Season 3

Season 3 (2003)

Episodes: 14

Star Cast: R. Lee Ermey ,

Episodes List

Ep.1 Live from the Gulf

Air Date: 2003-07-06

This episode was live in Kuwait. Gunnery Sgt. Ermey talked to the troops and answered questions.

Ep.2 Super Stallion Helicopter; Flying Banana; Navy Hazing; Seabees; GI Jargon; Tank Ammo

Air Date: 2003-07-13

Helicopters; hazing ritual; building runways in the Pacific; the G-2; battle tank

Ep.3 M-1 Garand Rifle; First Assault Rifle; JATO; Golden Knights Parachute Team; Barr

Air Date: 2003-07-20

Rifles; jet-assisted take-off; freefall parachute team; barrage balloons; military jargon.

Ep.4 Rocket-Assisted Projectile; WWII German Gustav; Tent Tech; Pup Tent; Tomahawk;

Air Date: 2003-07-27

Rocket-propelled artillery; artillery gun that fires the largest caliber shell; tents; tomahawks; slings.

Ep.5 M-16; Viet Cong Booby Traps; Super-Secret Ravens; Wild Weasels; Vietnam River Patrol Boats; Green Berets

Air Date: 2003-08-10

Military rifles in Vietnam; booby traps; the Ravens; the Wild Weasels; river-patrol boats; the Green Berets.

Ep.6 Marine Sniper Rifle; BlowGun; Mulberry Harbor; French Resistance; Frontline Medi

Air Date: 2003-08-17

Rifle; blowgun; floating concrete caissons bridge the English Channel; weapons of the French resistance; improvements in front-line medical care; origins of the word "berserk."

Ep.7 Marine Sniper School; Hand Signals; Ho Chi Minh Trail; Motorcycles; Loading Palettes; C-119

Air Date: 2003-08-31

Snipers; hand signals; Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh Trail; motorcycles; tanks; the C-119 Flying Boxcar.

Ep.8 Armored Scout Car; Water-Cooled Machine Gun; Fart Sack; Shuteye; Nazi U-Boats; Stealth Ship

Air Date: 2003-09-07

Armored scout cars; water-cooled machine guns; sleeping bag; sleeping on the battlefield; German U-boats; Navy ship invisible to radar.

Ep.9 Claymore Mine; 1st U.S. Nuclear Sub; Resupply at Sea; Patriot Air Defense Missile; Jody Songs

Air Date: 2003-09-14

Anti-personnel mine; 16th-century Scottish sword; early nuclear-powered submarine; how naval vessels resupply at sea; the Patriot missile; cadence songs.

Ep.10 WWII Half Track; Arctic Vehicles; Weird Weapons; Navy Hydrofoils; Combat Controllers; Gunnery Sergeant

Air Date: 2003-10-05

World War II M2A2 half-track; Snow Train; strange weapons used by the Allies in World War II; Navy hydrofoils; Air Force combat controllers; Marine Corps gunnery sergeants.

Ep.11 Military Pilot Training; Flak; Doolittle Raid; One-Man Submarine; Military Radios

Air Date: 2003-10-12

Training of military pilots; flak; the Doolittle Raid; Sleeping Beauty submarine; radios; foxhole radio.

Ep.12 F-15 Eagle; Flying Platform; Atomic Annie; Army Missiles; Tommy Gun v. Burp Gun; Measuring Bullets

Air Date: 2003-10-19

F-15 Eagle; single-man vertical flight machine; howitzer firing both conventional and nuclear warheads; Army-controlled missile programs; submachine guns; measuring bullets.

Ep.13 Avenger; Stinger & Red-Eye Missiles; Military Firefighter & Smokejumper; Kiowa Helicopter; Kilroy

Air Date: 2003-10-26

Avenger Air Defense System; Stinger and Red Eye missiles; military firefighters; the Triple Nickels; Kiowa scout helicopter; "Kilroy Was Here."

Ep.14 Cobra Attack Helicopter; Sidewinder Missile; C-54 Skymaster; MPs; Flintlock Pistol

Air Date: 2003-11-02

Attack helicopter; AIM Sidewinders; transport plane; military police; flintlock pistols.