Season 5

Season 5 (1975)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Show 1A

Air Date: 1975-10-20

The consonant blend sw- is among this episode's concepts. This episode's Spider-Man story: The Old One-Two.

Ep.2 Show 2A

Air Date: 1975-10-21

Ep.3 Show 3A

Air Date: 1975-10-22

Ep.4 Show 4A

Air Date: 1975-10-23

Ep.5 Show 5A

Air Date: 1975-10-24

Ep.6 Show 6A

Air Date: 1975-10-27

Ep.7 Show 7A

Air Date: 1975-10-28

Ep.8 Show 8A

Air Date: 1975-10-29

Ep.9 Show 9A

Air Date: 1975-10-30

Ep.10 Show 10A

Air Date: 1975-10-31

Ep.11 Show 11A

Air Date: 1975-11-03

Ep.12 Show 12A

Air Date: 1975-11-04

Ep.13 Show 13A

Air Date: 1975-11-05

Ep.14 Show 14A

Air Date: 1975-11-06

Ep.15 Show 15A

Air Date: 1975-11-07

Ep.16 Show 16A

Air Date: 1975-11-10

Ep.17 Show 17A

Air Date: 1975-11-11

Ep.18 Are You Happy?

Air Date: 1975-11-12

Among the concepts in this episode: the vowel y as in happy.

Ep.19 Eyeball

Air Date: 1975-11-13

The sight word eye becomes the basis for longer words.

Ep.20 Show 20A

Air Date: 1975-11-14

Ep.21 Show 21A

Air Date: 1975-11-17

The vowel pair ee, the consonant digraph ch, and the suffix -tion are featured.

Ep.22 Show 22A

Air Date: 1975-11-18

Ep.23 Show 23A

Air Date: 1975-11-19

Ep.24 Show 24A

Air Date: 1975-11-20

Ep.25 Show 25A

Air Date: 1975-11-21

Ep.26 Show 26A

Air Date: 1975-11-24

Ep.27 Yankee Doodle

Air Date: 1975-11-25

Y as a consonant, the suffix -ed, and the two sounds of ie are featured. This show has a sight word: you.

Ep.28 Show 28A

Air Date: 1975-11-26

Ep.29 Show 29A

Air Date: 1975-11-27

Ep.30 Show 30A

Air Date: 1975-11-28

Ep.31 Show 31A

Air Date: 1975-12-01

Ep.32 Show 32A

Air Date: 1975-12-02

Ep.33 Show 33A

Air Date: 1975-12-03

Ep.34 Show 34A

Air Date: 1975-12-04

Ep.35 Knock Knock Rock

Air Date: 1975-12-05

The vowel pair -ck, and the vowel digraph sh are featured. Today's Spiderman story: ""The Birthday Bandit.""

Ep.36 Show 36A

Air Date: 1975-12-08

Ep.37 Show 37A

Air Date: 1975-12-09

Ep.38 Show 38A

Air Date: 1975-12-10

Ep.39 Show 39A

Air Date: 1975-12-11

Ep.40 Show 40A

Air Date: 1975-12-12

Ep.41 Show 41A

Air Date: 1975-12-15

Ep.42 Show 42A

Air Date: 1975-12-16

Ep.43 Show 43A

Air Date: 1975-12-17

Ep.44 Show 44A

Air Date: 1975-12-18

Ep.45 Show 45A

Air Date: 1975-12-19

Ep.46 Show 46A

Air Date: 1975-12-22

Ep.47 Show 47A

Air Date: 1975-12-23

Ep.48 Show 48A

Air Date: 1975-12-24

Ep.49 Show 49A

Air Date: 1975-12-25

Ep.50 Show 50A

Air Date: 1975-12-26

Ep.51 Show 51A

Air Date: 1975-12-29

Ep.52 Show 52A

Air Date: 1975-12-30

Ep.53 Show 53A

Air Date: 1975-12-31

Ep.54 Show 54A

Air Date: 1976-01-01

Ep.55 Show 55A

Air Date: 1976-01-02

Ep.56 Show 56A

Air Date: 1976-01-05

Ep.57 Silver Sipper

Air Date: 1976-01-06

The consonant blend gr-, the short I, and double consonants are featured. Punctuation marks are featured next to today's sight word: stop.

Ep.58 Show 58A

Air Date: 1976-01-07

Ep.59 Show 59A

Air Date: 1976-01-08

Ep.60 Jelly Belly

Air Date: 1976-01-09

Among the phonetics concepts in this program are the consonant blend pr- and the vowel digraph ow as in cow. This show has a sight word: stop.

