Season 1

Season 1 (1994)

Episodes: 13

Star Cast: Philip Maurice Hayes ,

Episodes List

Ep.1 The Third Talisman

Air Date: 1994-03-05

Ep.2 Arena

Air Date: 1994-03-12

Ep.3 Dreamweaver

Air Date: 1994-03-19

Ep.4 Carnival of Cardolus

Air Date: 1994-03-26

Ep.5 Isle of the Lost

Air Date: 1994-04-02

Ep.6 Covenant

Air Date: 1994-04-09

Ep.7 Wolf in the Fold

Air Date: 1994-04-09

Ep.8 Once a Thief

Air Date: 1994-04-16

Ep.9 Brothers of the Sword

Air Date: 1994-04-23

Ep.10 Feet of Clay

Air Date: 1994-04-30

Ep.11 The Hand of Fate

Air Date: 1994-05-07

Ep.12 The Separation

Air Date: 1994-05-14

Ep.13 The Night of the Serpent

Air Date: 1994-05-21