Season 2

Season 2 (1993)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Whispers of the Dead

Air Date: 1993-03-30

The whole squad is called to investigate a quadruple homicide when four people are murdered in the same apartment. In desperation, Ben turns to a psychic to find the killer.

Ep.2 Blindside

Air Date: 1993-04-02

Ben resists D.A. Simon Kingsley's pleas to arrest a teenager for murder. Ryan investigates the case. Walt runs across a multiple murderer while in the hospital for surgery.

Ep.3 Trial By Fire

Air Date: 1993-04-09

Nora is kidnapped by jailbreaking inmates who hold her hostage as they make their way toward Mexico and feedom. The squad worries about Nora's safety among the criminals, one of whom is a serial rapist.

Ep.4 Eleven Grains of Sand

Air Date: 1993-04-16

Ryan and Ben investigate the death of a 15-year-old call girl. Walt and Nora look into the murder of an elderly man made up to look like a suicide. Ben's wife informs him she's moving to Florida, and taking Ben's child with her.

Ep.5 Shadows (1)

Air Date: 1993-04-23

Ep.6 The Formula (2)

Air Date: 1993-04-30

Ryan becomes unable to resist himself as he becomes infatuated with murder suspect Grace Devlin. He continues to assert her innocence, even as evidence stack up. Ben has no choice to suspend Walker when compromising photos of him and the accused are discovered. Ben arrests Grace Devlin, but is forced to release her when one of the governor's former aides, Gil Murphy, comes forward and admits to the slaying.

Ep.7 Endangered Species (3)

Air Date: 1993-05-07

Ryan, still suspended, and Nora investigate Gil Murphy's story and discover that Harris Devlin paid him a half million dollars to confess to the governor's murder. Grace, trapped in a loveless marriage and realizing Harris will never be convicted of the murder, takes matters into her own hands, poisoning herself and framing Harris for her death. Walt investigates the murder of a black high school football star.

Ep.8 Flesh and Blood

Air Date: 1993-05-28

Ben investigates a murder made to look like a suicide, with Chief Leland a main suspect. Ryan, with the aid of a phone-sex operator, looks into the possible homicide of one of her clients.