Episodes List

Ep.1 Good Deeds Done Cheap

Air Date: 2001-09-16

Zoë and the rest of the club have a show down with another gang to do the same good deed of cleaning the beach.

Ep.2 Them's Good Eats

Air Date: 2001-09-23

The gang protests for the return of their fries and gravy after a corrupt health food company takes over the school's menu.

Ep.3 With Friends Like These...

Air Date: 2001-09-30

The gang welcomes a visiting Junior High media club from Peru, and go through some rocky times with their new pals.

Ep.4 Survival Of The Kid-est

Air Date: 2001-10-07

Lambton students are sent on a school camping trip in the woods and end up voting someone ""off the island"".

Ep.5 Memories: The Yearbook

Air Date: 2001-10-14

Lambton media club makes a video yearbook with disastrous results and goes back in time to meet its first grads.

Ep.6 Internet Killed TV Star

Air Date: 2001-10-21

The Lambton media club is shocked when their rival club creates an internet webcast. How will they compete with that?

Ep.7 Sweet Smell Of Obsessed

Air Date: 2001-10-28

The gang faces a number of obsessions with food, collectibles, cleanliness and tries to remedy the situations.

Ep.8 Chariots Of Choir

Air Date: 2001-11-04

Lambton's choir competes against the evil private school from Forsaken Manor and chaos ensues.

Ep.9 Culture Vultures

Air Date: 2001-11-11

The media club is censored by the school board and the gang fights back with hilarious results.

Ep.10 Love Is In The…Where?

Air Date: 2001-11-18

Everybody acts differently after a rumour spreads about Samantha and Beau having a fling.

Ep.11 A Very Special After School Special

Air Date: 2001-11-25

The gang takes a look at what kids do after a day of classes.

Ep.12 My Not-So-Secret Identity

Air Date: 2001-12-02

Beau decides to change his squeaky clean image by becoming a bitter punk rocker.

Ep.13 System Cash

Air Date: 2001-12-09

Samantha has spent the remaining budget of the media club on expensive furniture, and the gang must scramble to do some fund raising.