Season 1

Season 1 (2002)

Episodes: 13

Star Cast: R. Lee Ermey ,

Episodes List

Ep.1 Tank; Gatling Gun; Samurai Sword

Air Date: 2002-08-04

Steering a World War II tank; Gatling gun's speed; power of the samurai sword.

Ep.2 Knight's Armor; WWI Backpack; Landmine

Air Date: 2002-08-11

Parts of 15th-century armor; World War I infantry backpack; ingredients of a land mine.

Ep.3 Flak Vest; Medieval Crossbow; WWI Pilots

Air Date: 2002-08-18

Body armor; accuracy of a medieval crossbow; how World War I pilots shot through their propellers.

Ep.4 Civil War Cannoneers; Night Vision; Clearing a Minefield

Air Date: 2002-08-25

Aiming Civil War artillery pieces; how night-vision technology works; how to clear a minefield.

Ep.5 Landing Craft, Air Cushion Hovercraft (LCAC); U.S. Cavalry Saddles; Gas Masks

Air Date: 2002-09-01

Operating the LCAC; cavalry saddles used in the Old West; how gas masks work.

Ep.6 Mortar; WWII GIs' Personal Items; Native-American Arrows

Air Date: 2002-09-08

Maneuverable artillery; musket; Navy airships; precision flying team; pirates; depth charges

Ep.7 Re-Fueling a Fighter Jet; Naval Signal Flags; GI Chow

Air Date: 2002-09-15

How to refuel a fighter jet in mid-air; how ships send messages using signal flags; what soldiers eat.

Ep.8 Revolutionary WarMusket; Jousting; Foxholes

Air Date: 2002-09-22

How fast a Revolutionary War soldier could fire a musket; jousting; how to dig a foxhole.

Ep.9 The Pilum; WWII Radios; First Rockets

Air Date: 2002-09-29

The ancient Roman pilum is designed to penetrate armor; World War II army radios; how rockets were first used on the battlefield.

Ep.10 Ninja Weapons; Flamethrower; Military Dogs

Air Date: 2002-10-05

The weapons of the Japanese Ninja; how flamethrowers work; what military dogs do.

Ep.11 Grenades; Dog Tags; Dinner in a Pouch

Air Date: 2002-10-07

Ep.12 The Jeep; HIMARS; Hurricanes

Air Date: 2002-10-21

Ep.13 Future Gear; Marine Camouflage; Army's New Armored Vehicle

Air Date: 2002-10-28

Possible gear for troops on tomorrow's battlefields; Marines design their new camouflage pattern; the Stryker.