Season 2

Season 2 (1982)

Episodes List

Ep.1 An Eye for An Eye

Air Date: 1982-10-20

Louie Ciccone gets a vision while watching a news report on the shocking murder of a prominent spokesman tar international Jewish causes. The intrepid reporter helps in the arrest at a flea- Nazi who quickly confesses, But Louie begins to wonder if he's caught the real killer.

Ep.2 Looking Back

Air Date: 1982-10-27

Louie and Marge head to Louie's high-school reunion. When a former classmate (turned multi-millionaire) winds up dead in a swimming pool, Louie is the main suspect.

Ep.3 Seeing Double

Air Date: 1982-11-03

After Marge is given an antique urn, people start dying. It turns out that someone will do anything to get their hands on that urn.

Ep.4 Through The Looking Glass

Air Date: 1982-11-10

A hockey player falls to his death during an old-timers benefit game, leaving Heather Redfern's hockey-playing boyfriend devastated at the loss of his friend, and Louie determined to prove it wasn't a freak accident.

Ep.5 Eyes too Big for His Stomach

Air Date: 1982-11-17

Louie sends Gazette food editor Marlon Bede to work undercover at a local restaurant after the competition between the local restaurants turns deadly.

Ep.6 Evil Eye

Air Date: 1982-11-24

Even though he's a born loser and a gold-digger, Louie is convinced that his old friend did not murder his fiancée's wealthy father, and is determined to prove that his death is connected to shadows in his past.

Ep.7 Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Air Date: 1982-12-01

Louie does his best to assist his favorite artist, Stevie Mercer, when Stevie is charged with the murder of another singing star.

Ep.8 In the Eyes of the Law

Air Date: 1982-12-08

Heather is threatened by a drug dealer she recently prosecuted, but refuses protection. When one of her friends is killed, Louie enters a local yacht race with Heather to keep her safe.