Ep.61 Show 61A

Air Date: 1976-01-12

Ep.62 Show 62A

Air Date: 1976-01-13

Ep.63 Show 63A

Air Date: 1976-01-14

Ep.64 Show 64A

Air Date: 1976-01-15

Ep.65 Show 65A

Air Date: 1976-01-16

Ep.66 Show 66A

Air Date: 1976-01-19

Ep.67 Show 67A

Air Date: 1976-01-20

Ep.68 Show 68A

Air Date: 1976-01-21

Ep.69 Show 69A

Air Date: 1976-01-22

Ep.70 Show 70A

Air Date: 1976-01-23

Ep.71 Show 71A

Air Date: 1976-01-26

Ep.72 Is It Love?

Air Date: 1976-01-27

Ep.73 Show 73A

Air Date: 1976-01-28

Ep.74 Show 74A

Air Date: 1976-01-29

Ep.75 Show 75A

Air Date: 1976-01-30

Ep.76 Show 76A

Air Date: 1976-02-02

Ep.77 Light

Air Date: 1976-02-03

The consonant B, the vowel digraph oy, and the ending -ight are featured. This episode has a sight word: and.

Ep.78 Show 78A

Air Date: 1976-02-04

Ep.79 Show 79A

Air Date: 1976-02-05

Ep.80 Creepy Creature

Air Date: 1976-02-06

The consonant digraph sh, the consonant blend cr, and the vowel digraph ow as in grow are highlighted.

Ep.81 Show 81A

Air Date: 1976-02-09

Ep.82 Show 82A

Air Date: 1976-02-10

Ep.83 Show 83A

Air Date: 1976-02-11

Ep.84 Flower Power

Air Date: 1976-02-12

The vowel digraph ow and the consonant blend fl are highlightedd.

Ep.85 Show 85A

Air Date: 1976-02-13

Ep.86 Show 86A

Air Date: 1976-02-16

Ep.87 Show 87A

Air Date: 1976-02-17

Ep.88 Show 88A

Air Date: 1976-02-18

Ep.89 Show 89A

Air Date: 1976-02-19

Ep.90 Show 90A

Air Date: 1976-02-20

Ep.91 I Am Batting

Air Date: 1976-02-23

Ep.92 Show 92A

Air Date: 1976-02-24

Ep.93 Show 93A

Air Date: 1976-02-25

Ep.94 Show 94A

Air Date: 1976-02-26

Ep.95 Show 95A

Air Date: 1976-02-27

Ep.96 Show 96A

Air Date: 1976-03-01

Ep.97 Show 97A

Air Date: 1976-03-02

Ep.98 Show 98A

Air Date: 1976-03-03

Ep.99 Show 99A

Air Date: 1976-03-04

Ep.100 Show 100A

Air Date: 1976-03-05

Ep.101 Show 101A

Air Date: 1976-03-08

Ep.102 Show 102A

Air Date: 1976-03-09

Ep.103 Show 103A

Air Date: 1976-03-10

Ep.104 Show 104A

Air Date: 1976-03-11

Ep.105 Mr. Vinton's Pants

Air Date: 1976-03-12

Among the concepts in this program: the possessive contraction 's.

Ep.106 Show 106A

Air Date: 1976-03-15

Ep.107 Show 107A

Air Date: 1976-03-16

Ep.108 Show 108A

Air Date: 1976-03-17

Ep.109 Show 109A

Air Date: 1976-03-18

Ep.110 The Sports Monster Will Bowl

Air Date: 1976-03-19

Preview: sports monster will bowl sn Bo Peeps sings: sneak a snack ll Spidey Meets the Blowhard the sports monster will bowl ow ly Snowball and the 6 dwarves

Ep.111 Show 111A

Air Date: 1976-03-22

Ep.112 Show 112A

Air Date: 1976-03-23

Ep.113 Show 113A

Air Date: 1976-03-24

Ep.114 Show 114A

Air Date: 1976-03-25

Ep.115 Show 115A

Air Date: 1976-03-26

Ep.116 Show 116A

Air Date: 1976-03-29

Ep.117 Show 117A

Air Date: 1976-03-30

Ep.118 Show 118A

Air Date: 1976-03-31

Ep.119 Show 119A

Air Date: 1976-04-01

Ep.120 Show 120A

Air Date: 1976-04-02

Ep.121 Show 121A

Air Date: 1976-04-05

Ep.122 Think Tank

Air Date: 1976-04-06

Igor and monster nk The Adventures Of Letterman: shrunk Spiderman: Spidey Meets the Prankster Junkers is pure junk oi Greystone the magician

Ep.123 Show 123A

Air Date: 1976-04-07

Ep.124 Show 124A

Air Date: 1976-04-08

Ep.125 Show 125A

Air Date: 1976-04-09

Ep.126 Show 126A

Air Date: 1976-04-12

Ep.127 Show 127A

Air Date: 1976-04-13

Ep.128 Show 128A

Air Date: 1976-04-14

Ep.129 Show 129A

Air Date: 1976-04-15

Ep.130 Show 130A

Air Date: 1976-04-16