Season 4

Season 4 (2004)

Episodes: 13

Star Cast: R. Lee Ermey ,

Episodes List

Ep.1 Golden Knights; U.S. Air Force; Flying Tigers; Blood Chit; AC-130U Spooky Gunsh

Air Date: 2004-01-11

Lee jumps with the Golden Knights; history of the U.S. Air Force; Flying Tigers; blood chit; AC-130U Spooky gunship; P-61 Black Widow.

Ep.2 Blimp; Miitary Shotguns; Navy Graveyard; Poop Deck

Air Date: 2004-01-18

Blimp; aerial reconnaissance during the U.S. Civil War; military shot guns; grapeshot revolver; Navy Graveyard; G.I. jargon: "poop."

Ep.3 Guided Missile Destroyer; WWI Aircraft & Aces; Marine Corps FAST Teams

Air Date: 2004-01-25

Guided Missile Destroyer; World War I aircraft and aces; Marine Corps FAST Teams.

Ep.4 Grease Gun; Sten Gun; E-3 Sentry AWACS; J-Stars; Vietnam Fire Support Bases; Charlie

Air Date: 2004-02-08

Submachine guns; high-tech aerial command and control centers; fire support bases; slang term "Charlie."

Ep.5 Medieval Madness; National Technical Systems; Fabulous Flops; P-51 Mustang; A-2 Flight Jacket

Air Date: 2004-02-15

Ep.6 Heavy Support Vehicles

Air Date: 2004-02-22

Ep.7 Army Air Ambulance; 1st Special Service Force; Johnson Rifle; MiG-15 vs. F-86

Air Date: 2004-03-07

Ep.8 Fastest Army Vehicle; Uncle Sam; Tank Destroyers; Anti-Tank Rifle; Dive Bomber

Air Date: 2004-03-28

Ep.9 Navy SEALs; Frogmen; Kettering Bug; A-10 Warthog; Rommel's Afrika Korps Gear

Air Date: 2004-04-04

Ep.10 Jump Gear; Weapons; Communications and Medical Gear

Air Date: 2004-04-11

Ep.11 Nuclear-Attack Submarine: Diving, Steering and Sonar; Torpedoes and Tomahawk Missiles; Reactor; Chow

Air Date: 2004-04-25

Ep.12 Mark V Special Ops Craft; U.S. Gunboat; German Paratroopers; German Junkers; M113 APC; K-Rations

Air Date: 2004-05-02

Ep.13 Bren Gun & Carrier; Special Forces School Final Exam; Beasts of Burden; Predator; 1st RPV

Air Date: 2004-05-16