Season 3

Season 3 (1984)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Seeing R.E.D.

Air Date: 1984-01-15

Louie tries to prove that Kenny Volker is innocent of murder when a barroom brawl leaves a psychiatrist dead. Turns out there's more to this mystery than meets the eye, though, when Louie gets stuck between an unscrupulous research scientist, a fanatical leader of an anti-terrorist unit, and a drugged chimpanzee.

Ep.2 Someone is Watching

Air Date: 1984-01-22

Heather's new home creates visions of bleeding pictures, creepy neighbors, and a horrific suicide for Louie.

Ep.3 I'm Looking Through You

Air Date: 1984-01-29

When a local weapons factory is bombed, Louie has a vision which tells him Marge was less than honest about her past boyfriends, as he realises one of them is the bomber. Not only does he have to dig into Marge's love life, but there's a US Marshal on the loose looking to prove Marge is guilty.

Ep.4 Now You See Him Now You Don't

Air Date: 1984-02-05

Heather Redfern is the sole eye witness to the shooting death of international financial analyst and guru James Englander and Louie is the first reporter on the scene. The next morning the Gazette scoops every other paper in town with Louie's exclusive story. The paper hits the street Just as Englander appears on local television to state that the rumours of his death are greatly exaggerated.

Ep.5 Snow Blind

Air Date: 1984-02-12

Louie and Marge's romantic weekend at a ski lodge is interrupted when a guest is killed by a falling chandelier. From a hot tub to Devil's Run, someone wants to make sure Louie can't tell anyone the truth.

Ep.6 An Eye on the Future

Air Date: 1984-02-19

Marge loves her job at the senior citizens complex, but Louie is so suspicious of the place he convinces his parents to put his aging grandfather in the home to further his investigation.

Ep.7 Second Sight

Air Date: 1984-02-26

There is more than meets the mind's eye when famed psychic The Great Eli tells a heckler at one of his shows to `Begone! And moments later the man drops dead. Louie is In the audience and suspects murder rather than supernatural powers, but when he tries to investigate The Great Eli he finds himself on the receiving end of the next Begone!' curse.

Ep.8 Looking Good

Air Date: 1984-03-04

Louie steps in when Sgt. Brown's daughter is accused of murdering a fellow contestant at a beauty pagaent, but it's possible she isn't quite as innocent as her father thinks she is.