Season 4

Season 4 (1992)

Episodes List

Ep.1 The People's Choice, pt. 1

Air Date: 1992-09-25

The visit of the Major's father, Jake, creates tension.

Ep.2 The People's Choice, pt. 2

Air Date: 1992-10-02

Jake moves in with Lt. Holowachuk after a fight with the Major.

Ep.3 Here's Looking at You, Pol

Air Date: 1992-10-16

Revealing old photos of mayoral candidate Polly hit the papers.

Ep.4 Catered Affair

Air Date: 1992-10-23

The Major must hire Elizabeth to cater a reception for a visiting general.

Ep.5 There's No Place Like Farlow

Air Date: 1992-10-30

Casey has a fever and Oz-like nightmares on Halloween.

Ep.6 The Election Show

Air Date: 1992-11-06

The Major takes a leave of absence and goes with Polly on the election trail when she runs for mayor.

Ep.7 Gunny's Veiled Threat

Air Date: 1992-11-13

Gunny joins the Secret Service and becomes a harem member to guard a visiting emir.

Ep.8 One for the Road

Air Date: 1992-11-20

Fearing a crash, Elizabeth won't drive her new car; Gen. Craig is on crutches and creating havoc with them.

Ep.9 Blue Tenant Holowachuk

Air Date: 1992-12-04

Apartment manager Lt. Holowachuk backs a rent strike against the landlord: Gen. Craig.

Ep.10 Old Acquaintance

Air Date: 1992-12-18

A change in her college friends disturbs Polly.

Ep.11 About Face

Air Date: 1993-01-08

Everyone jumps to conclusions about Gen. Craig's activities.

Ep.12 I'll Be Seeing You

Air Date: 1993-01-15

Polly is enlisted to be hostess of the '40s-themed USO ball, where new and old loves are sparked.

Ep.13 Night School

Air Date: 1993-01-22

Gen. Craig and the Major go to night school.

Ep.14 Piano Lesson

Air Date: 1993-01-29

The Major is embarrassed about taking piano lessons.

Ep.15 Come Rain or Come Shine

Air Date: 1993-02-05

A corporate headhunter woos several marines.

Ep.16 Colonel of Truth

Air Date: 1993-02-12

After being denied a promotion, the Major considers leaving the Marines.

Ep.17 From Russia with Like

Air Date: 1993-02-19

The major and a visiting Russian officer compete.

Ep.18 The Spell of Grease Paint

Air Date: 1993-03-05

Polly's role in a play opposite Lt. Holowachuk makes the Major jealous.

Ep.19 Gunny Gets Robbed

Air Date: 1993-03-12

Gunny's apartment is robbed.

Ep.20 Conduct Unbecoming

Air Date: 1993-04-02

The Major suspects Robin's new boyfriend may be battered by his father, another major, despite denials from the family; Lt. Holowachuk tries to fill his basketball team but finds complications when Gen. Craig wants to play--and no one wants to guard him because he is the general.

Ep.21 General Disturbance

Air Date: 1993-04-09

General Craig is transferred to the White House.

Ep.22 Oops, a Daisy

Air Date: 1993-04-16

Polly and the Major get in an arguement over his birthday gift to Casey, a Daisy rifle. But who eventually wins the fight?