Season 1

Season 1 (2001)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Running Ducks/ Duck Naked

Air Date: 2001-09-13

Bill is almost attacked by an alligator (Aldo). After finding out that Aldo has a toothache, Bill takes him to see Cecil, the local dentist.

Ep.2 Hic Hic Hooray/ Ducks for Hire

Air Date: 2001-09-20

After Bill starts losing all of his feathers he goes to Bev for help. Getting all but his tail feathers back on, Bill goes into a feather-making machine for a second time, regaining all of his feathers but also turning green.

Ep.3 Peeking Duck/ Fred's Meltdown

Air Date: 2001-09-27

After dropping a fridge on someone's scooter, Ed, Oly, and Waddle must find a job to pay to get it fixed. After getting fired from Bev's Cafe, Bill asks them to help paint a billboard.

Ep.4 Mind Over Mallard/ The Fly Who Loved Me

Air Date: 2001-10-04

Aldo volunteers to be the fifth member in Bill's Squaddle game, but Bill tries to stop him because he hasn't told his family his best friend is an alligator. Aldo also gets a case of the giccups (gator hiccups) so Bill and some of their friends try to make the giccups go away.

Ep.5 Feeding Frenzy/ Bev's Big Day

Air Date: 2001-10-11

While using his new telescope Bill spots Aldo in Cecil and Claire's apartment. After being told that Aldo has eaten Cecil and Claire by Ed, Waddle and Oly, they go to the apartment finding that Aldo is only baby-sitting for the weekend.

Ep.6 Born to Be Wild/ Bill Hatches an Egg

Air Date: 2001-10-18

After Fred the penguin's air-conditioners cause a town power failure, every duck refuses to let him into the pond to cool off. So Bill and Fred go to Swampwood to get some ice and almost get killed while doing it.

Ep.7 Hey... Bill's On the News/ Got Milk

Air Date: 2001-10-25

Cecil tries to help Bill so he can achieve his dream of learning to fly. After trying over and over again, Bill eventually gets hurt and ends up in hospital.

Ep.8 License to Scoot/ The Old Duck and the Sea

Air Date: 2001-11-01

After being bothered by a fly while trying to sleep Bill decides to go the decoy for a milkshake. He finds Bev tied up by an alligator pretending to be a duck. With Bill and Bev trying their best to get away the fly goes and bothers Aldo to get him to come and help.

Ep.10 Midnight Snack/ The Visitor

Air Date: 2002-02-17

After Bill and his friends forget Bev's birthday, she closes the cafe until further notice, so Bill and friends help Bev to remember the first time they met.

Ep.11 Ducks on Ice/ Where's Aldo

Air Date: 2002-02-24

After hitting his head in a scooter accident, Waddle begins acting like a primitive duck and ends up on a billboard.

Ep.12 Great White Hype / Waddle's Spud Bud

Air Date: 2002-03-03

Bill and Aldo find an egg in the park, with Bill thinking it's a duck egg and Aldo thinking it's an alligator egg. However, they are both proved wrong after it turns out to be a turtle egg.

Ep.13 Denture Adventure / All in a Day's Work

Air Date: 2002-03-10

Bill has to go out and buy a satellite dish in order to watch a special on The Flight Channel.

Ep.14 Got Milk

Air Date: 2001-10-25

The cows have gone on strike, so the milk supply for the town is cut off. Bill is sent in to persuade them to start supplying again.

Ep.16 The Old Duck and the Sea

Air Date: 2001-11-01

After Aldo wins another bowling trophy, Bill realizes that he has never won a trophy himself, so he goes out to the city pond to fish for a rare marine animal.

Ep.17 Pest of a Guest

Air Date: 2002-02-10

After Bill hurts Raoul's foot in the window, he has to take care of him. However Raoul begins to take advantage of Bill even though his foot was never really injured

Ep.18 Getting Away from it All

Air Date: 2001-02-10

Bill decides he needs some time to himself only to find Ed, Waddle and Oly in his house watching TV. So he takes a boat to a private island only to have his boat float away. While on the island, he makes a new friend in a chicken and is almost eaten by alligators. When Ed, Oly, and Waddle notice Bill is missing, they set off to rescue him.

Ep.19 Midnight Snack

Air Date: 2002-02-17

When Bill is almost eaten by a sleep-walking Aldo, he tries to get Aldo to eat duck food but to no avail. So Bill takes him to cecil which doesn't work and then tries a psychiatrist which also fails. In the end they find out that they both like to eat fish.

Ep.20 The Visitor

Air Date: 2002-02-17

An alien named Zug visits Ducktown with a remote that can control people. Finding it funny at first, their opinion changes when Aldo is frozen, Ed, Oly and Waddle are put into a video game they are playing, and Bill gets shrunk. In the end Zug's parents arrive and he gets grounded.

Ep.21 Ducks on Ice

Air Date: 2002-02-24

To celebrate Penguin Day, Bill and his friends go down to central pond. However a fierce wind blows then over the to the alligators' side of the pond where they have to agree to play the alligators kids at a game of Ice Pucky or be eaten.

Ep.22 Where's Aldo

Air Date: 2002-02-24

After Bill and Aldo have a fight over Aldo's clumsiness, Aldo leaves. Bill regrets the fight so Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle head off to Swampwood to try and make up.

Ep.23 Great White Hype

Air Date: 2002-03-03

A boxing match between Crazy Bob the duck and an alligator known as the Green Death! has come to town and everyone is taking bets. However Bill finds out what is going on behind the match and then the tables turn.

Ep.24 Waddle's Spud Bud

Air Date: 2002-03-03

After Aldo performs a magic trick on Bill turning him into a potato, Waddle babysits the potato he believes to be Bill for the day. In the end he realizes that he took the illusion a little too seriously.

Ep.25 Denture Adventure

Air Date: 2002-03-10

Cecil shows Bill his new invention, ducky dentures, but says that the duck public isn't ready for the power of having teeth. Bill then takes the denture from Cecil's office and ends up having a dream that all the ducks have teeth and want to attack him.

Ep.26 All in a Day's Work

Air Date: 2002-03-10

Bill ask Aldo if he wants to go to a concert but Aldo refuses because he is too tired from work. When Bill asks what Aldo does for a job, Aldo refuses to tell him because his job involves cooking ducks. So Bill goes to Aldo's factory and is almost eaten by other alligators. Aldo finds Bill and claims that Bill is his lunch. In the end Aldo decides he is going to quit his job.