Season 1

Season 1 (1981)

Episodes List

Ep.1 I May Be Seeing Things, But I'm Not Crazy

Air Date: 1981-09-15

Reporter Louie Ciccone is assigned to cover the courts, and he wanders into the trial of a derelict charged with a skid row murder. It seems like an open and shut case hut then Louie has a vision and becomes convinced that the tramp has been framed. Louie has a hard time persuading the Assistant Crown Attorney, Heather Redfern, that she must reconsider her prosecution of the case.

Ep.2 Sight Unseen

Air Date: 1981-09-22

Louie covers the murder of a wealthy art patron and learns that the police suspect the collector's favourite artist, a sculptor who has disappeared. Louie soon discovers other suspects as he goes on a dangerous chase for the killer.

Ep.3 A Charming Sight

Air Date: 1981-09-29

Reporter Louis Ciccone insists his wife accompany him to a high school reunion, At the reunion he meets a former classmate who has become a multi-millionaire. Moments later the wealthy man's body is discovered floating in the pool and Louie is charged with murder.