Season 8

Season 8 (2007)

Episodes: 11

Star Cast: R. Lee Ermey ,

Episodes List

Ep.1 Ermey's Biggest Bangs

Air Date: 2007-03-02

New intro/Best of: M203 Grenade Launcher, Trebuchet, 1895 Colt Machine Gun, MP5 9mm Submachine Gun, M1 Garand Rifle, A4 .30 Cal Machine Gun, Claymore Mines, Knob Creek Gun Range

Ep.2 Ermey's Hottest Rides

Air Date: 2007-03-09

New intro/Best of: Mid Air Refueling, Cobra Helicopter, Halftrack, The Jeep, Landing Craft Air Cushion Hovercraft (LCAC), Light Armored Vehicle, M5A1 Stuart Tank, 47ft motor life boat, promo - watermelon salesman

Ep.3 Pinnacle Armor; Apache Helicopter

Air Date: 2007-04-06

Ep.4 San Diego, California at the Strategic Operations Training Center

Air Date: 2007-04-13

R. Lee gets in a little trigger time training with a group of insurgents in an Iraqi Village at the most realistic training facility used by the U.S. Marine Corps w/Roger Cannon, Brian Plescia Capt Steve Coast. An in-depth tour of the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command, dedicated to finding and the remains of all missing and unidentified service men and women w/Lt. Lentfort Mitchell, Dennis Danielson Col Claude Davis. Witness the guns and gear used by the British Red Coats against the American rebels during our War of independence w/George Mack. The story of US troops on Panama w/Rob Lihani Sgt. Patrick Nugent Finally, take a trip to Fort MacArthur in Long Beach, California to re-enact the great L.A. Air Raid of 1942 w/Stephen Nelson

Ep.5 Hurlburt Field, Florida

Air Date: 2007-03-23

R. Lee Ermey answers viewer questions on location at with a focus on Air Force Special Operations and hardware. Lee tours the Air Force Base and gets a taste of what the officer candidates call "Hell Week"; then, Gunny goes to school and trains in car bomb and explosives detection and fires assault rifles used by terrorists. Finally, Lee takes off in the meanest gunship in the Air Force, the AC-130 and squeezes off a few rounds with its 105 mm cannon

Ep.6 M8 Armored Car; Mauser C96 Pistol; Dogs in War

Air Date: 2007-05-18

A WWII scout car nicknamed the greyhound. Gunny takes it for a test drive and fires off the M8's 37mm cannon with Bill Kirhkidis; then, Gunny features the Mauser C96 pistol (the pistol of choice for everyone from Winston Churchill to Star Wars' Han Solo) in a live fire demonstration. Gunny gives the gear geeks in the audience a field day with an overview of all the weapons, gear and gadgets used by the average German soldier during World War II with Anders Hudson. K98 Bolt action rifle, MP40, MG34, MG42, Stick Grenade, uniforms, boots, ammo pouch, bread bag, M3, 40, 42 helmet, camo, foodwagon. Gunny's Golf Tournament & Charities in Marriott DC - Young Marines with Shotgun Scramble won by Richard Grieco, Gunny's Ball with Bob Dole, ROTC - Maj Matt Donald, Ross Daly, Lt Col Todd Miller, Ohio State MSgt Dan Whitney, Terrorist Training - Robin Tullercash, War Dogs K( Corp - Sgt. Stubby of D-Dogs for Defense, War Dog Cemetery in Guan, Fort Benning training.

Ep.7 National Museum of The United States Air Force

Air Date: 2007-03-16

Historic Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. First, Lee tours the museum and he reveals the fascinating story (and rare footage) of the highest bailout in history from an American aircraft. Then he tells the history of the Lockheed Starlifter, the Vietnam-era cargo plane made famous when one was designated The Hanoi. Lee also attends a reunion of the surviving POWs who flew on the Hanoi Taxi; then, he reveals the truth about UFOs and the Air Force's top secret Project Bluebook. Finally, Lee gets to take the controls for some real stick time in a vintage B-25 Mitchell Bomber.

Ep.8 Fort Knox, KY

Air Date: 2007-03-30

Gunny visits the United States Armor Center and check out our armored arsenal. We go along on a Recon Officer training course with Special Ops Army scouts; and then, Gunny goes for a flight on an Apache Attack Helicopter. View a profile of George S. Patton, hear the story of George S. Patton's ivory-handled revolver and see other historic relics from the Patton museum. Gunny gets to drive and fire the cannon of the only working vintage Vietnam-era M40 Ontos Tank shredder known as the Road Runner. A trip to the assembly plant to see the M1 Abrams tank built from the ground up.

Ep.9 Tennessee Museum of Aviation

Air Date: 2007-05-25

Tennessee Warbirds Museum of Aviation to see the P-51 Mustangs and P-47 Thunderbirds with R. Neal Melton, Franklin Luckman Jr, R. Nathan Davis.M6 double barrel survival rifle AR7, Scuttlebutt, A trip back in time to see just what kind of gear the WW2 Marines carried into battle - M1941 uniform, pack, boondockers, frog herringbone, 1903A1 rifle. Back to the skies for a one-of-a-kind ride in the Marine Corps' V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor with Maj David Lane, XB70 Valkyrie. Even the Gunny makes mistakes, so R. Lee shows off a few of his most famous SNAFUs. Finally the Gunny gives a fond farewell to the venerable Navy F-14 Tomcat with Capt Bill Seizmore, Cdr Jim Howe, Cdr Curt Seth.

Ep.10 Polaris MV; Textron M1117

Air Date: 2007-05-04

Trigger time with an M4 Carbine and a Beretta M9. Camillus Knives - Woodsman's Pal, Tac Tool and Ermey updates to the latest gear: Spec Ops, Blackhawk, Oakley, CamelBak. Then he torture tests the rugged laptop from VT Miltope by running it over with his jeep and throwing water on it. Plus flashlights from Surefire - M6 combat, Aviator Hellfire.

Ep.11 Iraq Episode

Air Date: 2007-05-09

Gunny talks via satellite one-on-one with troops in Iraq. At the Atlanta, Georgia headquarters of the Digital Video and Imagery Distribution System and gets the scoop on the fight against the insurgency. Run by the US Army, DVIDS receives via satellite the combat camera and public affairs videotape of all operations involving the US armed forces with Ltc William Beckman, Ssgt Amy Forsythe. Iraq - Lt Michael Schulz, Cwl Ty Powell, Sgt. Kurt Edusada, Sgt. Louis Sanchez, Col Joie Stovie, Ssgt Ajeem Pandey, Col Paul Sutherland, Cpl Andrew Ringbloom, 1Lt Douglas Connor, Col James Polo. He also meets civil affairs specialists and engineers installing a water purification system for a remote village. Finally, the Gunny pays tribute to Army Corporal Ozwarthy who was recently killed while serving in Iraq.