Season 2

Season 2 (1987)

Episodes List

Ep.1 A Clockwork Hammer

Air Date: 1987-09-17

Vile Video Concepts conditions cops not to testify against a mobster; Hammer meets a computerized version of himself.

Ep.2 Big Nazi on Campus

Air Date: 1987-09-24

Sledge and Dori investigate the death of a college coed.

Ep.3 Play It Again, Sledge

Air Date: 1987-10-01

When Sledge and Dori get suspended from the force, they open a private investigation firm with counseling from Bogart's ghost.

Ep.4 Wild About Hammer

Air Date: 1987-10-08

A female cop with a sadistic/ masochistic fetish falls for and kidnaps Sledge.

Ep.5 The Death of a Few Salesmen

Air Date: 1987-10-15

Sledge poses as an Australian car magnate, Crocodile Bruce, to catch the killer of used car dealers.

Ep.6 Vertical

Air Date: 1987-10-29

While suffering from vertigo, Sledge must protect the girlfriend of a mobster.

Ep.7 Dressed to Call

Air Date: 1987-11-05

Sledge must discover who's making threatening calls to a radio psychologist.

Ep.8 Hammer Hits the Rock (a.k.a. Sledge on the Rock)

Air Date: 1987-11-12

Sledge poses as an assassin to discover a mobster's secret hideout.

Ep.9 Last of the Red Hot Vampires

Air Date: 1987-11-19

An old time movie vampire is falsely accused of murdering his cast and crew.

Ep.10 Hammeroid

Air Date: 1987-11-26

After breaking nearly all his bones, Sledge encases himself in a robotic suit to stop a robot.

Ep.11 Sledge in Toyland

Air Date: 1987-12-03

Sledge is sent to investigate when a toy manufacturer is attacked by one of his own toys.

Ep.12 Icebreaker

Air Date: 1987-12-10

Sledge finds himself competing with a British cop.

Ep.13 They Call Me Mr. Trunk

Air Date: 1987-12-17

Trunk must solve the puzzle of why the army has surrounded the entire precinct before the entire staff dies.

Ep.14 Model Dearest

Air Date: 1988-01-07

Dori poses as a model to get the dirt on a white slavery ring.

Ep.15 Sledge, Rattle & Roll

Air Date: 1988-01-15

Hammer investigates the mysterious deaths of a heavy metal group and their manager.

Ep.16 Suppose They Gave a War and Sledge Came?

Air Date: 1988-01-22

To investigate the death of a prominent businessman, Sledge joins a weekend war gaming organization.

Ep.17 The Secret of My Excess

Air Date: 1988-01-29

Sledge tracks down a yuppie's dirty deeds.

Ep.18 It Happened What Night?

Air Date: 1988-02-05

The precinct thinks that Sledge and Dori have slept together when all that appears on a surveillance tape is them drunk and in bed.

Ep.19 Here's to You, Mrs. Hammer

Air Date: 1988-02-12

Sledge's ex-wife marries his best high school friend & forces Sledge to think about his lifestyle.