Lt. Holowachuk and Gunny get competitive at pool.

Ep.15 Three's a Crowd

Air Date: 1992-01-13

Casey's new boyfriend likes hanging out with the Major.

Ep.16 Three Angry Marines

Air Date: 1992-01-20

Gunny, Holowachuk, and the Major are assigned to a court-martial panel but have different opinions about the case.

Ep.17 Close Encounters

Air Date: 1992-02-03

The MacGillises participate in a marriage workshop during a weekend getaway.

Ep.18 Base Desires

Air Date: 1992-02-24

The MacGillises vie with another family to be military family of the year.

Ep.19 When Gunny Talks

Air Date: 1992-03-02

Gunny gives successful investment tips to Elizabeth, who then becomes concerned only with making money.

Ep.20 The L Word

Air Date: 1992-03-09

Elizabeth falls for her tutor; Gunny's beau says too much.

Ep.21 Sick Bay

Air Date: 1992-03-16

The Major writes an article on raising children for a bedridden Polly that doesn't sit well with her.

Ep.22 Charlotte's Web

Air Date: 1992-04-27

An ""adopt-a-Marine"" program pairs Holowachuk with a wild woman.

Ep.23 The Noisy Drill Team

Air Date: 1992-05-04

Gen. Craig prepares the base for inspection by the closure committee.

Ep.24 In the Brick of Time

Air Date: 1992-05-11

Polly prepares an upbeat documentary on Camp Hollister's closing.