Season 2

Season 2 (2002)

Episodes: 13

Star Cast: R. Lee Ermey ,

Episodes List

Ep.1 Grenade Launchers; Grape Shot; Shrapnel; D-Day Paratrooper Gear; Jet Packs

Air Date: 2002-12-15

Learn how grenade launchers work; how a .30 caliber machine gun compares to a .50 cal; watch Ermey behind the wheel of a Flyer 21; and discover the origin of the word shrapnel.

Ep.2 Civil War Rifles; 1st Missile Sub; Navy Divers' Gear; Field Strip; Bowie Knife

Air Date: 2002-12-22

American Civil War rifles from both sides; the first missile fired from the deck of a sub; deep-sea and crush-proof suits; breaking down a weapon; the Bowie knife; the evolution of a hedgechopper.

Ep.3 AVLB; Fulton Recovery System; Pilot Survival Kit; Trireme; Battleship Guns; Grapeshot

Air Date: 2002-12-29

The Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge; the Fulton Recovery System; a pilot's survival kit; the ancient Greek warship Trireme; battleship guns; grapeshot.

Ep.4 Marine Weapons Training; Greek Phalanx; MiG-29; Hellcat Tank Destroyer

Air Date: 2003-01-19

Simulated marksmanship training; fastest front-line combat jet and World War II tank; Greeks of ancient times use the phalanx; Civil War cavalry gear; dazzle paint.

Ep.5 Trebuchet; Troop Headcounts; BAR; Smart Bombs; Modern Parachutes; Boomerangs

Air Date: 2003-01-26

Medieval catapults; platoons, companies and divisions; the Browning automatic rifle; smart bombs; parachutes; the weapon version of the boomerang.

Ep.6 LAV; Landing Craft; Doughboy; OPFOR; Chain Mail; Military Salute

Air Date: 2003-02-02

Light Armored Vehicle; landing craft; World War I Doughboys; training troops; medieval chain mail; the military salute.

Ep.7 Deuce & a Half; Vietnam Gun Truck; World War II Household Fat; Missile Silos; C-17 Loadmaster; Scottish Kilts

Air Date: 2003-02-09

Vietnam gun truck; World War II household fat; missile silos; C-17 Loadmaster; Scottish kilts.

Ep.8 Self-Propelled Artillery; Matchlock Musket; Airships; Blue Angels;Pirate Weapons

Air Date: 2003-03-02

full title: Self-Propelled Artillery; Matchlock Musket; Airships; Blue Angels; Pirate Weapons; Depth Charges --------- Maneuverable artillery; musket; Navy airships; precision flying team; pirates; depth charges

Ep.9 Anti-Tank Rocket; Bazooka; HQ Tour; Tactical Operations Center; Downed Pilots

Air Date: 2003-03-09

The bazooka's replacement; mobile command post; Air Force Pararescuemen; 21-gun salute.

Ep.10 Medieval Weapons; Lewis Gun; Carrier Pigeons; Gliders in Combat; Anti-Tank

Air Date: 2003-03-15

Medieval weapons; World War I Lewis gun; carrier pigeons; gliders; anti-tank missile; ejection seats.

Ep.11 Amphibious Assault Vehicle; Jeep; Medieval Battering Ram; Urban Warfare; Ball Tu

Air Date: 2003-03-23

Marines' 26-ton AAV stays afloat; jeeps; battering rams; urban warfare; World War II bombers; pictures on World War II airplanes.

Ep.12 Unmanned Aircraft; Bogey; 1st Combat Helicopter; Forward Observers

Air Date: 2003-04-06

Experimental planes; unidentified aircraft; first combat helicopter; directing artillery fire; commando knife.

Ep.13 Newest Coast Guard Ship; Carrier Battle Group; Tanks; Sherman Tank; XM-29 Rifle

Air Date: 2003-04-12

Motor lifeboat; carrier battle group; Sherman tanks; futuristic rifle; voice mail.