Episodes List

Ep.1 Summer Loving, Had Us A Crash

Air Date: 2000-09-12

From the beach, the gang recap what weird stuff happened during their summer vacations, and introduce a new media club member, Chuck.

Ep.2 Chromosome Wars

Air Date: 2000-09-19

Zoe tries to get girls to take science courses, the boys are forced to relieve themselves in an outhouse, and the battle of the sexes breaks out.

Ep.3 Broken (Slightly Cracked) Families

Air Date: 2000-09-26

A field trip to the museum goes insanely wrong with parent chaperones.

Ep.4 Raging Hormones

Air Date: 2000-10-03

Puberty Class starts in school, and Zoe and Burnbaum fall in love.

Ep.5 Bully For You

Air Date: 2000-10-10

A mysterious bully haunts the school as the gang explores the topic of bullying.

Ep.6 Slack-tose Intolerant

Air Date: 2000-10-17

The gang get their term report cards, and explore the topic of laziness.

Ep.7 Boo! The Halloween Show

Air Date: 2000-10-24

At night, during the Halloween dance, the gang wait vigil for Corky, the ghost of a former angry Lambton girl.

Ep.8 Sleazy Does It

Air Date: 2000-10-31

The gang explore sleaze at corruption as a Mexican Fast Food Joint opens in the school cafeteria.

Ep.9 Double Clique-ing

Air Date: 2000-11-10

Bridget leaves the media club for greener pastures, as the gang explores the topic of fitting in and cliques.

Ep.10 All's Well That Trends Well

Air Date: 2000-11-17

The gang is outfitted with clothing from a slimy sports company, and learn about marketing and trends.

Ep.11 The Loser Is...

Air Date: 2000-11-24

The gang explores the topic of competition as their show is nominated for a big TV award.

Ep.12 All Stressed Out (And No Place To Go)

Air Date: 2000-12-01

The gang explore the topic of stress as the all freak out before the big test.

Ep.13 Season's Greed-ings

Air Date: 2000-12-08

The gang explores greed in this Christmas episode after Zoe gives them some lame presents during a gift exchange.